Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dr Jeff Meldrum Talks Bigfoot Genetic Study with Bryan Sykes of Oxford University

Dr Bryan Sykes, A DNA expert that has already been published in Nature
"Since he [Dr. Bryan Sykes] got wind of some of the, in my opinion, premature rumors of the hybridization and origins of Sasquatch, he was interested in that." --Dr. Jeff Meldrum

 This is part 3 of Dr. Jeff Meldrum's Presentation (You can view Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)

On April 28, 2012 Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. Bryan Sykes had lunch to discuss among other things the possibility of the hybridization of sasquatch. Sykes, who is very familiar with the mixing of ancestral genes in humans, was curious about the possible hybridization of Sasquatch. During the lunch Dr. Meldrum advised Dr Sykes, "It was extremely unlikely that such hybridization had occurred," Meldrum continued, "and the evidence was non-existent at this point, but the question was out there and was worthy of examination."

As you may have read from our previous post Dr Jeff Meldrum Participates in Parallel Sasquatch DNA Study, Dr. Jeff Meldrum is working with Bryan Sykes on a parallel Sasquatch DNA research. Meldrum has already offered some hair sample to Sykes. Dr. Bryan Sykes is emeritus professor of human genetics at Oxford University. His company, Oxford Ancestors, traces human genetic backgrounds. Sykes's books include the New York Times best-selling The Seven Daughters of Eve.

Watch the video below from Thom Cantrall's Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People (Sasquatch) held in Richland, WA. In the video Meldrum discusses his lunch with Dr. Bryan Sykes and a little about each of his co-hosts from the History Channel's documentary "Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dr. Jeff Meldrum: Sasquatch on the Oregon Trail

Dr. Jeff Meldrum will be Speaking June 1st and 2nd
the topic will include Sasquatch on the Oregon Trail
Dr. Meldrum will be kicking off a Bigfoot exhibit that will be on display from June 1st through October 15th at the National Oregon/California Trail Center.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum is often considered the foremost national scientific expert on the Sasquatch or Bigfoot phenomena. Meldrum is an Associate Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology in the Departments of Biological Sciences and Anthropology, and is an affiliate curator at the Idaho Museum of Natural History. His formal study of primates began with the terrestrial adaptations of African primates, and has since taken him from the dusty skeletal cabinets of far-flung museums, to the remote badlands of Colombia and Argentina in search of fossil New World primates. He has published extensively on the evolutionary history of the South American primates and has described several new extinct species.

His attention returned to the emergence of modern human bipedalism. His co-edited volume, From Biped to Strider: the Emergence of Modern Human Walking, Running, and Resource Transport, redirects attention from the origins of simply walking on two legs, to the pattern of emergence of the innovations specifically unique to modern human gait. His interests in the footprints attributed to an unrecognized North American ape, commonly known as sasquatch, came into focus when he literally crossed paths with an enigmatic set of tracks in the Blue Mountains of Washington State.

Meldrum has conducted collaborative laboratory and field research throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West, and has spoken about his findings in numerous interviews, television appearances, public and professional presentations. He is author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, which explores his and other scientists’ evaluations of the evidence suggesting the reality of this legendary primate.

This exhibit is made possible by the following sponsors: Zions Bank, Bear Lake Memorial Hospital, Bear Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau, Clover Creek Inn, Paris Hills Agricom, Rocky Mountain Power, Agrium, Direct Communications and Monsanto.

Buy your tickets here!

Dr Jeff Meldrum Participates in Oxford University Genetic Bigfoot Study

Dr. Jeff Meldrum announces parallel DNA Study
CORRECTION: Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr. of has helped us keep this story accurate. He has stated "This is Dr. Bryan Sykes' project not Dr. Meldrum's project. Meldrum, like Team Bigfootology, was asked to be a part of Syke's project. Bigfootology was included because this was a joint brain-child of Team Bigfootology member Dr. Anna Nekaris who is a colleague of Dr. Bryan Sykes."

Without much fanfare or hyperbole Dr. Jeff Meldrum mentioned a DNA study to parallel Dr Melba Ketchum's current DNA Study. We had heard this news at the Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People (Sasquatch)  held Richland, WA earlier this May.

Our initial reporting stated Dr. Jeff Meldrum is working with Bryan Sykes on a parallel Sasquatch DNA research. Bryan Sykes is professor of human genetics at Oxford University. His company, Oxford Ancestors, traces human genetic backgrounds. Sykes's books include the New York Times best-selling The Seven Daughters of Eve.

We think it important to underscore Dr. Jeff Meldrum made no projections of possible results or outcomes of his parallel study. He only mentioned Dr. Bryan Syke's credentials and the fact that they have begun preliminary work on the project.

Rhettman Mullis Jr., President of Bigfootology, clarified to us that they are also participating in this project.

Below is the the comment from Rhettman posted on Steven Streufert's Facebook group:
"There are two different things happening. Dr. Sykes is writing a book on the findings and their invitation for us to be a part of this project is the equivalent of having Dr. Stephen Hawkings ask to help identify a new star, or Einstein asking us to be a part of developing quantum-mechanic theories. We are honored and privileged to be included. So Dr. Sykes will write his book, but they are also filming a documentary that will be three one hour shows about the event. Soon we will be asking for DNA samples from all over the world and Bigfootology will assist in the accumulation of those samples. We are also in the process of reaching out to some known hybrid-offspring of human and Bigfoot joining. Because this work is being done by scientists using scientific method and Bigfootology being the only actual scientific organization, the outcomes will not be questioned or doubted critically, because the scientists involved are at the top of their field. It is a very exciting time and we are awaiting our next marching orders from Sykes through Dr. Nekaris, when that happens we will make a formal announcement and really get things moving. We have been working on this project behind the scenes, quietly, for about 3 months now, so regardless of what other DNA projects find, their work will either be validated or invalidated by Sykes outcomes."
Later this afternoon we will post the video of Dr Jeff Meldrum's presentation at the Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People (Sasquatch). In his presentation he mentions Bryan Sykes and the Parallel DNA study.

You can read about Dr. Meldrum's lunch with Bryan Sykes and watch a video of Meldrum discussing the lunch.
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