Saturday, May 5, 2012

Richland WA Bigfoot Conference: Arla Williams : Directions Stones and Medicine Wheels

Arla Williams on Direction Stones. In the photo the rock at the 3 'o clock
position is the North Stone

In her presentation, Arla explains how direction stones are laid out in an initial composition and when she returns they are often rearranged. One of the most significant rearangements was when the  north stone, or ancestor stone, was placed in the center. She interpreted this as an insight on how she could understand the nature of Sasquatch better.

Wikipedia medicine wheel excerpt:
Medicine wheels, or sacred hoops, were constructed by laying stones in a particular pattern on the ground. Most medicine wheels follow the basic pattern of having a center of stone(s), and surrounding that is an outer ring of stones with "spokes", or lines of rocks radiating from the center. Some ancient types of sacred architecture were built by laying stones on the surface of the ground in particular patterns common to aboriginal people.

Her Native American ancestors referred to Sasquatch as people with culture. With this thought, she was inclined to look for evidence that supported a culture, knowledge and awareness of the Sasquatch people. In this first video she explains the inspiration she recieved from the four direction layout of the rocks. The next post will be about Sasquatch birthing stations. And finally the Sasquatch calendar.

Enjoy this first video and stay tuned for the next two videos.

Melba is a no show, then Literally Phones it in

Cover Photo for Melba's Public Facebook Page
After initially scheduled for the Richland WA Bigfoot conference, Dr Melba Ketchum has ended up being a no-show. As of Yesterday there was still the possibility she was going to Skype in.

As of 20 minutes ago and confirming with event organizer, Thom Cantrell, Dr Ketchum will be phoning it in. She has emailed her Power Point presentation to Thom and unfortunately will do the sideshow remotely over the phone.

Since there will be no pictures and video we will update you with Ketchum's "presentation" as soon as it is completed this afternoon

UPDATE: The presentation is over. She did not cover very much of the Sasquatch DNA project she is working on, but mostly gave a DNA 101 type of presentation.

She started with her credentials, mentioning she is a veterinarian that became allergic to animals and had to find a way to continue animal studies without the up-close interaction. This lead to her path towards DNA.

The PowerPoint presentation was one she had been previously presented to showcase ways to amplify DNA. We will have more presentation details after we wathc the rest of the presentations.  

Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People (Sasquatch) Kicks Off

Arla Williams doing a Native American prayer to start the
 Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People
The Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People (Sasquatch) kicks off to a great start with a beautiful invocation by Arla Williams. We will share here presentation here as well, but we wanted to start our conference coverage with a test. We will not cover all the speakers, but we will try and provide video when we can and an overview of what was presented. As we mentioned we will get to Arla's official presentation in the next post ans go into greater detail regarding her biography. what follows is a quick introduction.
Arla has had life long interactions and knowledge of what many call Bigfoot. She had her first encounter as a child of 6 with a young juvenile. She always knew they were there and accepted the fact that they were a people.
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