Monday, January 2, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Co-Host Cliff Barackman Releases NY Baby Bigfoot Field Notes

Cliff Barackman monkeying around in NY
"At one point while Bobo and I were puzzling over how to proceed through the thicket of brambles, we heard two clear knocks coming from the woods. I would guess they came from about 75 or 100 yards away, but this is uncertain. (The sounds in the show are in fact the real knocks, by the way.) They were very loud and crisp, and in my opinion were obviously made by a bigfoot." -- Cliff Barackman
Just like in Season One of Finding Bigfoot, Cliff Barackman continues to publish his field notes after the airing of each new episode. These commentaries offer greater detail and information that can never be encapsulated within a one-hour TV show.

Read the commentary for last night's NY Baby Bigfoot Episode.

You can catch future commentaries by visiting the Finding Bigfoot: Season Two page of

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kate Bush Sings about the Yeti

Kate Bush from her latests album "50 words for snow"

Kate Bush (born Catherine Bush 30 July 1958) is an English singer-songwriter, musician and record producer. Her eclectic musical style and idiosyncratic vocal style have made her one of the United Kingdom's most successful solo female performers of the past 30 years. On 27 November 2011, Bush's tenth studio album, 50 Words for Snow, entered the UK album charts at #5, making Bush the first female recording artist to have an album of all new material in the top five during each of the last five decades.

Below is the animated video version of her newest song titled "Wild Man." The new song is a hilarious tale of a group of climbers in the Himalayas who, upon finding evidence of a nearby Yeti, erase all traces of it to protect it from discovery. It's pretty much only a story that you would get from Kate Bush.

You can get this song for free at

Finding Bigfoot Season 2 Video Previews

The highlight of tonight's Animal Planet Season 2 Premier of Finding Bigfoot will be the investigation of the New York baby Bigfoot. The footage was shot in 1996 by Doug Pridgen. As you can see in the video below, it appears to show a small creature swinging from branch to branch. An escaped primate or baby Bigfoot?

The rest of the videos below are previews from tonight's (01/01/2012) episode titled "Baby Bigfoot"

Finding Bigfoot: Hunting for Baby Bigfoot
The Finding Bigfoot team believes a baby bigfoot may have been captured on camera in the New York area, so they head out to investigate. Are the knocks they hear in the woods evidence of a sasquatch?

Finding Bigfoot: Baboon Helps Find Bigfoot
A noisy baboon is brought out to help "arouse the interest of a curious Bigfoot." The team eventually hears mysterious howling in the woods. Is a Sasquatch at the source?

Finding Bigfoot: Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting
The Finding Bigfoot team heads to a small Quaker village in New York to investigate Sasquatch activity. Several community members come forward to recount stories of local bigfoot sightings.

Finding Bigfoot: New York Bigfoot Encounter
A man recounts the story of a possible bigfoot encounter that occurred in the Catskill Mountains, less than one hour outside of New York City!
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