Thursday, August 5, 2010

Falcon Project Update: 35ft Blimp Designed to Search for Bigfoot

The Humboldt beacon updates thier continuing coverage of the Falcon project. The project is headed by William Barnes of Nevada City as a joint endeavor which includes William Dranginis of Virginia Bigfoot Research and Jason Valenti of Sasquatch Research. Together, the team has produced a 19-page Business Plan that details the Falcon Project in full. The Falcon Project website is at

We have our own editorial, on the Falcon Project (read: A Blimp to Find Bigfoot) dicussing it's website ties to Lloyd Pye's version of Bigfoot, hominoids (read: Theres always room for Pye). Pye claims that these animals (Bigfoot, Yeti, Etc..) are Earth's only indigenous bipedal primates, and that early hominids such as Neanderthals and Australopithecines are not intermediates in human evolution.

Barnes explained that his team would base their first search efforts on locations known to have been visited by the creature. “We would go to an area around Klammath River, and I would be using historical sighting maps and documentation that has been deemed credible. I would not stop in one place for long durations, since there have been many sightings on the entire West Coast,” Barnes clarified.

And yes, Barnes plans on using a unique, one-of-a-kind 35-foot blimp that will hover over areas of special interest. “Mine is being custom-made for the job it has to do. It is a remote control and is being made to go up to five hours glide time,” Barnes said. Meanwhile, his RV will act as a control center during the flyover and film investigation.

Not going into great detail to reveal his procedures, Barnes said that his system is all run by electric, and all high-tech. “I can see up to 2,200 feet in the dark, and this will be nearly all night work.”

Barnes acknowleges that films can be simple to fake, especially small ones. His plot therefore, is to film a documentary following the building of the blimp, installation of infrared cameras, and volunteers at work.

”The thermal-imaging cameras are the newest in today's technology, and are the same as the ones being used by the military. The infrared camera can describe an image in the dark, as clearly as though it were in daylight,” Barnes added.

To help Barnes in the endeavor, the Big Foot stalker will use a five-person crew who will be alert to the creature's presence around the clock. Not worried of skeptics or naysayers, Barnes clarified that the reason why his project was concieved is to prove that the creature is real, and is not something fabricated to sell books and movies. “Because it is controversial, human curiousity drives us to investigate further,” he said.

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FIX the Yeti!

Keeping tabs on the pulse Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti news is a full time job. Good thing someone invented unpaid interns (AKA Nephews). Our interns compete to bring you the next story worthy of Bigfoot Lunch Club Fans. And by compete, we put three of them in a 12x12 room with only a single poolstick strategically placed in the middle.

Finally our oldest neph--er, I mean intern, Tenzing, prevailed and he's been begging for us to report on the Broken Yeti at the Expedition Everest attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

This has become a grass-roots political-like movement among ride enthusiasts. With two facebook campaigns and several news articles, we thought we should give them our Bigfoot Lunch Club bump. Shouldn'nt bigfooters be behind this campaign?!

Let's see what our 700-strong fans on facebook can do to these campaigns.

Online Petition

facebook page associated with the petition
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God Created Bigfoot

God created Bigfoot. Whether your a creationist or a proponent of the evolutionary process you may agree with this statement. To be clear, we support evolution, but that has not stopped us from learning about Bigfoot from creationist. We have written about Bigfoot creationist before at Big-Tent Politics of Bigfoot

As you may well know, we are an inclusive bunch. We are adamant in believing the pool of bigfoot theories should be as diverse as possible--at least until we find her. One of our goals is to foster and elevate as many different ideas and theories as possible. Call us Pollyanna, we believe everybody in the community is mature enough to share ideas that are, on the surface, contradictory.

This brings us to the website aptly named

I had a chance to interview the owner of the website, Scott Walker of Ohio, his story speaks not only to Bigfoot from a creationist Christian point-of-view, but also speaks to over policing at Bigfoot Forums can exclude fellow Bigfooters.

BLC: Hi Scott, we find it fascinating you are using Bigfoot to spread an evangelical message, on the surface we felt it was a bait-and-switch, but upon further reading we realized this was a real Bigfooter. Where does your interest in Bigfoot come from?

SCOTT: I have been interested in BF (Bigfoot) investigating for the past 8 years. I had what I believe was an encounter with "something" in the woods that scared me to death. I never saw anything but I could tell that something was wrong and I was in danger. I later found out that a sheriff deputy had an encounter with a BF in the exact same area just a few months prior to my event.

BLC: We had assumed (incorrectly) that all Bigfooters are evolutionist. Its a perspective that is rarely heard in the community. Is this why you created your website?

SCOTT: My website was created to offer Christian believers a place to find information about how God's creation does indeed include the elusive Bigfoot creature. BF has nothing to do with evolution; however, you will find on many BF forums the idea that this is somehow the evolved man missing link. I wanted to try to connect with other Christians and form a Bible believing Bigfoot research group.

BLC:What are the plans for the future of the website?

SCOTT: Maybe some day I will have an actual visual encounter with a BF. At this point I have to be honest and say that I have nothing to show for the years of research I have invested. The best I have done is witnessed very strange screams in the forest. Screams that do not make any sense at all except for the possibility it was a BF.

BLC:Thank you for you time Scott, please keep us posted on any new efforts, although we differ, we feel it is important all voices are heard in the community and a good theory towards discovery can come from anywhere.

SCOTT:Thank you for your interest and if you have any further questions just let me know.

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