Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ucu Added to "AKA Bigfoot World Map"

According to

The Ucu, also known as Ucumar or Ukumar-zupai, is Bigfoot type creature reported as being seen in the Andes range of mountains in South America particularly in Chile and Argentina. The Ucu is said to be the size of a large dog and walks erect. Unlike the Yeti it prefers the more tropical regions of the Andes mountain range, rather than snow covered peaks. The locals say the Ucu likes to eat payo, a plant similar to cabbage, and emits a sound like uhu, uhu. It is not just locals who have reported hearing or seeing the creatures.

For three consecutive years starting in 1957 there were several documented cases describing a mysterious creature described with features and behaviors all too familiar to us Bigfooters.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Messin With Sasquatch Portal.

In case you havn't been to, you should. Any friend of the 'Squatch will enjoy this site.

There are tons of interactive things to play with, with a few giveaways too! We have three thiungs we would like to highlight.

1. GAMES: With titles like, "Smash with Club" and, "Swing Big Stick," we can see the Jack Link's Sasquatch is starting to sound more like Graham Roumieu's version of Bigfoot.

2. SASQUATCH JOURNAL: Definitely a page turner. Here, we gain insight to the Jack Link's Sasquatch complete with baby photos

3. DOWNLOADS: Finally Freebies, some great wallpapers can be downloaded in 3 different sizes (800x600, 1024x768, 1284x1024)

They also have an archive of commercials and web exclusive videos. Go to and enjoy!

Meldrum and Gimlin at Washington State History Museum

Fans, we just received an important friendly reminder from Kimberly Adams,
public relations coordinator for the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma.

Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum and Robert Gimlin at the
Washington State History Museum June 5th

What: Sasquatch: The Sightings, the Science, the Stories

When: June 5 @ 10:30 a.m.

Where: Washington State History Museum in Tacoma
1911 Pacific Ave

Cost: $18 includes museum admission and program. Museum member price $10.

Background: Two giants of Sasquatch research will be at the museum hosting an audience discussion of all things Sasquatch. Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum and Robert Gimlin will be discussing their collected evidence, taking audience questions, and meeting with attendees.

Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, of Idaho State University and author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, is frequently seen on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and the National Geographic Channel among others. His book is the companion volume to the highly successful Discovery Channel documentary of the same name. A professor of anatomy and anthropology, his work encompasses the evaluation of hominid footprints, including those attributed to Sasquatch, both in the lab and the field. The Giants in the Mountains: The Search for Sasquatch exhibit features casts Dr. Meldrum made in Eastern Washington.

Robert Gimlin and the late Roger Patterson filmed the infamous piece of Sasquatch evidence known as the Patterson-Gimlin film, notably frame 352, made in northern California. This film features a female Bigfoot striding next to a sandy creek. Expedition partner Robert Gimlin will discuss his experience on the Bluff Creek expedition and the famous encounter on the trail, made immortal in the 24 feet of film Patterson recorded.

# # #

The Washington State History Museum, flagship of the Washington State Historical Society, is located at 1911 Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma, just off 1-5. The museum presents exhibits, programs, and events that bring to life the stories of Washington's history. For more information, including hours and admission rates, please call 1-888-BE-THERE (1-888-238-4373), or visit our web site,

Kimberly Adams
public relations coordinator

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