Tuesday, February 5, 2008


by John McGran
Diet.com Chief Editor

Yeti or not, we’re unleashing The Bigfoot Diet – a healthy combination of great meals and daily fitness that’s huge on hiking!

Diet.com medical director Dr. Robert Kushner notes, “What can we learn about nutrition from the Bigfoot Diet? That plant-based foods like nuts, fruits and berries are good for you and the less processed foods you eat, the better.”

“Plant-based protein is generally low in fat and saturated fat making it a healthy alternative to meat-based proteins,” Schultz says. Diet.com expert contributor Susan Burke March MS, RD, LD/N, CDE chimes in: “Americans get more than double the amount of protein necessary for good health. I do eat fish, occasionally.

“Higher-fiber vegetarian diets are also great for your heart. As an added bonus, a veggie-rich diet also improves your sex life!”

Thanks Susan… that helps explain where little Bigfoots come from.

Diet.com nutritionist Shauna Schultz agrees.

“Bigfoot has it right when it comes to a healthy diet.” she says. “Bigfoot adheres to a diet that's heavy on veggies and while he needs far more calories than the average person, it is the quality of his diet that takes the prize.

“Sticking with whole, nutritious, back-to-basic foods along with an active lifestyle adds up to a healthy lifestyle – we can all learn from Bigfoot when it comes to healthy living!”

Diet.com fitness pro Katrina Hodgson notes, “Bigfoot may be big, scary and hairy but he has taken the right steps toward fitness!

“Bigfoot walks everywhere! For every mile Bigfoot walks he burns about 80 calories!

16 pounds! If you're not close to your work then take a lunch break and walk for 20 minutes. “Bigfoot’s lifestyle helps him ward off cancer, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure; it also helps him boost muscle tone, improve his bone strength and much more!”

Check out Diet.com for more info emulating the health habits of our hairy friend.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Greetings Fellow Bigfoot Researchers!
One week until our next lunch. Including, but not limited to our agenda: BF south of the Mason-Dixon Line (is that PC?), BF in the midwest or Yankee states (that probably balances things), BF in popular film. So, what will it be? Thai? Jewish Deli? Peruvian? Or, as always, does anyone know of a good Indian buffet? Water refill service will be paid close attention to. I hope to see you all there.


In 1967, amateur filmmakers Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shot a grainy, 53-second film of an "unidentified" shaggy, lumbering figure making his big-footed way across a dry lake bed of Bluff Creek, Calif.

"This footage has been viewed by some as documentary proof of the elusive creature," says multi-media artist Cameron Gainer. "For others, the film is considered complete fiction -- an elaborately constructed hoax.

"The 352nd frame of this film is widely regarded as the iconic image of Bigfoot," the artist said.

It is this iconic image that has so captured Gainer's imagination, so much so that he has recreated the creature/imposter's pose as a three-dimensional sculpture.

"Forest Through the Trees" -- a multi-media structure, photo-op prop for curiosity seekers and a screening of the original footage at The Fabric Workshop and Museum -- invites viewers to interact with the work.

"Forest" is the seventh in a new exhibition series featuring site-specific works by contemporary artists at the museum, 1222 Arch St., Philadelphia.

Call (215) 568-1111 or visit the museum.

You can also view read about the creative process in making this life size bigfoot, included are images of every stage of the sculptures process, from the wire frame skeleton to the furry skin at Cryptomundo's site.
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