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Sunday, December 18, 2011 talks Bigfoot, Mormons, and Cain

Justin Robert Young and Andrew Mayne from the website and podcast

" Sasquatch really a biblical figure doomed to walk the earth for eternity?"

We have covered the Bigfoot/Cain Theory in detail. We even have a response from Jeff Meldrum.

The theory was posited by Matt Bowman. Bowman found an an 1835 letter where David W. Patten, an early leader in the Latter Day Saint movement, describes his encounter with Cain; the description of Cain however was a hairy man of ill smell, who claimed to be none other than Cain himself. Yes, the creature talked.

This brings us to the fellas at They are a couple of hilarious guys who talk about, believe it or not, weird things.

On their site they are self described as:

Weird Things is a blog dedicated to people who love both science and are fascinated by the impossible and fantastic. It’s for people who believe a mystery is interesting no matter the outcome.

Our goal is to bring our readers interesting content on a daily basis; consisting of original features and links worth looking at.

What we enjoy most about is the guys don't take themselves or topics to seriously. Its a perfect mix of entertainment and quality broadcasting. You will know what we mean when you hear that Bigfoot/Cain is the anti-Hulk theory. is a blog worth reading and their podcast is worth subscribing too.

Below, with their permission, is a 7 minute excerpt of the Bigfoot/Cain/Mormon discussion.

WeirdThings121611-bigfoot-cain-excerpt by BigfootLunchClub
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