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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sasqwatch Watch a Valentine's Gift for Bigfooters

Chocolate, check! Flowers, check! Card, Check. Saswatch Watch...? Uh oh, you forgot to get the Sasqwatch Watch for your valentine! Dont worry its not too late. You can still order them by Thursday (February 10, 2011) and you will receive the watch by the 14th!

The creator of the watch, Yolie Moreno, has contacted us to help promote her watch. We can tell you first hand she is a sweet person and has a great story. On her blog, she shares the epic journey of concept to production of the Sasqwatch Watch.

This journey has taken me 22 years and the concept is still viable. It's a product that's fun and clever. I've had a blast and learned more than I ever imagined. 2 years ago I knew absolutely nothing about actually getting something manufactured. Now my quirky idea is a reality and I love it. I'm having a lot of fun with it and know those who "get it" will agree.

I did the process backwards. I made the product first and never worried about selling it. That's where I'm at now. So go visit my website: and buy one! And tell all your friends.

Keeping the Bigfoot legend and the great American entrepreneurial spirit alive!

: ) Yolie

Even if you don't have a Valentine in mind you can get one for yourself, choose from any of four available colors for only $19.99.

Sasqwatch Watch Website
Sasqwatch Watch Blog
The Sasqwatch Watch Story
Sasqwatch Watch Facebook Page

Last Years Pick for a Bigfooter Valentine's

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bigfoot is Real...Real Yummy!

The Allan Candy Company Limited is a leading North American manufacturer of quality chocolate and sugar confectionery products. The Allan Candy Company Limited markets such iconic brands as Allan, Big Foot, Hot Lips, Twirls, and Trebor.

Looks Allan Candy is begining to ramp up their Bigfoot campaign. The Bigfoot candy website is a little bare right now, but it makes for a great Bigfoot Valentines Screensaver.

The candy themselves are apparently very popular in Canada, and are basically red gummy candy shaped like Bigfoot prints. There is also a new sour blue flavor that has recently debuted. Finding out how to buy them online took a little investigating. The best place seems to be, where you can buy the candy in bulk.

With 12,661 fans on their Facebook page they must be worth checking out!

Bigfoot Candy Corporate Page
Bigfoot Candy on Facebook

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bigfoot Cards in Time for Valentine's Day

Nothing says, "I love you!" to a Bigfooter than a Bigfoot Burlesque. Yes these set of three illustrated stationery cards are available for purchase and we tracked down the artist for a quick interview.

BLC: Why Bigfoot? Have you had an encounter or are you more interested in the pop-culture aspect of Bigfoot?
Katie Vernon: I have not had a bigfoot encounter, though I have been backpacking all over the US and firmly believe that Bigfoot probably lives in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. I am more interested in how bigfoot is portrayed in pop-culture (i LOVE graham roumieu's books).

BLC: We admit Bigfoot and Sexy are an ironic mix, but somehow you make it work. Where did this inspiration come from?
Katie Vernon: The original illustrations for these cards were created for an art show that was put up in conjunction with a burlesque show. So, I tried to give this bigfoot a little smirk that shows he's confident even if he is still a bit awkward. Oh, and cute panties and pasties don't hurt either .

BLC:Are you thinking of doing other Bigfoot themed cards?
Katie Vernon: I am not sure yet about other bigfoot cards...I have a few different projects on the horizon (anatomical hearts in sweaters, more flower/animal combos). But I am not ruling out more of bigfoots. I do commissioned work as well and people can email me ( You can stay most up to date via my blog ( or website (

Thank you Katie! We love your cards and Bigfoot Lunch Club salutes you!

Pack of three or six 4.25" x 5.5" cards
-includes 3 or 6 100% recycled envelopes
-cards fold at the top
-blank inside

Cards will be shipped in a bend-proof fiberboard mailer.

Buy Katie's Cards at her Blog
Check out Katie's Portfolio at her website!
Find out why Katie thinks Graham Roumieu is funny

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