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Sunday, July 13, 2014

TRUE STORY: Utah Govt Provides Almost $100k for "Bigfoot vs. Nazis" Movie

As if Bigfoot and Nazis aren't enough Einstein and Dr. Frankenstein also makes an appearance

"The one and only 'Bigfoot versus Nazis' will be filmed in Utah this November — with state financial assistance." --Salt Lake Tribune

Normally I like to provide some type of editorial from the angle, "what does this mean?" Not a chance on this one. What does it mean when an entire state decides to provide almost $100,000 in incentives to help finance a movie titled, "Bigfoot Vs. Nazis"?

Well Utah has it's reasons. Read below and then check out some cool preview photos from the movie production.
Maybe its plot is a bit far-fetched, acknowledged Utah Film Commission Director Marshall Moore in a presentation Thursday to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development board. Especially the parts where Einstein and Frankenstein get involved in the fight between monsters mythical and real.

 But, he added, the Camera 40 Productions team making the fantasy adventure feature film will spend almost $500,000 in the state, shooting for most of November with a cast of 18, plus 25 crew members and 200 extras.

For that reason, GOED’s board unanimously approved a post-performance tax credit for Camera 40 of up to $98,406, 20 percent of the amount the production team expects to leave in the state.

"Bigfoot versus Nazis" was one of eight film projects that received incentives from GOED. The offers are based on the production companies spending defined amounts of money in the state and, quite often, hiring at least 85 percent of the cast and crew locally.

The tax credit increases from 20 to 25 percent when spending tops $1 million, Moore noted. But it can be cut back if a production falls short of meeting its spending goal.

SRC: Salt Lake Tribune, State putting money into ‘Bigfoot versus Nazis’
Here are some photos that were available on the official BvsN Facebook Page

Concept art providing a pre visualation of a key scene from "Bigfoot vs. Nazis

Actual screen shot with an Über Nazi and his radioactive weapon
A closer look at another Über Nazi.
A sneak peak at the Bigfoot design from Bigfoot vs Nazis

Official Bigfoot vs. Nazi Poster

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dave's Bigfoot Show in Huntsville UT

The Deseret news reports on a Bigfoot gathering in Huntsville Utah. Below is a few brief excerpts from the article.

Hundreds gather to tell stories of Bigfoot
By Lynn Arave
Deseret News
"HUNTSVILLE, Weber County — If Sasquatch, alias "Bigfoot," exists, does he have a permanent address in the Ogden Valley area?

Purported sightings of a strange creature fitting the description of Bigfoot date back to at least 1968, and interest in the elusive beast has never been higher here.
Jay Barker of North Ogden said he operated the Cold Springs Trout Farm in North Ogden. Soon after, he said, one his neighbors spotted a creature — fitting the Bigfoot description — running off with one of his smaller pigs in hand.

"Bigfoot apparently can't be killed, and he likes fish and pork," Barker said. After the tale telling Monday night in Huntsville, Ogden resident Rob Alley said he thought it was enlightening "I enjoyed the Bigfoot show," he said. Carver's already talking about a "Bigfoot 2" show. "The Bigfoot program took a life of its own."

He posts assorted Bigfoot information on a blog at
About 20 people, likewise Bigfoot enthusiasts, attended a similar event in 1997, held in nearby Eden. The first reported sighting of a Bigfoot in Ogden Valley dates back to the summer of 1968, when a woman living in Wheeler Canyon might have seen the creature."

Dave's blog seems fairly new, but he does seem to be interested in the "Bigfoot as Cain" phenomenon. We have two post regarding the idea ourselves in a post titled Bigfoot Descendant of Cain and IS BIGFOOT MY BROTHER'S KEEPER? His blog has three links regarding Cain, son of Adam.

David W. Patten, Mormon reference to Cain
Another excellant site on Cain
Is Cain Still Alive? An interesting discussion

The Full Article at Deseret News
Dave's Bigfoot Blog
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