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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maybe, Thom Pace Tribute

Deep inside this website is a tribute page to Thom Pace's song "Maybe." It is also known as the theme song to Grizzly Adams.

Thom Pace (born Thomas M. Pace 1949 Boise, Idaho Idaho) wrote the song "Maybe", which began as a medley titled "Have the sun in the heart / Maybe" This song became the theme song of Sunn Classic Pictures and Television Film and TV series The Life and times of Grizzly Adams program'm Dan Haggerty as James Capena Adams, who had fled from false murder charges in the mountains and woods nearby The made for TV movie The Capture of Grizzly Adams, who played Haggerty and also featured "Maybe" as a theme Adams was finally able to clear his name 
Pace had originally conceived the song "Maybe" for a movie called The Snow Tigers, but in the end, the producers do not use it in this movie, it later was used as the last song of Grizzly Adams movie, and then used som theme song of television series 
Another version of the theme from an album that Pace in and was released in the 1970s was released as a single in Europe, "Maybe" went to number one in Germany and stayed there for nine weeks Pace was "Goldene Europe 'Award Europe's version of the Grammy Award for best song of 1979 he also wrote and composed often in collaboration with Maria Hegsted songs for other movies including the NBC "Movies of the Week" songs of honor and Night Of The Comet 
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Thom Pace's Original 1979 Performance

Thom Pace's 2008 Performance (almost 30yrs later)

Declan Galbraith a huge singer from Brittain

Okay and now we get to the amateurs that probably love this song as much as I do.

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