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Monday, January 25, 2010

Bill Munns; Creature Creator and Bigfoot Analyst

Last night you may have caught the NatGeo special American paranormal: Bigfoot. It was a pleasant surprise to see Bill Munns.

In case the name sounds familiar, you may also remember Bill Munns for the life-size Gigantopithicas he designed and built. A veteran movie "creature guy" who got started in 1967, studied under Mike Westmore, joined Universal's makeup staff in 1969, designed the suits for Swamp Thing (and wore the villian suit for the last half of the climactic fight and death scene in the swamps.) Below is a montage of things Bill has worked on.

Bill Munn's has gone from "creature guy" to computer graphic specialist. He has honed his multiple skills to analyze the Patterson/Gimlin film from multiple angles. Literally. If you want the Patterson/Gimlin film analyzed in almost every detail and with continual updates, go no further than the Munns Report.

In one of the opening paragraphs of one version of the report, Bill Munns goes over the phillosophy behind his report.

The Munns Report is an analysis by Bill Munns of the Patterson Gimlin Film of 1967. It will be released in sections as they are completed. The first report section is focused on the camera lens and a digital site model replicating Bluff Creek, where the film was originally taken. Additional report sections will further substantiate the Lens Analysis, will document the Subject Height Analysis, will study the Trackway Path of the film's subject, and expand on a prior study of Anatomical Proportion for the film subject.

The Munns Report, as a research document and a website, has been online since May of 2009, but I have been actively researching this film now for two years. In my personal evaluation of this effort, I took a look back at the time spent and made a form of inventory of what was accomplished, what needs to be done, where this research is going, what issues need further study, what issues can be retired as of no consequence, etc. And I felt that putting this personal evaluation into the form of a Report Update was an appropriate step to share with the research/analysis community.

We insist you check out the the it is like going down the rabbit hole and exploring the Patterson/Gimlin film from so many angles with such rich detail. You will ask your self questions you never thought of.

Bill Munns we salute you!

The Munns Report
Bill Munns Creature Gallery

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