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Friday, August 10, 2012

Bigfoot Witness Says Ozzy Osbourne's Son's Investigation was Contrived

Jack Osbourne Paranormal Investigator on SyFy's Haunted Highway 
Wha-what? Ozzy Osbourne's son does Bigfoot investigations? Yes, you may remember young Jack Osborn from the MTV hit The Osbournes. The TV show became water cooler talk because the family was so foul-mouthed the entire show full of censored beeps. Below is a picture of Jack Osbourne as we were introduced to him, apparently simultaneously dressed as all three of the principle characters from Harry Potter. That's quite a spell! 3 Points for Gryffindor! 

Since then Jack has grown into a young man and, for a while, was hosting a show on SyFy called Haunted Highways, a paranormal investigation reality show. The sow formally called Paranormal Highway has been renamed Haunted Highway. The current season premiered Tuesday July 10th in 2012. "Haunted Highway" continues on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

However, the show did leave its mark on Bigfootdom. In the Park Rapids Enterprise, a Minnesota online paper, Sam Benshoof writes of how the SyFy TV fell short.

In true cable TV fashion, that episode, which aired for the first time last month and is available online, made viewers believe that the investigators were tantalizingly close to proving the existence of the Hairy Man, a Bigfoot-like legend that has haunted the west central Minnesota woods for the past several decades.
In the end, though, the investigators admitted that the evidence they found was mostly inconclusive, and they couldn’t say whether the Hairy Man truly exists.
Despite what Quast called an ultimately “contrived” episode, he says it was good for small-town Vergas and the area’s legends to get some national attention.
At the front of the article Mr. Benshoof highlights the encounter Osbourne came to investigate:

One Sunday in 1976, 8-year-old Mike Quast was out for a Sunday drive with his family near Strawberry Lake, about 20 miles north of Detroit Lakes.
There, in the rural, wooded wilderness, Quast saw it – something about 100 yards up the road, 6 to 7 feet tall and solid black.
“At first I thought it was a tree trunk that was burnt,” says Quast, who now lives in Moorhead and is one of the only dedicated Bigfoot hunters in the area. “But then it stepped away from the road on two legs and walked into the trees.”
Ever since he watched whatever that was step away, Quast has dedicated much of his life to searching for Bigfoot. Like many in the area, he watched with interest as the producers and investigators of the Syfy network’s “Haunted Highway” show traveled this summer to Vergas to look into the legend of the Hairy Man of the Vergas Trails.
The article continues to present day and explores Mike Quast's continued investigation efforts:

Searching for Bigfoot
When Quast started investigating Bigfoot rumors the year after he graduated from high school in 1986, he started with one of the closest to him – the Hairy Man.
In 1989, Quast found several different tracks in the Vergas Trails area, of which he made casts and still keeps in his Moorhead apartment.
The difference in sizes, ranging from 12 inches up to 20 in length, made him believe that there was not just one Bigfoot living in the area but potentially a family.
However, Quast says reports of sightings have dropped off lately, making him believe that whatever was around in the late ’80s isn’t there anymore.
But that doesn’t mean that there’s no dearth of material for him to dig into. Quast, who has written two books about Bigfoot, has been all over Minnesota looking into potential sightings.
And he’s come pretty close to seeing one again, he says.
One night, while looking into some strange footprints found in a wooded area near Mahnomen, Quast thinks he actually heard one of the creatures.
It sounded like whooping with a voice like a police siren, he says. “And it sounded like it came from a big set of lungs.”
Recently, Quast has been communicating with Bigfoot hunter Don Sherman of Cass Lake, about Bigfoot activity in that area, where a large footprint was found in 2006.
Last month, Sherman gave a presentation at the Fargo Public Library, where he discussed the history of Bigfoot with a crowd of families and young children.
Sherman, like Quast, says he’s seen a Bigfoot before, and it’s that past experience that drives his current interest in the creature.
In the end, though, for searchers like the two men, what’s the ultimate goal in dedicating hours of their lives to searching for something that most people don’t even believe exists?
For Sherman, at least, it’s the thrill of the search, and the mystery of the creature that makes it worth his time.
“If one were ever found, it’d take the mystery out of it,” he says.
Quast, though, sees it differently.
“I think the ultimate goal has got to be to prove to the world that it exists,” he says. “To prove it beyond reproach.”
That’s easier said than done, Quast believes, because there are so many skeptics when it comes to the subject.
The reason is that when reports of Bigfoot first started popping up, it was labeled as something outlandish and unbelievable, Quast says.
“It’s really unfortunate that early on, when stories of Bigfoot started, our culture labeled it as a monster, instead of a new species of animal,” Quast says. “Everyone knows there’s no such thing as a monster, so that throws up all kinds of roadblocks.”
“Why bother looking for a monster when everyone knows there’s no such thing?” he adds.
Quast says definite, material proof of Bigfoot needs to be found to convince the public that it’s real.
And that may mean having to produce a body, dead or alive.
This fall, Quast plans to write to private landowners in Moose Lake, about 45 miles southwest of Duluth, to get permission to investigate their land where some of the most recent sightings have been reported.
More than 35 years after Quast first saw that 7-foot-tall creature walk into the thick woods of Becker County, his search continues. 

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this post we had noted Jack Osbourne had been fired and Haunted Highway was canceled. This is incorrect, Jack was fired from the show "Stars and Stripes". Although there is no news for renewal of "Haunted Highway" it will be going six episodes strong this year.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Media Blitz for Tonight's SyFy Bigfoot Movie Staring Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce

More like King Kong than Bigfoot, but we will take it. Tune in tonight as SyFy broadcasts, "Bigfoot" Starring  Barry Williams and Donny Bonaduce.

TONIGHT! "Bigfoot" on the SyFy Channel 9/8 Central!

All right fans this is the event we have been telling you about since our Feb 2 post, "New Bigfoot Movie with Danny Bonaduce". In fact, click on the following link if you want to read our entire SyFy Bigfoot Movie Coverage. The media is doin' an all out blitz revealing lots of enticing details and mocking comments. We picked out the best quotes from around the web and shared them with you below.

Cast of Syfy channel's "Bigfoot!", clockwise starting top left: Sherilyn Fenn, Andre Royo, Barry Williams, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Danny Bonaduce, Bruce Davison and  Howard "Johnny Fever" Hesseman.

Syfy stomps out more schlock with ‘Bigfoot’

By Mark A. Perigard

The cable network last year scored a hit with “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid,” a film best remembered for the scene in which its stars, ’80s singers Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, brawled at a lawn party.
Hoping to cash in again on a twisted sense of nostalgia, Syfy pits ’70s teen idols Danny Bonaduce of “The Partridge Family” and Barry Williams of “The Brady Bunch” in a race to snare Bigfoot.
Neither actor has the camp appeal of Tiffany or Gibson, but they sure are bosom buddies in bad acting.
Bonaduce plays a concert promoter nicknamed Harley, and Williams, in a Mike Brady perm, appears as his onetime musical partner Simon, now an ardent environmentalist. There are sly references to their sitcom pasts. Harley loves to rib Simon about sleeping back in the day with his mom, who sounds a lot like Carol Brady. One of Simon’s many female followers is a Marcia look-alike with an IQ that matches her shoe size.
The two men clash as Harley’s outdoor rock concert in Deadwood, S.D., is ruined when the legendary mountain monster stomps all over the party.
There are real actors in the film. Sherilyn Fenn (“Twin Peaks”) plays the frazzled law enforcement officer who tries to save the community. She’s dressed like Frances McDormand in “Fargo,” oversized hat and all, and it’s sad her career has dribbled to this. Couldn’t Lifetime’s “Army Wives” draft her for duty? Howard Hesseman (“WKRP in Cincinnati”) is a hoot as the venal mayor, who, when asked to pony up some money to capture Bigfoot, offers up the firefighters’ pension fund, reasoning it will never be missed. Oscar and Emmy nominee Bruce Davison plays a sheriff and also directed “Bigfoot,” and to his credit, he keeps the film moving at a brisk clip.
The cheesy comedy horror film doesn’t stint on the CGI beastie. Bigfoot here is King Kong-sized, with feet that can flatten an unsuspecting human. His footsteps reverberate like thunder, yet he always manages to sneak up on his victims. He has a nasty habit of biting heads off the clods who get in his way and kicks cars like soccer balls into helicopters, severely undercutting the military’s attempts to corral him. src: Boston Herald
We forgot that Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce had crossed paths before on Celebrity Boxing. This show is essentially a rematch.

Barry Williams accepts Danny Bonaduce 'Bigfoot' rematch 'on one condition: I can kick his butt'

By Jay Bobbin 
The two actors were among ABC's most popular stars of family-friendly sitcoms in the late '60s and early '70s, Bonaduce as precocious Danny on "The Partridge Family" and Williams as earnest Greg on "The Brady Bunch." Their paths crossed memorably in the 2002 premiere of FOX's short-lived (as in, two episodes) "Celebrity Boxing," with Bonaduce pretty much ruling their bout.
On Saturday (June 30), they're back together in "Bigfoot," a new Syfy movie that makes them opponents again, this time in pursuit of the title creature. Other notables are involved -- Howard Hesseman ("WKRP in Cincinnati") and rock icon Alice Cooper are among co-stars, and actor Bruce Davison ("X-Men") is the director -- but there's no question the Bonaduce vs. Williams rematch is the main event.
"I felt terrible," Bonaduce tells Zap2it of the outcome of their meeting a decade ago. "I box, and I had boxed for years. It was a good payday, but trainers and other people I knew said, 'Hey, he's gotten himself into a situation. You've got to carry him a bit.' But boxing is kind of a dirty business, and he was going to a real gym, where champions of the world train."
In a separate interview, Williams maintains he "got in a lick or two" during the bout but admits, "Danny dominated the fight. I've got to tell you, on both a personal and professional level, that was not very comfortable for me ... so when they approached me about being an adversary of Danny's in 'Bigfoot,' I said, 'I'll do it on one condition: I can kick his butt.' And I do. And he was great about it." src: Zap2it
 The Deadbolt also reminds of the celebrity boxing match and with a nod to how both actors have moved on to make the SyFy Bigfoot movie.

Fighting Over Bigfoot with Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce

by Reg Seeton

Nowadays, years removed from their boxing match and even more from the shows that made them household names, Danny Bonaduce has a better understanding of Barry Williams, the man, after their time in the ring.
“I hit him so hard my shoulder hurt and he continued to get up. What’s the biggest scene in Cool Hand Luke? The guy who won’t stay down. George Kennedy, if I’m not mistaken, is not the star of that scene. It’s Paul Newman because he refuses to stay down. And I know this may sound like an overdramatization of a fight, but until you’ve been in one, they’re pretty dramatic. That’s my impression of Barry Williams.”
In taking on Bigfoot, both Danny and Barry were all about having fun together on a project that pits one against the other as they both hunt for the mysterious creature for different reasons.
For Danny’s Bigfoot character, it’s all about the hunt and kill. For Barry’s Bigfoot character, it’s all about conservation and preservation. But, like in life, there can only be one final outcome for a hunter either way.
Going into the Bigfoot, how did Barry feel about going up against Danny on screen instead of the ring?
“Doing the movie, we’re coming into it in a completely [new] way, both trying to make the best movie and have the most fun and make the best movie we could. So there’s no real animosity there except the acting part.”
In Bigfoot, Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams star alongside Howard Hesseman (Head of the Class), Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks), Andre Royo (The Wire) and shock-rocker Alice Cooper. src:
The best review so far is BLC's hometown paper the Oregonian.

SyFy's 'Bigfoot' pits Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams against a forest monster

By Grant Butler, The Oregonian 

SyFy network wraps up what they've been calling "the most-dangerous month on television" on Saturday with "Bigfoot," a low-budget original film that stars 1970s sitcom stars Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams. Like most SyFy Saturday night movies, this one appears to have been shot on a budget of roughly $37, and features special effects that may have been created on a Commodore 64 computer. But no one watches a SyFy flick expecting great artistry. People want laughably bad acting and campy dialogue, and "Bigfoot" certainly delivers.
Bonaduce plays a radio DJ in Deadwood, S.D., who is organizing a 1980s rock festival (oddly headlined by Alice Cooper, and only attracting an audience of about 50 people). Williams plays a washed-up musician turned environmental activist who is concerned about the festival's effect on the environment. Before the former stars of "The Partridge Family" and "The Brady Bunch" can really square off, the festival is disrupted by Bigfoot, and mayhem begins. 
There's lots of running around, people being stomped on, and plenty of geographic oddities (South Dakota, at least in the SyFy world, is located near the Pacific Northwest). It all culminates with a scene on top of Mount Rushmore that pays homage to but hardly rivals the finale of Alfred Hitchcock's "North By Northwest."
Included in the cast are Andre Royo (he went from "The Wire" to this?), Sherilyn Fenn (of "Twin Peaks" 20 years ago), and Howard Hesseman (from another '70s sitcom, "WKRP In Cincinnati"). It's directed by Bruce Davison, a one-time Oscar nominee who these days is playing judges on shows like "Drop Dead Diva." 
Should you watch it? Heck, yes! It may not rise to the campy glories of "Jersey Shore Shark Attack" earlier this month, but it's got Williams and Bonaduce enough cheese to make nachos. Don't forget the tortilla chips! src:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

WATCH SyFy Bigfoot Movie Trailer

Syfy's Bigfoot in the Backgound with Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce in the foreground

SyFy has released a trailer for the much anticipated Bigfoot movie starring favorites from 60's sitcoms. However, if you think Greg Brady, Danny Partridge, and a Sasquatch are the only reasons to check out the telepic, then you are sorely mistaken. This cinematic tour de force also stars Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks), Howard Hesseman (WKRP in Cincinnati), and shock rocker extraordinaire Alice Cooper (School’s Out). So, it’s basically the BEST CASTING EVER is what we’re saying.

Click the following link to read our complete coverage of SyFy's Bigfoot Movie.

Check out the trailer below, this Bigfoot is large! This is like the King Kong of Bigfoots, and it appeaers Bonaduce's character falls into the pro-kill category.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

USA Today Promotes SyFy's Bigfoot Movie

Danny Bonaduce in SyFy's 2012 Bigfoot Movie
"I had one condition, and that was that I could beat the heck out of Danny Bonaduce at some point in the movie," -- Barry Williams (Greg Brady of the Brady Bunch)

USA Today teases at a few updates regarding the much anticipated SyFy movie simply titled Bigfoot. Click on the following link for our previous coverage of the SyFy Bigfoot movie. Below is an excerpt of the USA Today article

•Bigfoot, starring Bonaduce (The Partridge Family) and Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch). Airs June 30. 
"We've put together four fun movies in a row," says Syfy original movies chief Thomas Vitale. "It's June. It's escapist popcorn fare. They're the kind of movies that are released theatrically in the summer — the big, special-effects-driven movies to give you an emotional release."
They may mix fun and fear, but "their production is taken very seriously," says Ken Badish of Active Entertainment, which produced Arachnoquake and past Syfy originals Swamp Shark and SwampVolcano. "We're able to do so much more even on a relatively lower budget than we could a few years ago." 
Badish says technological advancements have enhanced filmmakers' ability to add higher-quality CGI for less. "We have the ability to deliver production values that are comparable to studio films because we're using the same cameras, the same lenses, the same (executive producers) and crews. We're able to make better B-movies." 
And the actors appreciate the benefits of mixing horror with hoke, and are quick to joke about it. 
"I had one condition, and that was that I could beat the heck out of Danny Bonaduce at some point in the movie," says Williams, best known for playing squeaky clean Greg Brady. (In a 2002 match on Fox's Celebrity Boxing, Bonaduce, who played the mischief-making Danny Partridge, bested him.) 
Williams knows that casting him and Bonaduce is a publicity stunt with the potential to draw curious fans of these vintage '70s shows. "When you team Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce in a movie, that's inescapable," he says. 
Bonaduce shares the sentiment. "If you took The Partridge Family-Brady Bunch quantum out of this, you'd have yourself a pretty good sci-fi movie about Bigfoot. It's just that big numbers (of viewers) are going to be coming because of Greg Brady vs. Danny Partridge going after Bigfoot. Otherwise, you'd just have the Bigfoot cult and the sci-fi cult."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Clues to SyFy Bigfoot Movie Starring Danny Bonaduce

The SyFy movie has a star-studded cast from the 70's through the 90's has the blu-ray version of SyFy's movie, "Bigfoot"  already listed for pre-sale on the website. We have had pretty good coverage of SyFy Bigfoot movie if you want to catch up. At the amazon website we get the new clue: When Bigfoot attacks an 80s themed music festival, a concert promoter and hippie burnout will do anything to protect the "endangered species."

So now we a little more about the plot structure of the show, which has been top secret for some time. Even the IMDB page has very little to offer. All we knew so far was Bigfoot is discovered in South Dakota, two life-long rivals (Williams and Bonaduce) battle to capture the creature — one to exploit it and one to save it.

The rest of the B-lister cast will be, but not limited to, Howard Hesseman (Head of the Class), Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks), Andre Royo (The Wire), and rock legend Alice Cooper (School’s Out).

When will it be released? Well, if Amazon says it will be available in for purchase in August, we think SyFy will broadcast the movie during the sweep week 28 June – 25 July 2012. Sweep week is when the ratings matter the most, and when broadcasters bring in the big guns to try and get ratings. If we don't see the SyFy Bigfoot movie by July will most likely wait until November. 

Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch)  and Danny Bonaduce (The Partridge Family)

Monday, February 13, 2012

First Pictures of 'Bigfoot'! The SyFy movie

Cast of Syfy channel's "Bigfoot!", clockwise starting top left: Sherilyn Fenn, Andre Royo, Barry Williams,
Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Danny Bonaduce, Bruce Davison and  Howard "Johnny Fever" Hesseman. Src:
Here is an update to the post about Donny Bonaduce and Barry Williams starring in the SyFy Bigfoot movie. Other familiar faces include Billy Idol, Bruce Davison, from the TV version of Harry and the Hendersons, Howard Hessman, AKA WKRP's Johnny Fever (you younger ones might remember him from "Head of the Class") and Sherilyn Fenn of Twin Peaks.

 Entertainment weekly has released exclusive photos on the set of the movie below.
Presenting the first ever pictures of 'Bigfoot'! (The SyFy movie, that is) -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS 
by Dalton Ross 
Folks who always longed for a Brady Bunch meets Partridge Family bloodbath will finally get their wish…with Bigfoot thrown in the mix for good measure! That’s right, the Syfy creature feature Bigfoot — starring Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce — will be hitting the small screen later this year. The two former child stars play lifelong rivals (naturally) who both are trying to capture the hairy beast, but for very different reasons. However, if you think Greg Brady, Danny Partridge, and a Sasquatch are the only reasons to check out the telepic, then you are sorely mistaken. This cinematic tour de force (to be directed by Bruce Davison) also stars Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks), Howard Hesseman (WKRP in Cincinnati), and shock rocker extraordinaire Alice Cooper (School’s Out). So, it’s basically the BEST CASTING EVER is what we’re saying. And to whet your appetite for this epic feast of absurdity, we’ve got your first look photos right here! And yes, that is Sherilyn Fenn playing the cop with the furry hat.
Left to Right: Bonaduce, Williams, Fenn, and Hessman (Image credit: The Asylum)

Florence Henderson is mentioned on the set and Greg--er Barry goes nuts! (Image credit: The Asylum)

Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce (Image credit: The Asylum)
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