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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Video News Footage of Yeti Hair From Russia

Click to read our entire coverage of the Siberian Kemerovo Yeti. Or read the latest below...

Finally! A translated video of the Russian News clip of the Yeti News Coverage. We see a lot of familiar faces in there. Dr. Jeff Meldrum is there at the 20 second mark and again in a scene with Ron Morehead of Sierra Sounds fame at about 50 seconds into it.

Below is the article from The Telegraph that goes with the video

Russian footage of 'Yeti' hair emerges

10:59PM BST 12 Oct 2011
The footage of the hair and footprints that are alleged to have come from a Yeti follows reports from Russia on Monday that scientists had found proof of the existence of the mythical figure.

Earlier in the week the Russian coal-mining region of Kemerovo said in a statement on its website that the evidence was found on the research trip to its remote mountains.
"During the expedition to the Azasskaya cave, conference participants gathered indisputable proof that the Shoria mountains are inhabited by the 'Snow Man'," the Kemerovo region administration said.

The expedition was organised after Kemerovo's governor invited researchers from the United States, Canada, and several other countries to share their research and stories of encounters with the creature at a conference.

In the video from Russian television the scientists and enthusiasts can be seen searching the area and examining the fur and markings they come across before returning to a lecture theatre for presentations about the 'abominable snowman' as the Yeti is also known.

Despite the seeming breakthrough one delegate remained unconvinced.
"So long as we do not find the bone remains of this snowman, it is pointless to talk about him." said Valery Kimeyev, a local archaeology professor.

SRC: The Telegraph

Monday, October 3, 2011

Scientists from Seven Countries Gather in Russia to Discuss Yeti

Click to read our entire coverage of the Siberian Yeti.

Back in March of 2011 we reported the government backed Russian Yeti Research in Kemerovo around Tashtagol. Included in the post was an excerpt from Wired Magazine

On October 6th through 8th, Cryptozoological researchers from Russia, the US and China will attend the meetings to discuss the Yeti's biology and habits. Below is an excerpt From a Monsters and Critics post.

Moscow - Scientists from seven countries will gather to discuss the possible existence of the fabled Yeti and the creature's biology and habits, Russian officials in the central Siberian town Tashtagol told dpa.
Cryptozoological researchers from Russia, the US and China will attend the meetings scheduled from October 6 to 8 in Kemerovo province town some 3,200 kilometres east of Moscow.

The experts will present 'surprising insights, and unique photographs and audio recordings' about the creature, a Kemerovo spokesman said.
Local game wardens have cited evidence allegedly obtained by a motion-triggered camera in a cave some 80 kilometres away from Tashtagol as possible proof of the existence of an unknown hominid in the area.

Last year, the Kemerovo regional administration issued a 'Yeti-warning' calling on local residents to be on the look out for a hairy bipedal creature which might come into the open looking for food because of forest fires burning in the area at the time.

The most recent Yeti expedition in the Kemerovo region took place in September.

SRC: Monsters and Critics

Back in September, the great blog Bigfoot Evidence posted a few intriguing details of the event. We have a brief excerpt below.

An International Scientific Conference on Hominology will be held in Tashtagol city, Kemerovo Oblast, Russian Federation from October 6 to October 9, 2011.Many local residents in Tashtagol regions believe that there are still many Yetis or Almas or Bigfoot exist and live around the regions of Tashtagol.

Once there was a case when the governor of Kemerovo region Aman Tuleev offered cash prize to whoever catches the Yeti.

The conference will be attended by the famous scientists; biologists, anthropologists, geneticists, hominologists, bioinformatics from the United States, Canada, Sweden, China, Mongolia and Russia. This time the scientists will not only gather and discuss about this issue, but they will also plan to travel to the regions where Yetis thought to be living.

R.Barsbold, a paleontologist and geologist at the Geological Institute, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, will participate at the conference representing Mongolia. He is the son of the famous Mongolian writer, scientist and academician B.Rinchen.
SRC: Bigfoot Evidence

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Voice of Russia: Tea party with the Yeti?

At the Russian news source, The Voice of Russia, Alexei Chernichenko reports a new enthusiasm for the Yeti. Capitalizing on Yeti Day November 11, locals continue to capitalize the enthusiasm for the the cryptid by offering to host a tea party and a custom-made furnished chill-out room. Read the rest below, including an endorsement from Igor Burtsev.

Tea party with the Yeti?
Alexei Chernichenk

KUZBASS, Feb 6, 2011 (The Voice of Russia) -- Enthusiasts in the Russian Siberian region of Kuzbass continue to search the region’s remote areas for the Yeti in a drive that was earlier endorsed by Kuzbass Governor Aman Tuleyev. He jokingly announced the payment of one million rubles to a person who he said will be able to bring the ape-like cryptid to the governor’s residence so that the three could have a tea together. The announcement came in the wake of the establishment of the Yeti Day in Kuzbass.

For their part, local business people were quick to capitalize on the Yeti boom by opening a fancy restaurant in the Gornaya Shoriya mountains, thought to be Yeti’s habitat. The restaurant includes the Abominable Snowman’s personal chill-out room, where the owners said he will “really enjoy himself.”

The Yeti boom kicked off in Kuzbass in 2010 after unverified information about the Yeti allegedly being spotted by local hunters in taiga near the Gornaya Shoriya Mountains. The news immediately hit the headlines, with readers especially amazed with the photograph of the Yeti’s alleged footprint.

Experts remained downbeat about the news, which was understandably hailed by PR agencies and tour operators. A number of monuments to the Yeti has been installed across Kuzbass since then, and Russia’s special presidential envoy to Siberia traveled to a cave where the Yeti was ostentatiously tracked down. No traces of the Yeti were discovered at the time.

Even so, many in Kuzbass still hope against hope that Aman Tuleyev will be lucky to finally see the Yeti coming to his place for a tea party. Echoing them is Igor Burtsev, a Moscow-based Yeti expert, who argues that that the information about Yeti is first of all music to businessmen’s ears.

"As I see it, Kuzbass business people are almost sure to benefit from this," Burtsev says, referring to the Yeti ballyhoo in the United States, where businessmen do not think twice before capitalizing on the matter. "Dozens of corresponding cafes, restaurants and museums annually open their doors there," Burtsev goes on to say, also citing a host of scientific conferences and open-air concerts to this effect. "Jokes aside, I do believe that the Yeti really exists, and keeping in touch with him remains my top priority," Burtsev says.

He piled praise on Aman Tuleyev’s announcement of a possible tea party with the Yeti, which Burtsev said is a right way to try to lure the cryptid into meeting human beings.

In the meantime, mass production of souvenir birch bark bugles has started in Kuzbass. Tour operators insist that these bugles’ sounds allegedly attract the Yeti….

The Voice of Russia

Siberia to celebrate Yeti Day November 11
Igor Burtsev to head another Bigfoot Expedition in Siberia
Pinky Finger Reveals New Hominid

Monday, October 11, 2010

Russian yetis start a war with bears

I swear we did not make this headline up. Its lifted directly off an English language Russian news website. We have reprinted the article in full. The translation is theirs.

We should also mention, this is somewhat of an update to our previous post Igor Burtsev to head another Bigfoot Expedition in Siberia

Russian yetis start a war with bears
Andrei Smirnov
Oct 11, 2010 17:15 Moscow Time

Bigfoot. Photo: RIA Novosti
(The Voice of Russia) -- An expedition that was looking for the mysterious yeti in Mountain Shoria – a faraway region in the Siberian taiga - has recently returned home. The expedition’s members claim that the forest fires of this extremely hot summer made Altai yetis move to the Kuzbass region, where they have started a “war” with local bears.

Searches for this mysterious creature, also known as “bigfoot” or “snowman”, started several decades ago. People look for yetis – or, at least, their traces – elsewhere: in Canada, Europe, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Russia. Several times, yetis’ traces have been found – footsteps that resemble that of humans but are too big for a man, flocks of hair or gigantic branch shelters in forests. In 1967, a certain Roger Patterson even filmed a yeti in northern California, but experts still argue whether this shooting is real or fake.

This year’s expedition to Mountain Shoria is already the third. One of its participants, the director of the International Center for Hominology Igor Burtsev assures that yetis leave traces of their stay in the taiga and fight with local bears.

“They make strange pyramidal constructions of trunks and branches in the wood – sometimes 3 or 4 meters, sometimes only 30 cm high. Sometimes they bend huge trees and twist their trunks like wheels. A human being is just not strong enough for that, and there seems to be no need for bears to do this. At first, we thought that yetis do this to make shelters, but then we came to the conclusion that this is a sort of landmark for them. Or, maybe, this is a way for a yeti to say something to its congeners.”

Igor Burtsev has talked with local residents who claim that they have seen yetis with their own eyes. Sometimes, farmers take them for wood goblins.

“Folk beliefs say that the wood goblin is the master of the woods. All animals, even bears, submit to him. The wood goblin has a strong hypnotic power, thus he is not afraid of any animal.”

Scientists think that these ancient beliefs do have some grounding – it seems that today yetis in Siberia are competing with bears, and the yetis are winning – they are obviously stronger and have rudimentary intellect. If this “war” between yetis and bears continues, there is a risk that bears will not sleep this winter because of a shortage of food, instead going to villages in search of something to eat. To prevent this, the region’s authorities plan to organize bear feeding. However, it seems that local residents have already found a common language with the yetis – they leave candies for them and communicate with them mentally – yetis are believed to be telepathic. Igor Burtsev even claims that to a certain extent, yetis can imitate the human language. “I would, without doubt, call the yeti another species of man,” he says.

SRC: The Voice of Russia

Igor Burtsev's New Adventure

International Center of Hominology

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Russians Spot UFO While Digging "Sasquatch" Bones

Go figure. No sooner had we played on the pun of space, Russians spot a UFO while digging up Bigfoot remains.

The news source,, mostly a UFO site files this post today:
In Russia a UFO was found while searching for Bigfoot, video

Masha Dimitriov

A story is making headlines in Russia regarding students that went looking for Bigfoot but found an alien UFO instead (see video below).

On July 13 a group of Archaeological students went on an expedition to find evidence of the legendary Yeti or Bigfoot that is believed to reside on Shoria Mountain in the Kuzbass region of Kemerovo Province in Russia.

Witness accounts of this mysterious 'cryptiod' hominid in this area span over centuries although no scientist has ever found conclusive proof of its existence.

While digging for possible bone remains the students noticed a UFO hovering over them. At the time they saw the UFO, luckily, one of the team was filming anyway. The bizarre craft manoeuvred back and forth before vanishing.

the students now refer to the encounter as a 'miracle'.

Expert on UFO activity internationally and All News Web editor, Mr Michael Cohen, notes that the film 'might be computer generated and needs further study. Alternatively many have suggested a connection between Bigfoot and aliens, some suggesting Bigfoot is indeed an ET'.

In the map below we could locate the Kemerovo Province in Russia mentioned in the article, but could not find Shoria Mountain.

View Larger Map

The video below is pretty weak and the transition from ground to sky is suspect but for what its worth here it is below.

The original post at

Sunday, May 9, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Russians Rescue Bigfoot

This is an interesting story from a Pakistani website ( citing a Moskow Website ( A Russian hunter claims he has saved something that can only be described as Bigfoot from a frozen river in central Siberia.

Russian news agency Itar-Tass quoted a source in the administration of the Tashtagol district of the Perm Region as saying that the incident took place in April this year near the village of Senzaskiye Kichi. The village is located 140 kilometers away from the nearest human settlement and the only connection with its residents is by helicopter. The latest flight to the village brought back a written report about the encounter with the so-called Bigfoot.

The letter read that professional hunter Afanasiy Kiskorov together with several other hunters was fishing when they heard a loud cracking of ice and a howl. When they approached the source of the noise, the hunters saw an unusual creature described as “like a huge man covered in dark brown fur.” The creature was in the river, about 10 meters from the bank and it unsuccessfully tried to get out of the water and stand upright.

Kiskorov rushed to the rescue and reached out for the drowning creature with a dry tree branch. “Bigfoot” then grabbed the branch, got onto shore, and walked away.

Authorities in the Kemerovo Region have repeatedly released stories of Bigfoot sightings over the past few years. According to them, those interested in cryptozoology could help to develop the Siberian tourism industry.

Below is a map of the region the bigfoot was reportedly rescued.

View Larger Map

We should note that on April 30th our friends at broke the original story published by

Russian News Site
Pakistani Version

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