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Friday, November 5, 2010

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook

Well, we like to dig a little for each post we do. We already knew Stan Gordon's background was more UFO than Bigfoot, but we were pretty disappointed when we went to his website and his Bigfoot page was empty with only a message saying, "Bigfoot Corner. More about the local Bigfoot phenomenon will be here soon." dated August 16, 2009. Maybe his site is a work in progress. Regardless, Roger Marsh, the editor of Gordon's newest book, Silent Invasion, is drumming up some press and has penned an article for the The article is reprinted in full below.

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook
Roger Marsh, UFO Examiner
( November 2nd, 2010 6:55 pm ET) -- The next best thing to having your own UFO sighting or paranormal experience is to walk in the investigator's shoes.

UFO and Bigfoot researcher Stan Gordon has been on the investigation trail now since the UFO crash at Kecksburg on December 9, 1965 - and with an incredible stash of eye witness testimony.

Gordon released the book - Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook - with myself as Editor, October 30, 2010.

The book is like an investigator's log as it takes you through a literal "invasion" of both UFOs and the Bigfoot creature over about a one-year period - from 1973 to 1974. The contents are structured so that you can read through short pieces on individual cases as they were being reported.

While there were plenty of UFO sightings prior to 1973, and while the entire state of Pennsylvania - and the region - can lay claim to continued sightings - ground zero was surely Westmoreland County in southwestern Pennsylvania where most of the activity was taking place.

My own personal UFO encounter and what we believe was a Bigfoot encounter - both occurred in Westmoreland County where I grew up. At age 16, it was a curious time. I had stood 30 feet from a disc-shaped UFO.

This was a very intense time for Gordon as an investigator - and knowing the author, I'm not sure he would actually want to go through it again. In this era, UFO investigators were not necessarily talking to Bigfoot investigators - and the Bigfoot people were not talking to the UFO people. I think UFO researchers felt that they had enough on their hands without the introduction of some other, anomalous, creature. In fact, by merely bringing Bigfoot into the story, the UFO piece of the puzzle most likely dropped in valuation. You just were not believed.

Having worked on this great work with Gordon for two years, and being obviously very close to the manuscript, I can say that the testimony was carefully gathered, and the entire book speaks for the UFO field. UFOs - whatever they are - whoever operates them - are real. And the Bigfoot creature - wherever this fits into the investigation process - and without any bodies to disscect - are also very real.

Both Pennsylvania government and law enforcement during this period were alarmed at the incoming reports - both the high number of reports and exactly what people were reporting. Gordon was visited by high ranking officials at that time who wanted to know what he knew - and the Pennsylvania State Police forwarded UFO and Bigfoot reports to Gordon for his personal investigation.

Some of the most interesting discussions Gordon and I had while preparing this book involved looking back at the many cases and how they fit together. You might have, for example, a family that resides along the side of a hill who reports that at 10 p.m. yesterday, they observed a hovering disc-shaped object over their home. But a second call comes in from a second family, living on the other side of the same hill. The two families do not know each other and they access their homes from different roads. The second family reports that at 10 p.m. yesterday, they looked out their back window and saw three Bigfoot creatures standing on their property.

What then is the connection to a hovering and silent disc and three odd-looking creatures a stone's throw away? Did the craft drop off the creatures? Was the UFO hovering nearby so that they could pick up the creatures when their task was complete? What was their task?

There are few books that allow the reader to come along for the investigation. This book does. Gordon lays it all out - case after case after case after case. If you only purchase one paranormal book this year - this is the book. You can purchase a signed copy of the book diret from the author here.

And just to entice you to buy the book - take a look at this video interview I conducted with one of Gordon's investigators - George Lutz - who was with him during the Uniontown, PA, UFO landing case that involved the Bigfoot creature. This is one of the most outstanding cases logged in during 1973 - and in this video you get to hear the case directly from a man who was there. There are eight parts to the video. Each part is better than the previous. Lutz starts out filling us in on his military background, but this is just filler until you hear the details on his extroidinary case.

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