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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Four Smart Questions for BeardCard, Provo Canyon Bigfoot Videographer

Artist, Guy Edwards, depiction of Provo Canyon Bigfoot
We recently asked BeardCard, videographer of the Provo Canyon Video what we think are important smart questions bigfooters want the answers to. Please read his responses below and re-watch his original video. (Click to see our stabilized Provo Canyon Bigfoot
1. Have you been to that area before? Have you seen wildlife there before? The reason I ask, Bigfoot have been reported to "hang-out" with certain fauna.
We have been up four wheeling and hiking in this area quite a bit. We have camped there a few times as well. We haven't been this this exact location many times, but many places throughout Provo Canyon and near Squaw Peak. There are many many deer up there. It is actually deer hunting season right now, so tons of hunters are/were up there as well. Besides deer and smaller animals, I have seen a couple mouse over the years, but not often.
2. You said you went back to the site to get your belongings, do you plan on going back to revisit what happened?
We have, and may be going back up soon to document what happened on video.
3. How many people were with you? Did you think it was Bigfoot before you reviewed the video?
There were 5 of us there. My wife and I, and 3 of my siblings.
Before coming home and watching the video, it being a Bigfoot had been brought up along with lots of other thoughts. In the moment we didn't know what it was besides a huge animal who turned quickly to look at us, and we were way to close to it. Still at this point all 5 of us are not sure what it was or could have been.
4. Finally, what is the craziest question you've been asked so far? 
Probably, "Do you think it could have been a turkey fanning its feathers?"  Um no. It was huge, had arms and stood and stared at us. If the video doesn't show that clear enough, in person all of us can assure you that thing was not a turkey.
Or "Looking at your shoes in the video you guys obviously weren't dressed in hiking gear, how can you explain this..."
We were simply out there to camp overnight and decided to go on a little hike up to some deer. We were not set to be hiking long distances, we were simply on a fun little camping trip.
Or "What do you have to say to the people who call hoax?"
They can think what they want. A lot of people are so set in their opinions that nothing can ever waver them. We simply posted our video online to show friends and family how freaky it was, the Bigfoot community and news media blew it up from there.
Thanks for the interview BeardCard! Now that we heard it from you we can cross the Turkey-Theory off the list as possibilities! Please watch the original Provo Canyon Bigfoot video below.

Stabilized (non-shaky) Version of Provo Canyon Bigfoot Video

BLC artist, Guy Edwards, doing a liberal interpretation of the Provo Canyon Bigfoot
"As an artist, I understand optical illusions...this is more than an illusion" --Guy Edwards, Editor of Bigfoot Lunch Club.

First, we want to say there simply is not enough visual information in the Provo Canyon Bigfoot video to make a definitive determination. With that said, initially we were certain that foliage in the foreground was creating the negative space defining the Bigfoot's left arm. 

A perfect example of how negative space can define an object is a water colored white picket fence painting. Since the canvas is already white, you do not paint the fence, you paint around the fence, you paint what is called the negative space. (see image below)

Do not paint the fence, paint the space around the fence--so Zen.
We had a feeling that the yellow foliage in the foreground was creating the negative space between the arm and the body. We felt like this illusion added to the eerie-ness to the action of the Bigfoot standing up, which also made this video a must-watch! After we stabilized and reviewed the slow motion, we definitely found foreground foliage was creating some of the negative space, but behind that there is definitive negative space NOT created by the foreground foliage. In other words the gap between the body and the "arm" is most likely there.

Until we saw the stabilized slo-mo version of this video we were not able to conclude if the foliage was creating the negative space or no. Our conclusion is, bigfoot or not, that gap between body and "arm" is real. We recommend going full screen with the video and the quality turned up to 1080pHD.

We always felt like the reaction of the videographers/hikers were genuine  which we think was the second component of this video being compelling  We reached out to BeardCard, the video uploader, to ask a few more questions, including permission to stabilize his video. We have not heard back from him and offered to give him the stabilized version for his own YouTube Channel.We are hoping, since this is for educational purposes and not commercial, he will not mind us posting the stabilized version here.

Oh and here is the frame and the artistic rendition side-by-side.

Provo Canyon Video and artist rendition side-by-side (click picture to enlarge) 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Utah's Provo Canyon Bigfoot Media Round-up

Still from Provo Canyon Bigfoot video
By now you may have heard of the Provo Canyon Bigfoot video. The video of what seemed like a bear, stands on it's hind legs and transforms into a Bigfoot-like silhouette with forearms hanging down on both sides. Many of you fans know we don't get excited about videos, although, it seems, many others do. However, we will share our opinion. The transformation into a Bigfoot silhouette is eerily alarming and the response of the hikers feels genuine. Emotionally, this video has major impact, unfortunately it is still a blob-squatch.

With all that said, the video has it's place in the Bigfoot cannon of you-tube videos and is worth investigating. 

Below is the video breakdown by Phil Polling of ParaBreakdown a respected investigator of paranormal YouTube videos. It contains the original video with Phil's commentary. After the video, read reactions from around the web.

YouTube user "Beard Card," who did not want his name made public, said he and some friends were camping in Provo Canyon near Squaw Peak and Little Rock Canyon Overlook when the group saw some deer up on a hill that they wanted to get a closer look at.
"On our way up, we thought we saw a bear, until this giant creature stood up and looked right at us," he said. "We ran straight to the car after that, leaving our tent and most everything behind."
Mitch Phillips (AVATAR, EIGHT-LEGGED FREAKS). He has dedicated much of his life studying Bigfoot and has worked with special effects as well as CGI. Here is his report:
“You know, I have seen countless of these videos that proclaim to have the elusive Sasquatch on tape. Most recently, I debunked a video from a four-wheeler and another from a supposed camping trip. This Utah video is quite interesting. Since I do not have a great deal of time to explain the technical stuff, let me just give you my findings in simple terms.
1. I rule out costume due to the muscle tone and appearance of real fur.
2. I rule out other animal/mistaken identity. This is not a bear or anything else. This has human-like limbs.
3. The reactions from those filming are very convincing. There is none of this ‘what is that’ comments that are on every fake video.
4. There is no video trickery. This was there. My conclusion: It’s real. This is a huge piece of evidence supporting the existence of Bigfoot. I’m impressed!”
SRC: Ringside Report

Phone Interview with Bear Card
SRC: Fox 13 now

Recently Dr. Jeff Meldrum was asked about the video:
But the video itself is ultimately inconclusive, according to Jeffrey Meldrum, a professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University and Bigfoot researcher. Meldrum said though the video appears to show an upright creature with a distinct arm, the image could be created by foliage obscuring part of the body of a bear.

"On first glance I really can't differentiate it from a black bear," he said.

Still, Meldrum advised against immediately writing off alleged Bigfoot sightings as pseudoscience.

"There is merit to that argument but I don't think that justifies ignoring what evidence we have," he said, adding that authorities have reported unexplained footprints, hair and vocalizations from various locations in the world.


According to Meldrum, there have been additional sightings farther south in Utah and people living on the Ute Indian reservation have insisted that some sort of creature resembling Bigfoot exists. Meldrum further compared Sasquatch to wolverines, which are also elusive and almost never seen in the wild.
SRC: Daily Herald

Finally the original two versions of the video; Regular and slow-mo

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