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Friday, October 30, 2009

Bigfoot and the Indiana Banana

Is the Rise in Paw Paw (AKA Indiana Banana) trees and Bigfoot Sightings Correlated?

For those not familiar with the Paw Paw (Asimina Adans.), it is a fruit tree native to eastern North America. Historically, this fruit was never cultivated in the way that other fruit trees have, such as the apple, pear or peach trees; however, recent interest in the paw paw’s nutritional, medicinal, and insecticidal properties has peaked farmers’ interest in this delicious and potentially marketable crop. The paw paw has been referred to with many names - the Indiana Banana, Poor Man’s Banana, papaw, Kentucky Banana – to name a few. If you were from the Midwest or any other place that the paw paw is native to, it was always a treat to come across a neighbor or a market stand that had this custard-like treat on hand. Bigfoot most likely feels the same way.

In recent years, the cultivation of the paw paw has increased. Organic farmers grow it not only for its sweet taste, but also for its insecticidal qualities. Freezing the pulp upon harvest now combats storing and shipping the fruit, which was once a hindrance. It is also relatively low maintenance once cultivated.

Bigfoot and the paw paw? Bigfoot sightings do not just occur in Oregon and Washington. The BFRO (The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) has a great list of sightings per state. Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and many other states have dozens of sightings (for a great listing check out Members of the Bigfoot Researchers Lunch Club believe that Bigfoot may very well have an interest in the paw paw for subsistence and that sightings in these states, as well as others where the paw paw is being grown, directly correlate to this crop. Like the numerous sightings in states with heavy apple and pear production, Washington and Oregon, the states with increasing paw paw production are seeing more and more Bigfoot sightings.
Ohio is currently the biggest producer of the paw paw. It also has had an astonishing number of Bigfoot sightings – 198 reported to the BFRO through 2007. Other states producing the fruit have had many reports of Bigfoot as well. Michigan - 85 sighting, Kentucky – 47 sightings, Indiana – 49 sightings. The states producing the paw paw and the sightings reported in these states warrant all of you field researchers in these states to explore this possibility. We of the BFRLC would love to hear your opinions, thoughts, and research regarding this issue. We invite you to share your stories with us.

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