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Friday, October 5, 2012

New Sounds in OK, Not a Cat, Not a Bear...Perhaps Bigfoot?

If It's not a Bobcat or a Bear, Oklahomans decides it must be Bigfoot
In an article at the Grove Sun titled "Rumplings of Bigfoot," Peggy Kiefer reports an uptick in odd sounds in Delaware County Oklahoma. Shen notes there has been a drought and the new sounds may be hungry bears, but those familiar with the local wildlife do not believe these are bears. They even rule out Bobbcats. In fact, these sounds are so unfamiliar they are being attributed to a Bigfoot.

Read the article below as Peggy lists some of the more noteworthy sounds heard within the last week.


Posted: Friday, October 5, 2012 10:14 am | Updated: 10:17 am, Fri Oct 5, 2012.

Rumblings of Bigfoot have been reportedly heard in Delaware County recently. Some people believe the never before heard sound is bears foraging their way out of the woods due to drought conditions. Others believe what they have heard and seen come from something much larger than a bear.

This past week several individuals reported hearing what they describe as a loud screeching, or groaning. Something deeper than what a bob cat sounds like, but not exactly what they believe a bear sounds like.
Whatever it is, it scares not only humans but dogs, cattle and horses too.

Dakota Cox lives in Hickory Grove. He said he heard the sound earlier this week near 590 Road in the Hickory Grove area and it scared his horses so much they took off running.

Others have described hearing similar sounds in Colcord near Cloud Creek.

Sunday night neighbors were out trying to find the creature. Seventeen vehicles belonging to interested parties were counted in Cloud Creek.

Could it really be the famous Bigfoot? Maybe a cousin? Or is he/it just some hungry and thirsty bears?
It is hunting season after all, and well since I just can't find it in my heart to kill Bambi (or any of her family members), I thought I would do my part this hunting season and see what I can dig up about Bigfoot and these scary noises.

There have been sightings of a Bigfoot like creature in this neck of the woods for years.

I've heard many stories this past week, but one thing they all have in common is they will talk as long as I promise not to use their names. All of them also say the sound they heard is unlike anything they've heard before. Almost all of the people I spoke to talk about a smell. Something like a wet dog, only worse.

In April of 2000, a sighting near Eucha was officially reported to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (yes there really is such an organization). A woman reported that her husband returned home from a fishing trip (gigging) in Eucha, approximately 12 miles west of Jay.

The report states that the man and two of his friends set up camp and went out on the boat until about 10 p.m. that night. When they went back to camp, they cooked, ate supper and retired for the night in one large tent. “About ten minutes after settling in, there were very loud, deep throated, “banchee” screams coming from across the creek, which echoed throughout the area. All three of us have hunted and fished all our lives, one of us grew up in Jay, yet non of us had ever heard that sound before. It was extremely frightening to put it mildly,” the fisherman reported. They all agreed it had come from something very large.

The next year they heard thrashing in the bushing that sounded as if it was also from a large creature. Neither time were there any sightings. Others have reported seeing a creature outside their homes.

I'm not really going out in the woods hunting for the creature, but stay tuned as I continue the hunt for more information about recent sightings and reports of hearing sounds of Bigfoot.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Finding Bigfoot in Oklahoma: Local News Coverage of Town Hall Meeting

Ranae at the front of the Yukon, Oklahoma town hall meeting

YUKON, Oklahoma - The Animal Planet show "Finding Bigfoot" made the trip to Yukon, Oklahoma Saturday in search of the mythological creature.
Hundreds of people showed up at Saturday night's town hall style meeting to talk about their own Bigfoot experiences.
Crews for the show arrived in Yukon on Friday. They will be around the area for a week.
The episode featuring Oklahoma will air sometime this summer.
"Finding Bigfoot" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Animal Planet.
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