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Friday, April 27, 2012

Return of the White Bigfoot

Still from a prior frame that was not in the previous
MK Davis Video (Sent from MK, Click to enlarge)

Enlarged Still of previous frame (Sent from MK, Click to enlarge)

UPDATE!! MK Davis has provided some more detail  based on our question's about the black pixelation below. His new comments are in Green. 

We applaud MK Davis for reacting to previous questions and critiques. He has searched through his archives to find the footage that is minutes prior the previous released footage. In this additional footage he seems to have more audio artifacts that he suspect could possibly be a tree knock.

We still have issues with what we called the "leading dark pixel." We believe the leading black pixel is even more persistent in this previous footage. 

The same pic as above with an outline and black arrow pointing to
the dark pixels that seem to us attached
Hello Guy. Apparently the black halo that appears to wrap around or lay against the  all white subject is an artifact of digitization. I rendered the VHS tapes myself, so it must have occurred when I did that. It mostly occurs when the file is rendered to High Definition video. This is what I did. 1080 pixels. Once again my fault. I did not know that could happen. This is why, in the bent knees clip that something black appears along the back side as it walks. I believe that this is the explanation. M.K.

MK also provided a screenshot of another person who
digitized video and had black artifacts. (click to enlarge)

MK is pretty humble and would like to get feedback from the rest of you. He is curious what you see in the videos below. 

The First Video with the extended beginning footage

The raw and the boosted contrast footage

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Four Year "White Bigfoot" Project, 50 VHS Tapes Later

Artist depiction of a White Sasquatch with a dark face
"Its definitely not a cow or an ungulate, I'm pretty sure of it because I got better pictures of it..." -- MK davis

We just got off the phone with the MK Davis regarding his White Bigfoot Video. We wanted to learn little bit more about the how the tapes came to him and nature of the recordings themselves.

We learned the tapings were part of a four-year project producing over 50 six-hour VHS tapes (that's 300 hours). MK has had them for about six months and has digitally transferred the VHS tapes himself. 

These videos are taped on a land that was initially purchased because the current owner was looking for Indian artifacts, like arrow heads and what have you. Eventually he kept coming across large prints and tracks and wanted to know what could be making them. 

With the help of some tech-savvy people they set up cameras. These cameras were set up to continually film, no infrared triggers, no motion detectors, just continuous taping. More interesting is what you see is not the direct view of the camera, each lens was pointing to an angled mirror. This was to overcome the theory that Sasquatch are quite aware of cameras and purposely try to stay out of the line of sight.

When we brought up our arguments about a possible cow or ungulate, MK Davis was adamant in denying the possiblility. 

"Its definitely not a cow or an ungulate, I'm pretty sure of it because I got better pictures of it next to the creek"

We asked about the dark pixelations that seemed to lead the alleged Sasquatch and he had agreed that he had seen that too and says his better picture also show the Sasquatch has a dark face. 

He continued to describe other oddities,"When it walks upright it almost looks like it is sitting in a chair, there's nothing underneath it--you could put a chair underneath it, but it just moves around with its knees bent almost at a 90 degree angle. Also, in the video it never runs, [one foot is always in contact with the ground] its actually walking that fast!"

The video below was uploaded to show a bipedal figure from the same footage. MK Davis is certain he can rule out a cow, sheep or any other type of ungulate.

MK also noted the part that intrigued him most about theWhite Bigfoot video. "The thing that got me was when it was on all fours the way the hind leg kicked up, I had seen that before. When I was in Louisiana I saw, point blank, something run right in front of my vehicle on all fours. It did the same exact thing, the hind legs almost reach all the way up to the head and then extend."

Over the phone MK shared some interesting audio that we hope he will share soon. The audio samples were similar to other familiar alleged Sasquatch sound sounds, the Samurai Chatter, a groan that will make your ears bleed (at the very least make your skin crawl), and some possible conversation between two individuals.

MK has uploaded another video (see below) that  he uses to do a size comparison. In our mind it is not as compelling as the audio we heard.

By the way light-colored or blond Bigfoot are not unheard of you can read our post, "Rise of the Blonde Bigfoot" to read about them more.

Friday, April 13, 2012

White Bigfoot or Patchy Ungulate?

An rough animated dark-headed ungulate with the foreground legs white. It creates a similar shape
 and gait to the alleged light-colored Bigfoot in the MK's video analysis.
We did the rough animation above after seeing MK Davis's video at Bigfoot Evidence. The video M.K. Davis released shows a possible light-colored Bigfoot. The gait to us looks like gallop with half the information missing, as if the legs in the background are dark. Dark enough to blend into the background. In MK's Video we see a leading head that seems darker than the rest of the body.

This would also take into account two distinct moments MK points out; the hind legs kicking up, and the portion MK refers to as the "big step".

Our crude animation placed on top of MK's isolated GIF. The part MK has
 isolated is too close to a tree and may hide any suggestion of a head.

Its all very hard to determine, but the white blob in our animation looks similar to the movement in the video to us. We would love to hear what you think. Please, feel free to shoot holes into our theory in the comments below. Obviously we always want it to be Bigfoot, but we see a gallop happening, not a bipedal gait. We have contacted MK Davis and asked him to weigh in.

Here is MK's video analysis below.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

M.K. Davis to Bigfoot Lunch Club, You Got It Wrong

M.K. Davis contacted us last week and was concerned we were perpetuating rumors. That's the last thing we want to do. We made a correction to an earlier post and apologized for over generalizing a sensitive subject.

For those who don't know, M.K. Davis is famous for stabilizing the Patterson/Gimlin featuring the Sasquatch affectionately known as Patty. Regardless of any rumors, there is no doubt M.K.Davis has made a great contribution to the Bigfoot community.

We pride ourselves on being responsible and respectful to all members of the Bigfoot community. We believe, all of us, truly want to discover, if not understand, Bigfoot. Pollyanna-ish? Naive? We don't think so, we just like people.

We would like to take the opportunity to reintroduce M.K.Davis to fans of this humble web site.

We exchanged several emails with Mr.Davis and recently talked to him on the phone. After all these exchanges, it became very apparent M.K. was passionate about analyzing the Patterson/Gimlin Film (PGF). It was all about the film. The film itself had new information with every new viewing, like a mine you could continue to prospect if you were careful and patient enough. We didn't find a man who saw some anomalies and built a whole story around them, we found a man who saw anomalies and openly pondered what could have caused them. We heard several possibilities for each odd shape, motion, or color.

We would like to share some of the of the things M.K. Shared with us. First Let's get one thing straight, M.K. is absolutely convinced that, Patty, the Sasquatch in the film is absolutely authentic. He emphasized this over and over, this film is the best evidence for Sasquatch and should have been enough to convince the skeptics.

One of his animations shows Patty able to move her head and rotate her neck, with quite a range, without having to move her shoulders. This is interesting

Heres some amazing isolated back muscle movement as well as some great glut definition.

Finally some stills of the backside, these are particularly interesting, because they almost show a baldness on the "cheeks"

We would like to thank M.K.Davis for sharing his research.

External Links
Bigfoot Books had a great Interview with M.K. Last year
Bigfoot Encounters PGF page with a few of M.K.Davis's enhancements
Cryptomundo's coverage of one of M.K.'s last presentation

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thom Powell Week: On the heels of PG film Anniversary

This week we celebrate Thom Powell, the contemporary researcher and author of the Bigfoot research book, "The Locals". On November 3rd he will be speaking at an event sponsored by the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium and University of Oregon. There are rumors he will provide a peak of his new book, "Shady Neighbors"

Please Note: The following reprinted content was before MK Davis's assertions of the Bluff Creek Massacre and although most disagree with MK's assertions (we do anyway), this post is more about the Patterson/Gimlin Film and Thom Powell's ponderings of the possible human-ness of Sasquatch.

On the heels of the anniversary of the Patterson Gimlin film (OCT 20) We found this insightful remark from Thom Powell on Cryptomundo. It is a response to an M.K. Davis Presentation at Don Keating’s Ohio Bigfoot conference on May 17th, 2008.

There is no doubt M.K. Davis has made his mark in the Bigfoot Community, for better or for worse. Most would say for the worse. Once heralded as one of the greatest contributers to analyzing the Patterson/Gimlin Film, his theories became controversial when he began to assert he had evidence for a Bluff Creek Massacre.

Days before he announced the "massacre", at Don Keating’s Ohio Bigfoot conference on May 17th, 2008, MK presented other less controversial assertions. These assertions supported the more human-ness of the figure of the Patterson Gimlin film, including the possibility of a top-knot and ponytail.

Although there was the back and forth that can be emblematic of our Bigfoot community, we like Thom's response to the presentation in general. Instead of entering the fray of whether or not Bigfoot is human or ape, capable of braiding its hair or not. Thom provides the sanity of context and asks us not be afraid to look past our assumptions.

To all,
I was fortunate to hear MK Davis make this presentation in Portland OR recently. He showed the audience various enhancements and how he accomplished them. He was able to identify numerous features and elements in the PGF that almost everyone is unaware of.He showed us that there is a great deal of useful and interesting information in that short clip. The short quotation that is taken out of context and published above does not come close to doing justice to the whole subject of enhancing the PGF. Davis provides compelling but admittedly inconclusive film data to support the following conclusions:

1. the creature shows a number of hair stylings like a top-knot. He concludes it’s not a saggital crest on the subject. It is a top-knot of hair. He shows his detailed analysis that supports this view and it is more compellling than most realize.

2. There is also evidence of braids and a ponytail in the head hair. These are utilitarian hair styling that are commonly used in modern and ancient tribes to keep hair cleaner and out of the way. On this basis Davis asserts that the PGF subject is closer to a vestigal member of a Native American population, not an ape. This is the essence of the assertion that the film shows a human being.

3. He presents data that supports the view that the creature is holding a stick, which could be for digging (hence the whole digger-indian thing.)

4. Most reproductions of the PGF have been darkened in the reporduction process. The closer one gets to the original film, the lighter the creature appears and the thinner the hair appears to be. This shows better views of the body outline beneath the hair/fur. Enhancements Davis performed show the breasts and facial features more plainly and definitely. His enhancements show more ‘humanish’ facial features than the animalistic features that other researchers contend are shown in their respective analyses of available copies of the PGF.

There are other interesting points about the subject and the surroundings that Davis presented. It is an excellent talk and if you haven’t seen it, you have no accurate basis to judge it. Roger Knights was at the same talk I attended so I submit that Roger’s assesments of the infromation presented are more accurate than most.

Hopefully Marlon Davis will publish an monograph so more people can get an informed view of his data and conclusions. Davis is a very skilled technician and his conclusiona are fairly sound.

A final note:
Here in the greater Portland area there is a lot of sasquatch activity in the surrounding forests. The patterns that emerge from analysis of dozens if not hundreds of unpublished accounts does, in my view, strongly support the view that at least some of these creatures are intelligent enough to qualify as human, i.e. vestigal Indians. With this body of locally available information in mind, MK Davis’ assertions are really nothing shocking. If anything, his assertions validate something that has been argued by others for a long time: that at least some of these creatures are some form of human.

Yet, the ‘ape’ paradigm still holds sway elsewhere on the continent and indeed some of these being may indeed be ape, but they probably are not all apes and I think Davis compellingly shows that the one in the PGF is not the ape that Dahinden argued, but the rather intelligent creature that Ivan Sanderson asserts. So, we’re back to the old Danhinden vs. Sanderson debate about the true nature of these creatures. Perhaps they are both correct: The bigfoot phenomenon represents multiple taxonomic grouping, as Colemen has long argued.
Best to all,
Thom Powell
May 20th, 2008 at 3:25 pm

November 3rd Event
Thom Powell Week: To true believers, Bigfoot lives
Thom Powell Week: The Contemporary Researcher
Thom Powell Week: Peer Review
Shady Neighbors Book Cover

Thom Powell's book the Locals
Cliff Barackman talks about the Chehalis Project, investigated by Thom Powell

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

M.K.Davis: Video Proof Bigfoot was Shot in Thigh

*** UPDATE 11/27/2010 ***
M.K. Davis has emailed us and requested we correct this post. While we have not changed the following post we would like add M.K. Davis denies he has ever accused Bob Gimlin of shooting Bigfoot. Below is a quote from the email:

"On your comment that I have theorized that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shot bigfoot at Bluff Creek. This is absolutely untrue. I don't know where you got that from but I have formulated no such theory. I respectfully request that you correct this assertion that I have accused Patterson and Gimlin of this, as I have not done so. -- M.K.Davis"

We appreciate M.K.Davis taking the time to help us balance the record and we apologize for over-generalizing the sensitive subject of Bluff Creek.

Bigfoot encounters does a much better job covering this story, but below have a few image teasers. These teasers are what M.K. Davis is using to support the whole Big foot massacre theory.

In a nut shell. M.K. Davis proposed that the famous Patterson Gimlin footage was actually a small part of the film documentation of a Bigfoot Massacre. M.K. Davis theorized Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson killed Bigfoot at Bluff Creek in 1967, and John Green, Bob Titmus, and others being behind a coverup of this “massacre.”

It goes deeper too, according to the extended theory the Patterson, Gimlin, et al were hired by the forestry corporatist to kill these Bigfoot to protect their financial interest. If this was truly something the foresting industry wanted, you would have thought they had the foresight of the spotted owl.

Now that you have the teaser and the backstory go to Bigfoot encounters and read this intriguing read here.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stabilized Patterson Film at

You have to see this stabilized version of the Patterson footage at click here to see it.
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