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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Watch Bigfoot Hunter "Granpa" Larry Davis Talk About His 5 Encounters

He goes by Granpa Larry Davis and has seen Bigfoot five times
"Now I've taken 3 reports already this year of bigfoot activity. Around Here? Twelve reports in Wythe County. I'm getting 'em out of Smith County." --Granpa Larry Davis.

Local Virginia news station WDBJ7 catchhes up with "Granpa" Larry Davis a self-described bigfoot hunter and has been researching bigfooot reports for years watch the video below as he describes hi techniques, Below the video is the full transcript provided by the newsattion followed by a link to the original story,

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New River Valley reporter Orlando Salinas drove to Wythe County and met up with this real Bigfoot hunter. (grandpa larry davis, bigfoot hunter) ''You're always looking for a bigfoot story? I'm always looking for a bigfoot story!" He goes by "Grandpa'' Larry Davis and to hear him tell it, there are Bigfoot creatures all around Southwest Virginia. (grandpa larry davis, bigfoot hunter)

"Now I've taken 3 reports already this year of bigfoot activity. Around where? Twelve reports in Wythe County. I'm getting 'em out of Smith County."

People call him crazy, but "Grandpa' says lots of regular folks do believe, but are afraid. (grandpa larry davis again) "Ah, they're scared o being ridiculed and called liars." It was this iconic video shot in 1967, that hooked Davis on Bigfoot and he never let go.

Through a public address speaker mounted on his Bigfoot Hunter van, Larry mimics what he calls a bigfoot scream "You might hear call back!" That didn't happen, but a few fans did pull up. (larry stiltner, wythe county) "My wife and I pulled up here, that's the first thing she said "that's the Bigfoot hunter, then we saw the van."

Davis says he had artifacts and evidence of Bigfoot encounters. "And I actually brought 'em with me in case you'd like to look at 'em. You know I want to look at 'em. Haha. I haven't released them to the press." "You're lucky, I'll show 'em to you!'

For nearly 4 decades, Davis has been hunting Bigfoot and says he's seen the mighty Sasquatch five times. He's put the good stuff on a poster board. "And this fingerprint you can see the heal comes down here like this."

People may ridicule Davis, but it's refreshing to hear someone who truly believes in something and It's not politics, it's not religion. It's Bigfoot with big questions. (amy wickham, big walker lookout) "There are those tha do and those that don't. Of course there are some like me, like i told you earlier, I'm kind of in the middle. i haven't been convinced one way or the other."


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Navajo Nation Rangers, A Federal Resource, Welcomes and Investigates Bigfoot Claims

Retired Navajo Ranger, Lt. John Dover still Inspects the unexplained.
"There is a law enforcement agency in Arizona that actually welcomes claims of the paranormal - ghosts, witchcraft, UFOs and even Bigfoot." -- Scott Davis CBS 5 News AZ

CBS 5 Exclusive: Paranormal Task Force 
Posted: Feb 29, 2012 8:33 PM PST
Updated: Feb 29, 2012 8:56 PM PST
By Scott Davis 
With this story, keep in mind that we really do tell it like it is- even when it is hard to believe.
There is a law enforcement agency in Arizona that actually welcomes claims of the paranormal - ghosts, witchcraft, UFOs and even Bigfoot.
CBS 5 obtained hundreds of photos and dozens of cases - strange scenes and sightings in northeastern Arizona.
Most police won't take reports like this. But about 10 years ago, officials on the Navajo Reservation decided to stop the snickering, to treat these witnesses with respect and thoroughly investigate.
Only one agency - the Navajo Nation Rangers - stepped up to the plate. For the first time ever, they are sharing their documents exclusively with CBS 5 News.
Retired Lieutenant John Dover explains that Navajo Nation Rangers are a federal law enforcement resource. They manage national parks, archaeological sites, fish and wildlife services and more as officers of the law.
Dover spent 31 years in police work- the last 10 included claims of the paranormal.
"Haunted locations and things going bump in the night," he said. "Objects appearing out of the air and dropping onto the floors, objects flying across rooms, ceramic vessels exploding and then we got involved in UFO investigations."
In one of the most solid cases, a mother and daughter describe a mass of lights floating over uninhabited reservation land in January 2012. As they watched, the lights blinked out after a few seconds, followed by a sonic boom, a black domed craft and the entire town of Chinle losing power.
Their drawings are strikingly vivid - blue, orange and white colors stand out against a dark landscape.
There are also reports of Bigfoot. The hairy creature is most often associated with the Pacific Northwest. However, both the Apache and Navajo tribes say they've got Sasquatch too.
One case Dover investigated had 30 witnesses. "We came out with physical evidence," he said. "Hair samples, footprints, stride distances, logs that had been pulled out of the bog area and removed - normal people wouldn't have been able to do that."
Here in Arizona, so-called paranormal activity is abundant, but serious investigation is not. Just ask Jim Mann, state director of the research organization MUFON.
Mann told CBS 5 News, "Tribal lands are filled with Native American legends and folklore and we know those people take the UFO phenomenon very seriously."
Mann said partnering with the Rangers is a huge step forward for the field of paranormal research. "It's always been the history that unfortunately the news media has sort of rolled their eyes at us and snickered at us," he said. "We have to grow up and realize this phenomena is really happening and we have to get over the giggle factor."
Dover says 10 years of investigations have revealed a wealth of information. Witnesses are comfortable speaking with officers who promise to be thorough and protect their anonymity. "Maybe we don't believe it," he said. "Maybe we don't hold every belief that you do, but we're going to investigate it rather meticulously and professionally. We'll report it and let the chips fall where they will."
More often than not, Dover said those chips fall on the side of truth. "Their testimony would be accepted in a court of law. The confidence level is high," he said. "We've seen them ourselves on occasion. We've seen cigar-shaped craft flying low, we've seen orbs. I had one follow me for about 30 minutes one time."
Dover retired from the Rangers last year but still consults unofficially on the side. The Rangers continue to take paranormal reports. "The cases are coming from people that are just normal people who were very afraid - something unusual was happening to them," he said. "They didn't know what was going on, they didn't know if it was military, something supernatural, if it was witchcraft. They wanted answers and they wanted to know that somebody cared enough about them to find those answers for them."
You can meet Dover on March 11. That Sunday at 1 p.m. at the Harkins Shea 14 Theatre, Dover and other guests will attend a screening of the documentary The Phoenix Lights. They will take questions from the audience along with filmmaker and witness Dr. Lynne Kitei. For more information on the film and their appearance, click here.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ken Gerhard Self Proclaimed Monster Hunter Makes News

Ken Gerhard and his hat are making some news in Texas. You can watch the video from local news KVUE below. If you have never of Ken Gerhard, we lifted his bio off of the Coast to Coast AM website:

Ken Gerhard is a professional monster hunter. He investigates reports of Bigfoot, the Chupacabras, gigantic winged creatures and other mysterious beasts. Ken's idea of a good time is stalking through the woods at night with his shotgun, dressed in leather. As a cryptozoologist and paranormal researcher, he has been featured on the History Channel's series Monster Quest and also on A&E's Legend Hunters. His book, Big Bird! Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters, chronicles decades of encounters with a monstrous flying animal, reported throughout south Texas. Gerhard has traveled around the world to many mysterious places - from Loch Ness, to Stonehenge, to the Amazon jungle and Machu Pichu, to the Galapagos Islands, Australia, Thailand and Tunisia.

Posted on February 18, 2011 at 9:56 PM
Updated today at 10:26 PM

What do Chupacabras, Big Foot, the Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster all have in common? All are folkloric creatures whose existences have been the subject of much debate for centuries and even today.
One San Antonio man says where there’s smoke there’s fire.
Ken Gerhard, a cryptozoologist (a person who studies hidden animals), held a lecture Friday night in North Austin to a group of about 25 people who wanted to hear more about the unexplained.

“I think that people like to imagine that there is still a bit of mystery in our world, that maybe we aren't omnipotent at this point and that maybe we don't know or understand everything about our surroundings and there's certainly quite a psychological and sociological attachment to monsters,” said Gerhard.

The San Antonio resident wrote a book called “Monsters in Texas” and appeared on several cable shows including “Monster Quest” and “The Real Wolfman”.

“I've never had a sighting. I've experienced some things that I can't quite explain and of course I've interviewed many, many witnesses people from all walks of life who seem like very credible people who've had these extraordinary experiences that they can't explain,” added Gerhard.

The event was sponsored by Anomaly Archives.

Ken's Facbook Page

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