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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is Space Responsible for Bigfoot

NO! We dont mean outer space (not in this post anyway). We are referring to the new scientific term, Living Space - more formally known as the "ecological niche concept" by biologists - refers to the particular requirements of an organism to thrive. It includes factors like the availability of food and a favorable habitat.

In a new report that seems to challenge the driving engine for evolution. PhD student Sarda Sahney claims it was the available Living Space (or lack of competition) that created and drove biodiversity and not necessarily competition itself, as Darwin suggested.

One of his examples is the evolution of birds, when dinosaurs learned to fly, the sky was literally the limit and without any predators in the sky, there was no competition, and birds thrived.

How does Bigfoot fall into all of this? Well, in an earlier post about Ecological Niche (Living Space) Modeling of Bigfoot, we shared a scientific paper illustrating the parallels of Bigfoot and the Black Bear sharing the same habitat, diet, migration etc.

The Black Bear and Bigfoot's generalist behavior allowed it to exploit a wider variety of foods and has been given as a reason why, it alone survived climate and vegetative changes through and last ice age, while the other more specialized North American predators went extinct. The other likely competitor for the same resources, The Brown bear, did not come into North America recently, "The species entered Alaska 100,000 years ago, though they did not move south until 13,000 years ago." (Bruce McLellan and David C. Reiner (1994). A Review of bear evolution Int. Conf. Bear Res. and Manage. 9(1):85–96)

Our best candidates for Bigfoot in the fossil record are either Gigantopithecus blacki or Paranthropus aethiopicus. Either of these species existed a million years before Black Bears or any other likely competitors in North america.

If either of these two species are the early ancestors of Bigfoot, then this new study about living spaces could support how and why a Sasquatch would thrive in North America. It simply had a million years to do so.

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