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Sunday, August 8, 2010

OREGON DMV: We will no longer suspend Drivers Licenses for Reporting Bigfoot/Sasquatch.

I received a notice that my licence had UNJUSTLY BEEN SUSPENDED in 2004. Along with the notice I got a form to fill out on all cost to be paid back to me by DMV for the doctor and all filing fees. It said Oregon will no longer suspend beginning 2-6-2010 for reporting Bigfoot/Sasquatch.--Commentor on

Wha-What? Was this really an issue and we missed it? Apparently two websites did some serious research into this and came to two different conclusions. North America Bigfoot Search headed by controversial David Paulides actually got a response from the Oregon Department of Transportation (image below: click to see larger view)

Linda Perry of Bigfoot Ballyhoo has found evidence to the contrary and takes partial responsibility for ending this practice of suspending licenses of Bigfoot Witnesses.

The only problem we have with Linda Perry's coverage is how hard it is to find. We have provided the links in order for your convenience below.

Bigfoot Ballyhoos ODL Suspension Series on April 16th 2010
8:11am--Linda request reports of ODL Suspensions
9:12am--Commenter reports letter from DMV: ODL suspension in error
11:08am--Police Officers Wife Responds
On MAY 28th Guest Blogger gives his 2 cents regarding the debate

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