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Saturday, October 29, 2011

AKA Bigfoot World Map updated: La bête noire (the Cajun Sasquatch)

Sure we already have the Honey Island Swamp Monster, but the La bête noire seems to have deeper cajun roots.

In a recent Sun Herald article it recounts tales heard by the staff of John C. Stennis Space Center which happens to be placed between Honey Island Swamp and Devils Swamp. Below is the tale of the Cajun Sasquatch, known by locals as the La bête noire.

Some believe the “Cajun Sasquatch” roams the Honey Island Swamp, which is on the western side of the Stennis buffer zone near the Louisiana state line. The creature is also known in south Louisiana lore as the “Honey Island Swamp Monster” or in some cases la bête noire, which is French for “the black beast.” The creature has been described as hairy, with fur colors ranging from orangey, black, grey or brown, in various news stories and television interviews dating as far back as the early 1970s. Some descriptions say it’s about 7 feet tall and weighs 400 pounds.

“(La bête noire) is what the Cajuns call their Bigfoot,” Giardino said. “Old Cajuns swear that it jumps on their flatboats and also leaves huge footprints.”

Giardino said Stennis officials don’t get as many calls about the beast as they did years ago.

SRC: Sun Herald

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