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Monday, January 6, 2014

HopsSquatch 2014! Guy Edwards Will Present at White Owl Social Club

Guy Edwards will kick off the year with his
"Many Faces of Bigfoot" presentation (photo:
"Bigfoot is like a Rorschach test, when you talk to a bigfooter about bigfoot you learn as much about the person as you do about the phenomena." --Guy Edwards after a few beers

WHEN: Thursday Jan 16th | 6:30-9pm
WHERE: White Owl Social Club | 1305 SE 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

HopsSquatch is kicking off this year at a new location so we can help celebrate the release of Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot Barley wine at The White Owl Social Club. Here's some info from the White Owl:
The annual release of Sierra Nevada's classic Bigfoot Barleywine is upon us, and The White Owl Social Club wants to kick off its release the right way. More than simply a 2014 Bigfoot release party, the White Owl has taken the theme to the next level by inviting Bigfoot investigators to give presentations on Bigfoot studies, theories, history, and background information, all from true experts. Beer lovers will be happy to know that there will be even more special beers and vintages on tap for this very unique event on Thursday, January 16th.

Beer Lineup:

Special Guests:

Guy Edwards of the local group Bigfoot Lunch Club, which hosts a monthly “Bigfoot and beer” meeting called HopsSquatch. Guy Edwards will give us a short video presentation detailing the various forms of Bigfoot. 

Our next guest will be acclaimed Bigfoot analyst Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr., (MS, PhD-ABD, CAF, MHP). Mullis is best known as a spokesperson and founder of the Washington-based group Bigfootology, which comprises a team of scientists who analyze Bigfoot phenomena and evidence, as well as advise in and conduct field research. Mullis is also a well known frequent guest on the wildly popular talk radio show “Coast To Coast AM”, a long running and nationally syndicated (1190 AM in Portland, OR every night at 10:00pm) program for all things paranormal. Mullis is taking his personal time to drive down here from Bellevue, Washington on a weeknight to speak at this event.

There will be a break in between both speakers, allowing plenty of downtime to enjoy the brews and mingle as well as a raffle with Sierra Nevada prizes. 

WHERE: White Owl Social Club, 1305 SE 8th Ave, Portland, OR
WHEN: Thursday, January 16
TIME: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
COST: No admission fee

Bigfoot Lunch Club Info:

Check out this cool video of Bigfoot Barleywine fermenting

Monday, July 22, 2013

SquatchIt! Sasquatch Calling Device on Kickstarter

The SquatchIt! Sasquatch calling device is more than a novelty.
Soon anybody will be able to sound like a Sasquatch. For many of you who attended the last HopSquatch event you were able to hear a prototype first hand. Well now is your chance to get this out of the prototype stage and into the hands of the world.

The inventors of SquatchIt! have started a SquatchIt! Kickstarter campaign to raise some money to put the SquatchIt! into production. For only $25 dollars you get all sorts of perks plus your very own SquatchIt!


Read how and why the SquatchIt! was invented
The Genesis of SquatchIt!

One day we had this great idea… What if we could create a Sasquatch caller that would be both authentic in replicating the sound of what many people believe to be the actual screams of a real Bigfoot and at the same time, have on our hands, the ultimate loud, next-generation, battery-free noisemaker. We believe SquatchIt could very well be the next “must have” impulse item.

The possibilities from communicating with a Bigfoot to scaring friends on camping trips, to heckling politicians are endless!

So, after a lot of research and development, as well as access to some seriously secret Sasquatch research, we have developed a SquatchIt prototype and now have an amazing Sasquatch Caller device, to help people find Bigfoot and raise a ruckus!

SquatchIt makes a loud, scary noise, sure to soil the underwear of your friends and loved ones during that next excursion into the wild wooded yonder! Whether you want to capture a photo of the elusive Sasquatch, scare and startle others or you just want to make a whole lot of noise, SquatchIt is totally up to the task!

SquatchIt is perfect for the serious Bigfoot enthusiast, as well as anyone looking for something new and fun!

Approved by Guy Edwards!

Approved by Derek Randles

Full more details, photos and videos go to
or go to the SquatchIt! Kickstarter campaign and DONATE NOW!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

During Eugene Radio Interview, Bigfoot Lunch Club is Inspired by 10 Yr Old Researcher

Hunter, age 10, is a sponge for Bigfoot lore and also quite the entrepreneur
"Always believe, even if people say you are crazy! Make calls while you are in the woods, and make sure you have gloves and a camera with you." -- Hunter Davis 10 yr old Bigfoot Researcher

Last Friday I had the great honor of sharing Eugene radio waves with 10 yr old professional Sasquatch researcher Hunter Davis of Squatch Watch. Hunter was smart, eloquent and a tough act to follow. (BTW I meant porcupines not'll understand) Please listen to the embedded interview below. We would like to thank Robb Holloway, Host of KPNW's Wake Up Call, You can catch him on 104.7 KDUK, mid-day. He does lots of events as well, check out his website at

Back to Hunter. Here is the interview. 

Do us a favor, as you listen to Hunter and become impressed, let's introduce Hunter to the generosity of the Bigfoot Community by liking his facebook page on the widget below. At the beginning of this post he had 82 likes. Lets bump that number up! Click "Like" on the widget below! And buy his t-shirts and knocking sticks!

Okay now on to our interview with Hunter Davis, our new inspiration for Sasquatch research.

  1. How long have you been into Bigfoot? I have been interested in Big foot for a very long time. Maybe 5-6 years.
  2. How did you get interested in Bigfoot? I heard a story about an encounter with big foot, and it stuck in my mind, and caused me to be curious.
  3. What are some of your favorite Bigfoot websites? I paticularly like many of the Facebook sites where dialog is taking place, like your Bigfoot Lunch Club page, and my new Squatch Watch page. I also very much enjoy Cliffs's page I find it full of information and it's objective too!
  4. Who are your favorite bigfoot researchers? I really [like] Cliff and Bobo from Finding Bigfoot. Bobo is very fun, and Cliff is very good at reinacting encounters.
  5. How would you describe Bigfoot? I would describe  bigfoot as being a very tall, hairy and shy creature. They obviously have big feet and their eyes shine at night. Bigfoot is very ellusive.
  6. Do you feel like they should shoot Bigfoot? hmm, i think they should shoot him with tranquilizer dart, so that he could be captured, as proof he exists, for research for a time, and then return him to where he was captured.
  7. How do you feel about the Patterson/Gimlin film I know some people believe it was staged, but i believe it is real piece of evidence. They couldnt have faked such a elaborate staging without someone eventually . I would have loved to meet Mr. Patterson, and look forward to meeting Mr. Gimlin some day.
  8. Have you had a Bigfoot encounter, or heard a Bigfoot? No, I have not, but I want to. I like to go out and make calls and listed for responses. I think I live in a very squatchy area, and hope that soon curious about me and my calling to them.
  9. Can you give a brief explanation of each of the products you sell. I sell "Got Squatch?" T shirts and hoodies, and will have a new shirt design coming soon, I have hats in production now and I also have Squatch Sticks which are small stick that (kids) people can easily carry while hiking etc. and use to clap together to peak the interest of bigfoots where they are at, or to rattle tree branches to do the same.
  10. Any advice for other kids looking for bigfoot? Always believe even if people say you are crazy.! make calls while you are in the woods, and make sure you have gloves and a camera with you. Make sure you take an adult with you to be safe.There are many good conversations on Facebook for kids, like on my SquatchWatch page. Dont believe everything you hear or read, but be open to investingating to find the truth.
  11. 11. Is there anything you want to say about the radio interview itself? Is there anything you wanted to add? How were you approached for the interview. Robb emailed my mom to ask me to be on the radio. I was thrilled at teh opportunoity. I wanted to get the word out about my adventure and inspire other kids and adults to join me. Selling more t-shirts is great too! I like to say I am in persuit of big foot. I enjoyed listening to what you had to say durring the interview Guy. I think we made a great team!
Hunter Davis ~ 10 years old
Thank you!!!
Thank you Hunter, you are an inspiration to all of us who are in this for the mystery wonder and science of Bigfoot. I looking forward to some really great research from you in the near future. Keep it up!

Okay last chance to give Hunter's facebook page a Bigfoot Lunch Club Bump. Please, push the Like button below and support the next generation of Sasquatch Researchers!

London Bigfoot Tracks: Tobby Johnson Interview at the Scene

Toby Johnson sending a postcard from the past.
Date/Time: Saturday, ‎February ‎18, ‎2012, ‏‎7:11:50 AM  Location: London, Oregon

At this point Toby, Thom, Beth and I had only 3 hours of sleep. We had been casting almost the entire night prior. This video was shot right after daybreak. I decided to record this interview for posterity's sake. This is the location four days after the initial discovery. In the interview there are two corrections that must be made. 
  1. The original discoverer, Max Roy, was not walking his dog, he was approached by a man walking his dog who mentioned the prints to Max. The name of the man and his dog are unknown.
  2. The independent count that Cliff Barackman and I, Guy Edwards, came up with was 122. Toby Mentions over 160 in the video. The 160 may be other prints that were discovered nearby, Cliff and I only counted the ones in sequence.
You can get the details Toby is describing in our earlier post titled, "Over 120 Sequential Sasquatch Prints Found South of Eugene." Enjoy the video below

More London Bigfoot Prints as Told by Cliff Barackman and Thom Powell

60+ casts made by Cliff Barackman from the London Footprint Sequence
 with the help of Chris Minniear and Toby Johnson
"I have been in ongoing and close contact with Dr. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University about this track find.  He has agreed to assist me in writing up my report..." --Cliff Barackman

Nearly 30 cast made by Thom Powell from the London Footprint Sequence
with help from Toby Johnson, Beth Heikkinen and BigfootLunchClub editor, Guy Edwards
"Max was't looking for bigfoot, or even bigfoot evidence.  He was looking for an old car to buy.  He never found the car, but he did find some of the best bigfoot evidence ever dicovered. Talk about serendipity." --Thom Powell

Cliff has released some great photos from his research of the London Tracks. Cliff was one of the first guys on the scene. You can read our sequence of events at our post, "Over 120 Sequential Sasquatch Prints Found South of Eugene" If you want to see great photos and specifics from Cliff Barackman's perspective then you need to head over to Thom Powell, ever the author, writes one of the most gripping narratives of the events at his post titled, "The London Tracks: Where Serendipity Met Synchronicity"

Below is a slideshow compilation of most of the first photos in chronological order. The photographers are from Max Roy (first one to contact Toby about the Tracks) Toby Johnson (One of the first to discover the 120+ sequence), Cliff Barackman (The first to cast the majority of the sequence), and Thom Powell (The first person to say he got the second most casts of the sequence).

This slide show is best seen enlarged click on the enlarge icon here 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

London Trackway: Over 120 Sequential Sasquatch Prints Found

One of the first measurements taken by Toby Johnson 15-16 inch print
South of Eugene, over 120 footprint tracks were found in a clay-mixed substrate that was a perfect material to capture and record footprints. We believe the tracks were made as recently as Saturday February 11th, although the first few prints were not discovered until Sunday the 12th.

Quick run down of events.
  • (SUN Feb 12th) Max is a retired man who once worked in the auto industry and now spends his retirement restoring cars, he happened to be looking for cars in the London, Oregon when he is approached by a man walking his dog. 
  • (SUN Feb 12th) The man walking his dog mentions to Max there are three Bigfoot prints near the tree line. Max checks it out and is surprised to see the three good tracks
  • (MON Feb 13th)  Max can't sleep, has to go back to  site to take pictures.
  • (TUE Feb 14th)  Max remembers Toby Johnson's Sasquatch-mobile, it had been decorated with large Bigfoot stickers resembling footprints. He had also recalled reading an newspaper article of the first Oregon Sasquatch Symposium Toby had held in 2010 at Lane Community College in Eugene. The Sasquatch-mobile is now owned by Toby's ex-wife, sans stickers, but Max, the car afficianado that he is, recognizes the vehicle non-the-less. So when Max went share the Bigfoot prints he contacted Toby's ex-wife first. Max gives his contact info to Toby's Ex
  • (TUE Feb 14th)  Toby calls Max and max sends the pics of the three prints via phone.
  • (WED Feb 14th 8:00pm ~ THURS  Feb 15th 7:00am) Toby goes to the site with his friend, an avid hunter and a local. Since Toby's friend wishes to remain anonymous, we will call him Tracker. Both Toby and Tracker see the original three and few others that were not photographed, these other tracks were in heavy vegetation.
  • (THURS  Feb 15th afternoon) Toby goes home and Tracker ges home. Toby tries to return to site later in afternoon, due to obligations he can not stay long, as he leaves Tracker returns. Tracker is with his daughter's boyfriend, and continues to follow the tracks on his own time. Tracker follows the tracks out of the vegetation into a clay-like substrate and realizes there are at least a hundred prints. He calls Toby.
  • (THURS  Feb 15th 3pm-ish) Toby calls Cliff Barackman, co-host of Finding Bigfoot and a self-described "track/cast-nerd". Cliff drives 2 hours to investigate the scene. Cliff also contacts Chris Minniear who picked up most of the casting material, did about half of the 65 cast made. Chris also documented the evenings events on video.
  • (FRI Feb 16th 6pm) I am able to get a ride with Thom Powell, we meet Beth Heikkinen and Toby Johsnson and see the tracks ourselves. 
  • (SAT Feb 17th 6am) Our original count was around 118 sequential prints. Cliff Barackman was able to count 122, we will confirm if his count are the sequential set or total prints in the area.We made two set of measurements recording step length stride length.
Step length is the distance between the point of initial contact of one foot and the point of initial contact of the opposite foot. In normal gait, right and left step lengths are similar.
Stride length is the distance between successive points of initial contact of the same foot. Right and left stride lengths are normally equal.
Below is a rough illustrated diagram of the the general path and the measurements we took. Knowing how difficult it is to get exact measurements, I added a third column titled Calculated Stride Length to compare against the Measured Stride Lengths. The numbers in the calculated column are based on the recorded step length. the numbers I am interested in are the average and means. 
The mean is the usual average,
so in Series A: Step Length average is 47.29:
(45 + 48 + 46 + 45 + 46 + 54+ 47) ÷7 = 47.29
The median is the middle value, so I'll have to rewrite the list in order
so in Series A: Step Length median is 46:
45, 45, 46, 46, 47, 48, 54
As you can see in the two sets, Series A and Series B, there average numbers and the means for the step and stride are relatively close.

Click to Enlarge
Below is a chronological slideshow of London Footprints (possible sequence of 120+ Sasquatch tracks). Photo compilation from Max Roy & Toby Johnson (initial discoverers), and Cliff Barackman & Thom Powell (first seasoned researchers on the scene) and yours truly, Guy Edwards (Bigfoot fanboy).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thom Powell's New Book: Shady Neighbors Cover Art and Excerpt

Click on the picture to see full size

We are so proud and excited to present to you the cover art for author, Thom Powell's new book, "Shady Neighbors."

We even have an excerpt that takes place about halfway through the book. We chose this excerpt because it pairs well with the cover art, with a reference to the muddy baseball. Plus, its a great teaser for what is in store from the mind of  author, Thom Powell. Many themes from his blog and unique perspective are woven into this great narrative.

Without further ado, here is the excerpt from  author, Thom Powell's Shady Neighbors:

Sam looked at his watch. It was 4:30 a.m. He thought about calling Nick right then and there. He thought he should wait. Sam didn't even want to go back to bed and try to sleep. He didn't think he could. He got his robe from the hook on the wall in the bathroom and put it on.

"Are you thinking what I’m thinking," Sam asked.

"I think so," Nick replied. "We need to fix that grave right away. Like, today. I'm not going to sleep until we put it back like we found it."

"How soon can you get over here? I can be ready to go in an hour."

By 8:30 the two men were motoring up the road toward Squaw Meadow, bouncing on the bench seat of Nick's pick up; staring silently at the road ahead.

Nick broke the long silence. "I hate to ask what happened to you last night?"

"Nothing major," Sam replied with his usual sarcasm. "They basically made it clear that they would smash my house and my kids if I didn't put the grave back, post haste."

"They?" Nick asked.

"Three of 'em. They were waiting for me on the lawn when I ran out of the house. One of them kept saying, 'Put my grave back.' It was the scariest, most vivid dream I think I've ever had. To top it off, after my wife woke me up, 'I got up the courage to go outside. There on the front porch was this mud covered baseball. It seemed like a calling card. The dog could have left it there, I suppose, but after that nightmare, I'm not taking any chances. I don't ever want to have another night like that. How about you?"

"I kept waking up to the sound of rocks hitting my roof. Then sticks were hitting the side of the house. Every time I would go to sleep I would see this angry face saying, 'Fix my grave, fix my grave.' Then, I'd wake up and hear rocks on the roof. I'd fall asleep and hear the voice and see the angry face again. Then I'd wake up. More rocks. This went on all night. I didn't sleep more than a half hour all night. By four a.m. I knew I wasn't going to get a wink of sleep until we got up there and fixed the grave."

"Think they might be waiting for us when we get up there?" Sam wondered.

"I hadn't even thought of that," Nick confessed. He thought for a moment. "I suppose that after the night I spent, I'm willing to take that chance. I don't think I'm going to get any sleep until we fix that grave. I don't think my roof can take another night of that," Nick said a faint smile. Then he added, "I suppose if they're ready to kill us when we get there, then we won't be able to fix the grave."

With a smile, Sam said, "I suppose." Then he added, "Maybe they'll just wait until we fix it before they finish us off."

Nick managed to crack a slight smile. Then Sam asked pointedly, "By the way, do ya still think they're just some damn apes?"

We will keep you up to date when and where this book will be available for purchase. Sure we are partial, but we promise you you will turn page after page until you have read all 366 of them. It is informative, educational and over all entertaining; complete with an extremely satisfying ending.

Cryptomundo Reviews Thom's First Book, The Locals
Cliff Barackman Talks about Thom's New Book
Thom writes about his new book at

Thom Powell Week: Seven Tentative Conclusions
Thom Powell Week: The Contemporary Researcher
Thom Powell Week: Oregonian Guest Columnist

Friday, August 27, 2010

Vote for Bigfoot Breakin' Tee

hey everybody, our artist, Guy Edwards, saw our woot tshirt post and decided to submit a design of his own.

If you like go to create a woot account (if you dont have one) and vote for his design.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bigfoot: Bone Flesh and Fur

Click image to see larger view

Are people still talking about Enoch? We had tons opinions and many emails and comments requesting us to weigh in, but then we thought better of it.

We do, however, think there is still value in using research to discover Bigfoot. For one, we don't all have the benefit of knowing a guy named Mike from Florida. Two, we are as much in love of the pursuit as we are with the eventual proof.

That's right, we love the pursuit, the guessing, the pondering and the wondering. So we decided to do something about fostering what WE love about Bigfooting; the sharing of ideas.

So here we are, with some neat concept art of Gigantopithecus blacki. The Gigantopithecus blacki skull, introduced to us bigfooters by Dr. Grover Krantz. It is a reconstruction based on a large Chinese male fossil jaw, assuming bipedal posture and ape-sized brain.

We always wanted to see a muscle reconstruction and then a flesh one on top, this way we could see the relationship of each layer. Things we noticed are lack of forehead muscles, theres no room for them. We were also were very surprised how it really was really "in-between" human and ape. Most art we see is either to far in one direction, this concept, we thought, struck the balance between the two.

Share your thoughts, tell us what you think we got right (or wrong) and share what you would like to see next.

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