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Friday, June 3, 2011

Bigfoot Lunch Club Hugged By Hug-a-Blogger

Fans you know we crush easily, give us a smart level headed guy like Cliff Barackman, an out-of-the-box iconoclastic like Thom Powell or a beautiful Ghost Hunting Theorist like Sharon Day and we fall head over heels. (read our previous post about Ghost Hunting Theories)

Sharon Day has multiple blogs and how she is capable of being so prolific is beyond us (we can only hope she has been cloned). We first met her on her Ghost Hunting Theories Blog and it was love at first site.

Today she gave us a hug at her hug-a-blogger blog. She said several nice things about us as you can read below.

Bigfoot Lunch Club is a great blog run by a salt-of-the-earth BF enthusiast...

...The host is wonderfully charming and the site is organized and engaging. Bless his heart, he's onto something. That's probably why I never miss a post.

She also has a great post at Ghost Hunting Theories about the new Cliff Barackman site and his Finding Bigfoot adventures.

Bigfoot Lunch Club Review on Hug-a-Blogger
Sharon's flirty Post About Cliff Barackman

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ghost Hunting Theories: Patterson-Gimlin Revisited

The now-famous Patterson/Gimlin Film (PGF) is etched into the psyche of american pop-culture. It probably universally recognizable. In Bigfooting circles it is somewhat a sacred cow. Opinions we have heard in private would never be shared publicly; from those who support or dispute the film.

Fortunately, for us, we are not in the business of proving Bigfoot, or proving the value or authenticity of Bigfoot evidence. Not often anyway. Mostly we want to learn as much as we can by sharing all things Sasquatch and hopefully like cosmologist do with the universe, we can build a better "model" of Bigfoot until we discover the big guy.

So we need to hear from all voices, yesterday we posted opinions from a palaeozoologist, today I am proud to say we are sharing the opinions of a Ghost Hunter and pshycic. If you have never visited Ghost Hunting Theories you are missing out. Even how she tackles PGF, is a delight:

This film is definitely polarizing.

One thing I talk about extensively in my upcoming book “Was That a Ghost?” is taking the context into account when looking at your encounter; taking into consideration your belief system and your explanatory style when evaluating an encounter. I am going to try to do the same here with the film.

Belief: I do believe in Bigfoot, not sure if I believe in the film (partially objective)

Context: I will review the context in which the film was taken (below).

Explanatory style: In comparing the pros and cons, I will try not to interject any belief system and keep myself objective (below).

The truth is, we must judge on just this case and not anything else. You might believe in ghosts, but each hunting case has to be handled very objectively. You know you believe in ghosts, but that does not have to mean that everything that happens is ghostly. Same here. I believe in BF and that will remain whether or not this film proves to me to be authentic.

This film, in other words, will not be the only thing that makes or breaks my belief.

I thought I should step away from a strange gut feeling that it's authentic when my head says it can't be. I figured I'd break down what bugs me about the film and what intrigues me about it and play “good guy/bad guy” with it. Read the rest of Patterson-Gimlin Revisited. It is thorough and refreshing.

Patterson-Gimlin Revisited
Bigfoot: My Furry-Butted Relative

2010 Countdown, 10 days of Appreciation: Day 06 Whales and Ghosts

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Countdown, 10 days of Appreciation: Day 06 Whales and Ghosts

We want to spend the final days of 2010 appreciating those who have supported us this year. Three years ago, we could have never hoped for this much success. Our only goal was to search, dig and find the most topical Bigfoot news, and share it with anybody that listen. If we were lucky, we would make a modest contribution to the Bigfoot Community and find an audience. We have been more than lucky, thank you.

We will save the last day for our fans, without your tips comments and suggestions we wouldn't have the mass appeal we have. For now, we would like to recognize our sister blogs; Whales in Space and Ghost Hunting Theories.

You know as well as us there are Bigfooters who think he's extra terrestrial (think UFO's) and there are those who think he's paranormal (think ghosts). It is no surprise that those who cover UFO's and Ghosts may also be interested in Bigfoot. We have our hands full with Bigfoot, but we have had great support from two blogs that cover Bigfoot and beyond.

Whales in Space has been our friend for over a year and has been a constant supporter. You can visit Whales in Space for the best UFO updates and Bigfoot news. This year has brought a great string of orange orb news. They also have the best UFO/Sasquatch hotline. 571-24-WEIRD (571.249.3473)

Ghost Hunting Theories is a new friend this year and they don't just have ghost hunting theories, they also have a few good Bigfoot theories as well. It is ran by Autumnforest, a ghost hunter who grew up in a Civil War field hospital where many unexplainable occurrences changed the course of her life.

Thank you both for your support this year and providing us with other things to think about.

Whales In Space Bigfoot Coverage
Jesus Confirms Bigfoot’s Hybrid Origin
UFO's Russians, and Bigfoot Bones
WIS entire Bigfoot Collection

Ghost Hunting Theories Bigfoot Coverage
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Drunken Bigfoot

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