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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finding Bigfoot to use Dogs to Find Bigfoot in East Texas.

Universal K9 training Caesar the dog to find a  Sasquatch
“If Bigfoot really exists, I can guarantee you our dogs will find him,” --Brad Croft, Universal K9

Faith Harper, a Tyler Morning Telegraph reporter, writes about the Finding Bigfoot crew using dogs in East Texas to search for Bigfoot. Providing the dogs is Universal K-9, a national trainer and supplier of drug, protection and weapons dogs. We were able to find videos of two dogs they are training for the task. Looks like these dogs have been training at least since mid-December.

Orbee the gorilla scat sniffing dog
Fans, you'll remember we suggested a safe way to use dogs to find Bigfoot when we introduced you to Orbee, the Gorilla scat-sniffing dog. Orbee is trained to sniff scat and find endangered species in a non-evasive way. They already used Orbee, a border collie, to track down the world's rarest Gorilla! Orbee's resume does not stop there, she has also found wolverines, grizzly bears and endangered kit foxes.  wont be as cute that's for sure! Will Universal K-9 be able to provide a dog as effective as Orbee? Probably not as cute, that's for sure.

Read the Tyler Paper article below followed by the Sasquatch training videos uploaded by K9 Universal.

Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" seeks Bigfoot in East Texas woods

Bigfoot could be alive and well in East Texas and some enthusiasts are going to try to find him.

A crew from Animal Planet’s hit show, “Finding Bigfoot,” is slated to be in the Tyler area this weekend searching for the creature.

The show’s team and producers will join a group from Universal K-9, a national trainer and supplier of drug, protection and weapons dogs, to search for the creature. 

“If Bigfoot really exists, I can guarantee you our dogs will find him,” Brad Croft of Universal K-9 said, according to a news release. 

One of the places they could be searching is the Mineola Nature Preserve. The preserve is on the Sabine River and has 2,911 acres of city-owned land.

More than a dozen man-made ponds are speckled on the property as well as walking trails and pavilions. 

Mineola Mayor Bo Whitus said hunting is not allowed on the property, with the exception of periodic youth deer hunts. This was attractive to the “Finding Bigfoot” crews, he said.

Whitus said the locals tell stories of bear and cougar sightings in the preserve, but they never have been validated. 

He had never heard the subject of Bigfoot come up until seven or eight months ago when a maintenance worker spotted a strange vehicle far into nature.

The maintenance worker “was at the river and coming back up close to a slough,” Whitus said. “There was an old car sitting there, and it concerned our guy, so he called the police department. They ran the tag, and it was from the Dallas area.”

As officers got close, they noticed fruit on top of the car and found a young man lying in the grass near the area.

“We don’t know how he got his car that far down into the preserve, but he did …” Whitus said. “He heard a radio announcer say there was a sighting in East Texas, and the guy took out a map and mathematically deduced this was the place for him to be.”

The man was not ticketed but was given a talking to and sent on his way, Whitus said.

Since the sighting, a newly constructed bridge near what is called the people’s pavilion was named for the alleged visitor.

“It was a coincidence that we had just finished one of the bridges, (so) one of them is called Bigfoot Bridge,” Whitus said. “We were trying to reinforce the story to try to create a little interest in what is going on in East Texas.” 

The name must have worked because Whitus said the city received a letter from “Finding Bigfoot” before Christmas on its interests of filming a show on the property.

Staff writer Emily Guevara contributed to this report.
SRC: Tyler Morning Telegraph 

Universal K-9's Tira Learning to Find a Squatch!

Universal K-9's Ceasar [sic] Learning to Find A Squatch!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman is Interviewed by CBS Atlanta

CBS Affiliate in Atlanta interviews Cliff Barackman
Cliff Barackman does it again. With each new interview he continues to be the representative of a pragmatic approach to bigfooting. He must on a mini media tour via satellite. Earlier today, Cliff was interviewed by an Indiana news station.

Below is the companion story, info on the upcoming Bigfoot conference to be held in Dahlonega, and the video interview with Cliff Barackman.

Stories have been passed down for generations about the hairy ape-like creature known as Bigfoot.


  • Bigfoot conference to be held in Dahlonega

    The city of Dahlonega is holding the Southeast's first-ever Bigfoot conference.
    Believers or skeptics can attend the event on Jan. 12 and 13 at the R Ranch.
  • Blogs about Bigfoot sightings and photos of footprints have spread across the internet like wildfire.
    The mystery of the larger-than-life creature is so popular that Animal Planet is kicking off another new season of Finding Bigfoot.
    The series investigates evidence that may prove the existence of the elusive creature.
    This season, investigations take the team farther across the globe and further into Sasquatch history than they've ever traveled.
    CBS Atlanta's Jennifer Banks spoke to Bigfoot researcher Cliff Barackman who is a star on the show.
    Barackman said he has always been fascinated with the subject of Bigfoot.
    The researcher said he believes that Bigfoot is an actual species.
    If you think Barackman is crazy, he doesn't care.
    He said the evidence speaks for itself and data suggests Bigfoot is a North American primate.
    If you want to search for a Bigfoot for yourself, Barackman suggests you head to a natural preserve or state park.
    You will need to research if there have been sightings around your area.
    "Look for food, water and cover," said Barackman.
    You also want to look for a concentration of animals because, wherever that happens, there is more likelihood that a Bigfoot might wander through that area once in a while.
    If you want to learn more about Bigfoot, on Jan. 12 and 13 the city of Dahlonega is holding the Southeast's first Bigfoot conference.
    The Midnight Walkers Southeastern Bigfoot Conference will feature an interdisciplinary panel of speakers who will address Bigfoot language, field research and other topics.

    CBS Atlanta 46

    Thursday, January 10, 2013

    Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Interviewed by Indiana News Station

    Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Interviewed by Indiana's WISHTV news 

    In a five minute live interview Cliff Barackman answers questions to Indiana's WISHTV. He seems to be in  location in Texas. You can watch the video after the companion article below.

    Finding Bigfoot
    Updated: Thursday, 10 Jan 2013, 2:49 PM EST
    Published : Thursday, 10 Jan 2013, 2:49 PM EST

    It was in college that Cliff's curiosity in Bigfoot moved from a quirky interest to an obsession. Having a sizable break between classes, Cliff started spending time in the college library reading books on his various interests. After researching Bigfoot, he realized that not only was Bigfoot interesting, but it might actually be a real, biological creature.

    The Team of Bigfoot Researchers expands its search in North America and beyond to investigate the sasquatch phenomenon known as "yowies" in Australia and the "orang-pendek" of Indonesia.

    Legends of bigfoot-type primates persist in cultures all over the globe. So the bigfoot team attempts to campture proof of these elusive Australian and Indonesian creatures by immersing itself in local yowie and orang-pendek culture and lore and using that information in their investigations. With the knowledge of the locals and their own experiences researching sasquatches, the team is hot on the trail to locate these distant cousins of the North American bigfoot in the remote terrain and jungles of these far-off lands.

    Thursday, November 29, 2012

    CNN reports Bigfoot DNA Using Footage Mostly from TV Show Finding Bigfoot

    CNN Carol Costello reports the Bigfoot DNA study that says Bigfoot is part human
    using  mostly footage from Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot
    Now you know it is really news. CNN had picked up the Bigfoot DNA study that claims Bigfoot is part human.

    The choice of mashing up the Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA study and the TV show Finding Bigfoot is ironic (perhaps even amusing) to most Bigfooters. Matt Moneymaker, co-host on Finding Bigfoot,  has been very vocal, most recently on twitter, about his lack of confidence in Melba Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA study that claims Bigfoot is part human.

    Below are some choice tweets from BFRO founder and Finding Bigfoot's co-host, Matt Moneymaker.

      I think the DNA study in Texas will be exposed as a hyped up publicity stunt and scam. I've been monitoring it for a while.

    Bald-faced mendacity of Melba Ketchum. She told Lee Speigal the DNA samples "came to me. I didn't go after them, that's for sure." Bullsh*t.

    More than 5 years ago she pitched her BF DNA testing to the producer of Monsterquest, and later pitched herself to the producers of MY SHOW!

     Yo Greggy, Melba's study won't be taken seriously by any real scientists. It's all fake. Her "team of scientists" doesn't exist

    Yes, she received a few legit samples but her "DNA analysis" and documentation was a sham and a scam. She made ridiculous excuses for years.

     When hoaxers and charlatans succeed it getting news media attention, they can use the attn to swindle people who want to help.

     All three of those guys [Paulides/Randles/Carpenter] are dealing w/ Melba because she is telling them exactly what they want to hear about their own samples.

    The only silver lining to Melba Ketchum's scam: It helped encourage Dr. Sykes at Oxford (England) to seek BF DNA samples. He is very legit.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012

    Happy Birthday to Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Pt.1

    Happy Birthday Cliff!!!
    In celebration of Cliff Barackman's Birthday, we are showcasing the behind-the-scenes videos he created with Craig Flipy for most of  Season One of Finding Bigfoot. Watch each video after the episode summary.

    "Bigfoot Crossing in Georgia [1]" May 29, 2011
    The team, in their first episode, are in northern Georgia investigating cases with Bigfoot. One thing they investigate is what a police officer believes to be a Bigfoot running across a road. Also, Cliff and Ranae find two possible footprints, and the Georgia chapter of the BFRO is called on to help a search.

    "Swamp Ape [2]" June 5, 2011
    The team visits Northern Florida investigating some mysterious cases with the Florida subspecies of Bigfoot, the Swamp Ape or Skunk Ape. They investigate a case about a couple that believes there is a Bigfoot living on their property and is bothering them. Also, the team talks with the Seminole people, asking about some experiences some members of the tribe have had with Bigfoot, and Matt and Bobo see a strange figure in the distance on a search.

    "Caught on Tape [3]" June 12, 2011
    The team travels to North Carolina, specifically the Uwharrie National Forest to investigate supposed Bigfoot sightings. Also, Matt's leadership skills are called into question, and the largest search for Bigfoot ever is organized.

    "Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon [4]" June 19, 2011
    The team travels to Oregon the investigate multiple cases with sightings of Bigfoot. A group of rafters accidentally capture a video supposedly having a Bigfoot in it. Also, the team makes its first visit to Bigfoot and Beer, and then use a rabbit to try and lure out a sasquatch.

    "Frozen Bigfoot [5]" June 26, 2011
    The team heads to southern Washington to investigate cases involving Bigfoot encounters. One man caught a picture with an animal that may be a Bigfoot that is on a snowcapped mountain. Also, Matt and Bobo claim to hear what sounded like human voices during a night investigation, and Cliff and Ranae ride in a small raft to see if they can see a Bigfoot.

    "Alaska's Bigfoot Island [6]" July 10, 2011
    The team heads to southeast Alaska because the mayor of the town of Hydaburg asks them to investigate compelling footprint photos . Also, Ranae and Bobo find a possible footprint, and talk with a woman who claims to have had a log thrown thrown at her taxi and spotted a Sasquatch in a tree the next day.

    "Behind the Search [7]" July 17, 2011
    The team returns to a gathering in Oregon at Ike's Pizza, called "Bigfoot and Beer" to talk personally to fans. The team talks about their excursions to find Bigfoot and reflect on them, answer questions from their fans, and play footage that was not aired on previous episodes.

    If you enjoyed these Finding Bigfoot Season 1 debriefs check out, "Happy Birthday to Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Pt.2" for Finding Bigfoot Season 2 debriefs!

    Happy Birthday to Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Pt.2

    Happy Birthday Cliff!!!
    In celebration of Cliff Barackman's Birthday, we are showcasing the behind-the-scenes videos he created with Craig Flipy for most of  Season Two of Finding Bigfoot. Watch each video after the episode summary. If you landed directly on this page, make sure you watch season one first at "Happy Birthday to Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Pt.1"

    "Baby Bigfoot [S2 09]" January 1, 2012
    The team travels to New York state to investigate the New York Baby Footage. Ranae also spends some time alone near the site of the film, and dozens of witnesses come forward.

    "Big Rhodey [S2 10]" January 8, 2012
    The team travels to Rhode Island to examine video of a roadside sighting of a bigfoot.

    "Canadian Bigfoot, Eh? [S2 11]" January 15, 2012
    The team travels to Canadian Rockies to investigate a unique bigfoot encounter caught on tape.

    "Peeping Bigfoot [S2 12]" January 22, 2012
    The team travels to Minnesota to investigate howls recorded at a bigfoot hot spot and a sighting of what may be the tallest Bigfoot ever seen (11 feet tall).

    "Buckeye Bigfoot [S2 13]" January 29, 2012
    The team heads to Ohio to investigate an encounter with a bigfoot that is caught on tape. Along with a team of volunteers, they search the surrounding forests for evidence of a bigfoot.

    "Virginia is for Bigfoot Lovers [S2 14]" February 12, 2012
    The team travels to Virginia to investigate video of what the locals are calling "the Beast of Gumhill."

    Monday, November 26, 2012

    Cliff Barackman Expands on Hair Sample from Finding Bigfoot Oklahoma Episode

    Possible Sasquatch Hair Sample from Finding Bigfoot
    Cliff barackman continues his excellent re-caps of the Finding Bigfoot Episode. In his current Finding Bigfoot Cliff Notes, Cliff Barackman covers his meeting of Roger Roberts who had investigated Bigfoot sightings next to a nearby Indian reservation. Below is a short excerpt from his notes on the possible Bigfoot hair sample.

    Of most interest to us was the hair sample. The hair sample had been found by a tribal game officer on an animal trail leading from a location where a bigfoot had been recently seen. It was found on some broken branches more than eight feet above the ground, which would seem to rule out that it was buffalo (which are kept nearby), bear, deer, or human hair. Roger had in his possession enough hairs to spare some for us to have tested for DNA material. In hair, all of the viable DNA is found in the medulla, or hollow center shaft of the hair. This is a bit problematic because bigfoot hair tends to have fragmentary medullas, if any is present at all. However, a DNA lab in Oklahoma City called DNA Solutions offered to test the sample to see if any material could be extracted for testing. If nothing else, they could examine the hair and tell us what animals the could eliminate as a possible source for the hairs.  Also of value is that they could get the results back to us in about a week.

    Dr. Brandt Cassidy of DNA Solutions was unable to extract any DNA material from the hairs. He said that the samples were just too old and had not been stored in the the optimal way to prevent the gradual breaking down of the DNA material. However, he was clear about a few things. While superficially similar to a person’s hair, the hair did not appear to be human in origin. First off the hair shafts had tapered ends which would indicate that the hairs had never been subjected to a hair cut. Another difference that was found was that the medulla width was different than what is commonly found among humans. I was supplied with photographs of his microscopic analysis, and I was interested in the fact that the hairs showed to have a reddish tinge when lit from behind, even though the hair appeared to be black when viewed against other backgrounds. This reddish tinge is another distinct characteristic of bigfoot hair.

    How the hair was delivered
    Here is a clip from Finding Bigfoot's Bigfoot CSI episode

    You can read Cliff Barackman's entire Oklahoma Episode recap at his website

    Thursday, November 22, 2012

    Animal Planet Staff Weighs In on Bigfoot's Existence

    Hilary Tholen, Associate Producer for Finding Bigfoot
    A creative director, producer, associate producer, executive producers, and a publicist from Animal Planet all weigh in on whether or not they think Bigfoot exist. Watch as the crew behind the scenes of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot weigh in in this video provided by Yahoo! news.

    SRC: Yahoo! News

    Tuesday, November 13, 2012

    Finding Bigfoot to film in River Bend Illinois in Late November

    Finding Bigfoot is filming in Illinois this November (2012). More specifically Madison County in the River Bend area. 
    "Producers and organizers will hold an invitation-only [Bigfoot] town hall meeting during the last week of this month." -- The Telegraph, November 13th 2012

    The River Bend is a small region in western central Illinois and Southern Illinois that includes three counties: Madison, Calhoun, and Jersey. Madison County, with 15 encounters according to, tops the list as the county with the most sightings. Calhoun and Jersey? Only 3 between the both of them.  

    It is reasonable that Madison is a hot spot for Bigfoot. If you look at a map the River Bend is where the Illinois and Missouri river feed into the Mississippi River making for the greenest part of Illinois.

    The Telegraph, a local Illinois paper, has published a staff report requesting Bigfoot experiences on behalf of the cast of the TV show, Finding Bigfoot:

    Posted: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 8:00 am | Updated: 12:38 am, Tue Nov 13, 2012.
    Telegraph staff report

    ALTON — The cast of “Finding Bigfoot” is asking River Benders if ever they have had a Bigfoot experience.

    If anyone has one, “Finding Bigfoot” producers ask that they send their stories to Producers and organizers will hold an invitation-only town hall meeting during the last week of this month. Bigfoot experiences sent to the email address should include the date that it occurred and the location.

    This will be the first time “Finding Bigfoot” has appeared in person in Alton. They will be filming the town hall meeting. Anyone interested should email the above address.

    So if you are in the area and you got a Bigfoot encounter to share contact the Finding Bigfoot crew at

    Monday, November 12, 2012

    Finding Bigfoot's Pocatello Idaho Expedition Takes Cliff Barackman by Surprise

    Promotional photograph for season three of Finding Bigfoot
    (Clockwise starting left: James "Bobo" Fay, Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, Ranae Holland)
    "The Idaho expedition was one of the first times I really was taken by surprise as to where bigfoots hang out." --Cliff Barackman

    Last night's episode of Finding Bigfoot took place around Pocatello, Idaho. We covered this student-filmed footage in our post Dr. Jeff Meldrum Discusses Pocatello Idaho Bigfoot Video. Click the following link to read our entire coverage of Finding Bigfoot.

    Cliff Barackman, co-host of Finding Bigfoot, does the best job filling in the blanks and supplementing the TV show with behind-the-scenes information. At his site ( he has posted field notes from the Pocatello, Idaho episode of Finding Bigfoot

    When you read his field notes, you quickly realize why Cliff Barackman is one of the most respected Bigfoot researcher's. He is not afraid to share his initial thoughts and how they evolve as he has access to more information. In a community that can be filled with vitriol and hyperbole, Cliff Barackman is breath of fresh air. Well, we should really let him speak for himself. Below is a short excerpt from his most recent field notes taken from the Idaho expedition of Finding Bigfoot.

    I came into this investigation thinking that this could very well be a case of hoaxing by teenagers, especially with the concerns I had with the footprint photograph. However, after speaking with the witnesses, I am pretty convinced that they are not lying about what happened that day. They proved themselves to be people of religious morality and intelligence with future aspirations that mirror this. In fact, their wish to remain anonymous is partly due to their concern about sports scholarships and pending acceptance to universities. At worst, this might be a case of a misidentification, but I think it’s very likely that they filmed a bigfoot.

    The town hall meeting was pretty interesting. Dr. Meldrum attended with a couple of his sons. There was a botonist that saw a large sasquatch many miles back in a wilderness area. Another man had photographed footprints just the weekend before in an area of frequent bigfoot activity, which is where Ranae went for her solo camping excursion. Many Native Americans from the local Fort Hall Reservation came out to hear stories of bigfoots from the area, but almost none of them shared encounters… until after the meeting ended. We were then overwhelmed with both the number and quality of sightings from the local Indians. As is often the case, they just didn’t want to share their encounters on camera out of respect for the sasquatches.

    The Idaho expedition was one of the first times I really was taken by surprise as to where bigfoots hang out. While the mountains surrounding Pocatello, ID are typical bigfoot habitat, the flat lands look like about the last place a bigfoot would want to hang out. Yet, there are very credible sightings from these flat, largely-treeless areas. These sightings usually happen in farm lands that are not far from waterways. Some of the reporting witnesses are law enforcement officers who have seen the sasquatches both with their eyes and with thermal imagers. Once again, bigfoots do some very unexpected things in some very unexpected locations. They are full of surprises, to say the very least.

    SRC: Cliff Barackman's Idaho Field Notes

    As in seasons past, these Field Notes (he should call them Cliff Notes) will be a crucial supplement to every episode of the TV show Finding Bigfoot. We are big fans of the show and understand the obligatory necessity to entertain, but we are also bigfooters through and through, and we are thankful a respected researcher from the community adds context to each episode.

    Don't forget to visit our Pocatello, Idaho Bigfoot Video coverage from June.
    And click the following link to read Cliff Barackman's Idaho Field Notes

    Thursday, November 1, 2012

    Keep Your BigFeet Warm with Official Finding Bigfoot Socks

    Now available at the Discovery Store, Finding Bigfoot socks
    The socks above are the official sock of the TV show Finding Bigfoot. They actually seem like great socks, not just something Discovery slapped a logo on. Seriously, some of you know I used to work for Pendleton Woolen Mills, I know a good wool product when I see it, or at least when it is described to me. Merino wool is made from sheep that have been bred over several generations that grow wool follicles only 16 microns thick creating the softest wool imaginable. When manufactured with a synthetic blend, it gives it an elasticity that comfortably hugs your foot. Those are my words, read their words below:
    Made from TurboWOOL-- a superior blend of 50% Merino WOOL and 50% polypropylene. This blend is 5 times the strength and durability of Merino wool alone. Shrink-resistant and itch-free our Wool socks will keep your feet drier and provide excellent insulation in all weather conditions. Our Wool socks also feature our "Easy-Fit" cuff and "Stretch-to-Fit" sizing system for maximum fit and performance. Our WOOL socks out-wick and evaporate moisture better than any other wool sock on the market today.
    The Holidays are coming, this could be the perfect stocking stuffer--get it? Stocking? As of this post, this sock is out of stock at the Discovery Store ($14.95 + $6.95 S&H). You can but it cheaper at ($11.30 +$4.07 S&H)).

    Matt Moneymaker in Ten Ways to Meet a Monster: Bigfoot

    Matt Moneymaker sporting a crew cut on the TV show "10 Ways" circa 2008
    In 2008 Discovery UK had a show called, "Ten Ways". It included episodes that started with the phrase "Ten Ways," as in Ten Ways Get Abducted by Aliens, Ten Ways to Contact a Ghost, Ten Ways The World Will End, or in the case of the video we are showcasing, Ten Ways to Meet a Monster

    Discovery UK uploaded this clip last night (10/31/2012) which starts with Matt Moneymaker, of recent Finding Bigfoot fame, talking about Bigfoot around a campfire.

    Yes this is Matt Moneymaker sporting a crew cut and camouflage.

    Read the complete "Ten Ways" Episode Guide
    Watch clips from other Ten Ways Episodes

    Monday, October 22, 2012

    Lauren Zima Reviews Baby Bigfoot Episode of Finding Bigfoot

    Lauren Zima is the host of AOL's TV replay
    Hosted by Lauren Zima, TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser.

    Posted today, Oct 22, 2012, AOL/Huffington Post decided to review the New York Baby Bigfoot Episode of Finding Bigfoot. After showing clips from the episode, Lauren Zima shares critical tweets of the show regarding it's possible longevity to 5 seasons. Watch the video below after the article.

    'Finding Bigfoot': Did The Team Find Evidence Of Baby Bigfoot? (VIDEO)

    The "Finding Bigfoot" team headed to upstate New York to look into the famous footage from 1997 of an alleged "baby bigfoot." The footage showed what was described as "either a case of a pet ape or a Sasquatch."

    The team explained, though, that chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall looked at the footage and was certain that the creature seen in it was not a chimp. So they ventured into the woods and tried to lure the creature -- or one of its brethren -- by whistling.

    They heard a knock in response, which James explained is a Sasquatch communication technique. "They’ll do knocks to keep track of each other where they are, alert to danger, alert to other ones in the area," he said.

    It was enough to convince the team that there were Sasquatches in the area, but viewers of the show seemed less certain. Matt Braiman tweeted, "Fifth season of Finding Bigfoot? If you haven't found him yet he's probably not there."

    "Finding Bigfoot" is actually heading into its third season -- though the argument could still be made -- premiering Sunday, November 11 at 9 p.m. ET on Animal Planet. A fourth season has been commissioned, with a fifth likely, according to the show's Wikipedia page.

    Wednesday, August 8, 2012

    SalonDotCom: Finding Bigfoot is Robust Inanity

    Cliff Barackman, James "Bobo" Fay, Ranae Holland and Matt Moneymaker in "Finding Bigfoot"
    "'Finding Bigfoot' on Animal Planet is currently filming its third season, an enigma, indeed, considering the robust inanity of this program..."--William Giraldi, is a progressive online magazine, with content updated each weekday. Salon magazine covers a variety of topics. It has reviews and articles about music, books, and films. It also has articles about "modern life", including relationships, friendships and human sexual behavior. Today they took on Bigfoot, more specifically Finding Bigfoot.

    In an article titled Let's Get Bigfoot! Journalist William Giraldi critiques the new batch of reality shows that follow Bigfoot and aliens. As usual he does the whole armchair psychology to describe why he thinks people pursue bigfoot and why people watch them.
    All across cable television, earnest man-boys are frenetically hunting Bigfoot, ghosts and lake monsters — when they aren’t investigating UFOs and alien abduction. The past several years have seen such an onslaught of these paranormal programs that one wonders what took cable so long to barrage our species’ soft spot for the fantastical and absurd. In the mid-1990s Leonard Nimoy narrated the relatively tame A&E series “Ancient Mysteries,” a show spawned from the success of the series “In Search Of” that ran from 1976 to 1982. Both programs offered the standard fare of sasquatches and flying saucers, poltergeists and voodoo priestesses, as well as the occasional episode that transgressed against the OED’s opinion of “mystery” — killer bees, hurricanes, tidal waves — because, let’s face it, there really aren’t that many unexplained phenomena anymore. In 2003 a show named “Unexplained Mysteries” aired for a single season, and the only actual mystery was how anyone could have allowed such a flagrant redundancy for a title.
    Part of what makes modernity so much safer and saner than the Middle Ages is the noble function of science to unshackle us from superstition and hocus-pocus of every stripe. And yet it appears a goodly number of us prefer those shackles to rationality and fact because they’re simply more titillating, because some lives grow lame if they lose the possibility of communion with forces outside the norm. Harold Bloom has written that “it is hard to go on living without some hope of encountering the extraordinary,” and so outfits such as Animal Planet and National Geographic Channel have given a platform to jejune dreamers who refuse to have a hard time living, who transform hope for the extraordinary into unintended burlesque and cash for their CEO shepherds. Ours is a culture that doesn’t mind swiping credit cards for malarkey.
    “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet is currently filming its third season, an enigma, indeed, considering the robust inanity of this program, an inanity so pronounced — and of which its participants are so proudly oblivious — that the minds at “South Park” felt compelled to skewer it. (If you’re getting skewered on “South Park,” you probably deserve it.) The four-person team of Bigfoot hunters consists of three men with sketchy credentials — Matt Moneymaker, founder of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization; Cliff Barackman, who pretends to be “level-headed and analytical”; and James “Bobo” Fay, a gargantuan, hirsute human specimen who’s as close as you’ll ever get to seeing Sasquatch — and the obligatory “science-minded” female, Ranae Holland. They scamper through various wooded environs wearing irksome green night-vision equipment, declaring every twig snap an indication of an ambling “squatch.” They hold impotent and yawnful invigilations. They howl in petition of a return howl that never comes. They interview backwoods dwellers and look upon them with arrant credulity as these unknowing folk describe a bear they believe is Bigfoot. Each one of these monster hunters gives off a medium-strength air of having been picked on psychopathically as a teenager.
    After his criticism of finding Bigfoot he takes to spend the rest of the article plugging his book, "Busy Monsters"

    In a novel called “Busy Monsters,” I ridiculed Sasquatch hunters, ghost chasers and alleged alien abductees, and was pleased when I received hostile missives from supporters of the paranormal who felt offended by these satiric portrayals. If a novelist isn’t offending someone he isn’t writing honestly enough. This anti-fan mail confirmed for me the irrational religious fervor with which believers invest in their darling aliens and sprites, because only insecure individuals religiously devoted to nonsense look to be insulted at every turn. You can’t insult a geneticist by mocking the double helix. She might pause to laugh at you or perhaps lament the woeful public education apparatus that turned you so doltish, but she won’t be insulted and anyway doesn’t have time to scribble you hate mail.
    During my first year of high school I had a beautifully cynical Englishman for a science teacher, Mr. Foster, who replied to my question about UFOs with a droll sentence I’ve never forgotten: “If they’re smart enough to get here they’re not dumb enough to be seen by you, much less crash in New Mexico, whose terrain strikes me as perfectly navigable.” When I informed him that aliens are abducting us for test purposes, he said, “You aren’t that special, my dear.” That cuts to the uncomplicated core of the issue, does it not? Take a look at those who claim to have been bodily hijacked by oval-headed spacemen: They are the ostracized and neglected, the unfit and lonesome, those hapless outcasts who can’t get a date. How special, how unique, how worthy they must really be if aliens traipsed a trillion light-years to beam them up and insert objects into their anuses.
    The tremendous success of “The X-Files” from 1993 to 2002 both confirmed our ceaseless interest in the otherworldly and disseminated on a mass scale these new versions of old myths. The motifs were the same but the faces had changed as technology advanced: not angels but aliens; not luminance from heaven but lights from UFOs. When the old gods don’t work anymore we make new ones, or, as G.K. Chesterton has it, “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything.” One way or another we will have the sublime. The UFO phenomenon is mytho-religious both in its very narrative fabric and in the quasi-heroic quest for transcendence that believers embark upon.
    If you’ve ever viewed the famous Patterson footage of Bigfoot you might understand how someone might develop a religious devotion to its capture. Filmed by Roger Patterson in 1967 in Bluff Creek, Calif., the 50-second footage shows a female Sasquatch striding away from the camera in a decidedly non-human gait. And then the creepy, gorilla-like turn of her shoulders and head to glance at the camera. Sitting crossed-legged on the carpet as a child, transfixed by this footage on our television, I felt a literal shiver move through me. That was no gagster in a monkey getup, and it meant that monsters were real, that existence was magical, an occultist’s thrilling playground. The memory of that emotion has never waned in me: ecstatic with the possibility of extraordinary events, excited by mystery and surprise, vivified by the unknown. My Catholic education at the hands of Latin-speaking nuns never inspired those feelings of awe.
    It didn’t occur to me as a kid that the name of the creek in which the footage was shot, Bluff Creek, was a clue to Roger Patterson’s shaky relationship with veracity. Still, educated experts with the best software ever devised haven’t been able to prove conclusively that the footage is a hoax, and so grown men with a child’s inextinguishable wonder — they call themselves cryptozoologists — continue to pursue a North American apeman. Half of me wants to help these unemployable man-boys study for the high school equivalency test, but the other half quietly applauds their dopey dedication and yearns to join their rowdy jaunt.
    Pursuit of monsters is a male obsession, as it was during our Paleolithic past. The adrenalized hazard of hunting mastodon and perhaps Gigantopithecus — the extinct giant bipedal ape bearing uncanny resemblance to Bigfoot — has never left the recesses of male memory. History Channel’s “MonsterQuest,” which ran from 2007 to 2010, was mostly male imbeciles stalking shadows in faraway nooks, and its “Ancient Aliens,” currently in its fourth season, is perennially hard-pressed to land a female investigator of such unmitigated buffoonery. (“South Park” lampooned this program as well.) All of those men stomping after noises in the night appear unaware that they are living out an eons-old endeavor while trying to resurrect the wonder they felt as children. They don’t seem to notice or care that the real monsters, the truly dangerous ones, are the devils dancing inside every human heart.
    Barry Hannah once told an interviewer, “Privately we are all monsters, if we’d only look at our obsessions.” The human animal began as a quasi monster of his own, Australopithecus, on the African savanna roughly 8 million years ago: a diminutive brute hoping to survive among beasts. This was what offended so many of the Victorian fainthearted about Mr. Darwin: A reminder of the monster in us didn’t mesh well with their proper, stodgy rhythms, with their erroneous conception of themselves as seraphim not far from the polish of God.
    Fun to mock for their unmolested sincerity, those hunting monsters, aliens and apparitions are nevertheless enactors of our collective id. The paranormal or supernatural resides within our own psyches because our dread and wonderment are ancient and encoded, because we need monsters to give shape, sound and scent to our dark interiority, to the jungle we were born in epochs ago, the jungle that still sways in us. We are indeed a monstrous tribe — look at what we’ve done to one another across the hell of history; look at the holocausts we continue to inflict upon the animals and earth — but we are monsterful, too, on occasion. Chaucer uses “monsterful” to mean extraordinary, gravid with wonder and possibility. Our immortal monster myths and skyward wishes are just that: the wondrous stories we tell ourselves in order to live, to rise above the doldrums of our everyday.
    We omitted his criticism of the new show chasing UFO's on National Geographic Channel, which we agree with him, it is an exact blueprint of the Finding Bigfoot format.

    Read the whole article at

    Friday, August 3, 2012

    Cliff Barackman Takes on TV Critics of Finding Bigfoot with Ease

    Cliff Barackman at the filming of season 1 finale of Finding Bigfoot. Photo by Neo Edwards 
    "...bigfoots are primates, a form of ape that may also be very 'human-like.' --Cliff Barackman 

    Another paper supports the rough back-and-fourth between the TV Critics and cast of Finding Bigfoot had at the  2012 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour. It should be no surprise that Bigfooters would be able to handle a critic or two--let alone be confronted by them. Cliff Barackman is, in our opinion, one of the greatest Bigfoot ambassadors to the rest of the world. Click on the following link to read our previous coverage of Cliff Barackman.

    Read the piece below from Cliff's hometown paper The Oregonian. Writer Kristi Turnquist finds Cliff at the TV Critic event and asks him a few questions. 

    Cliff Barackman of 'Finding Bigfoot' -- 'Bigfoots live right outside of Portland': TV Press Tour

    Published: Friday, August 03, 2012, 10:42 AM     Updated: Friday, August 03, 2012, 11:01 AM
    By Kristi Turnquist, The Oregonian 

    BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF.: Cliff Barackman and his castmates from the hit Animal Planet show, "Finding Bigfoot," were facing a pretty tough crowd Thursday at the 2012 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour.

    Barackman, who lives in Portland, and his fellow bigfoot researchers, James "Bobo" Fay, Matt Moneymaker and the show's resident skeptic/biologist, Ranae Holland, take their investigations into bigfoot sightings around the country seriously. But the critics and reporters on hand were, at least initially, not what you'd call on board.

    Getting things off to a bumpy start were questions like this one, directed toward an executive from Animal Planet: "What's made Animal Planet concentrate on bigfoot, have they run out of real animals?"

    On Twitter, critics were making snarky comments. But midway through, the tone started to change, as Barackman and his cohorts made a sincere case for keeping an open mind about the existence of bigfoots -- we also learned that's how you refer to bigfoot in plural. (Don't call them bigfeet.)

    Also, there's not just one bigfoot, as Barackman believes, based on eyewitness sightings, photos and footprint evidence. He theorizes that bigfoots are primates, a form of ape that may also be very "human-like."

    Before the panel, Barackman told me that his interest in researching bigfoot partly accounts for why the Long Beach, Calif., native wound up moving to Portland, about four years ago. "I"m kind of a weird guy, so I feel at home there," Barackman said as we sat in the lobby of the Beverly Hills Hotel, site of the TCA tour.

    And, he added, "Bigfoots live right outside of Portland," citing reports of bigfoot encounters in the Sandy River area, and Clackamas County, for example. Not that they're limited to the Northwest, Barackman added, as he and the "Finding Bigfoot" team have so far visited 22 states for the show.

    Barackman, 41, first got intrigued by bigfoot, or Sasquatch, investigation when he was in college, and came upon scholarly reports discussing the possibility of bigfoot-like creatures. Though he has a degree in jazz guitar, and has been a schoolteacher (at Cascade Heights Public Charter School, among others) Barackman is now working fulltime on Sasquatch research.

    "Finding Bigfoot," which debuted in 2011, has been a hit for Animal Planet, ranking as the cable network's third-most watched show, behind "River Monsters" and  "Whale Wars." The new season of shows begins in November, with 11 new episodes.

    Barackman, who is single, said that as much as he feels at home in Portland, his Sasquatch travels keep him on the road so much he hasn't been able to spend much time in the Rose City, even though he just bought a house.

    And he's not concerned by skeptics who think searching for bigfoot is a rather eccentric, shall we say, calling. "It doesn't matter to me," he said. "When you're right, you don't have to prove it to anybody."

    As to whether he's personally seen a bigfoot, Barackman cites the "Finding Bigfoot" episode shot in North Carolina. It was the middle of the night, in the woods, but Barackman thinks the creature he saw wasn't a human, but could very well have been a Sasquatch.

    His conclusion: "I might have seen one. But I can't be sure I saw one."

    SRC: The Oregonian

    TV Critics: Show us Bigfoot or GTFO!

    Ranae Holland, Matt Money Maker, Cliff Barackman, and James "Bobo" Fay

    "First Animal Planet airs a mermaids special, now this — isn’t Animal Planet damaging its brand with this stuff?" --TV Critic at the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour.

    The above quote sums up the general sentiment of the TV Critics during the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour according to Entertainment Weekly writer James Hibberd. In our summation, while the TV critics complain about the the quality of programming (and the reality of Bigfoot), Animal Planet is just fine with the ratings they are getting, and Matt Moneymaker will be quick to accuse the naysayers of ignorance.

    Below is the full article from Entertainment Weekly

    Bigfoot experts clash with TV critics: 'You're ignorant'

    by James Hibberd

    TV critics took on Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot during a contentious panel at the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

    For those who haven’t seen the show, it’s a bit like Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, only an expert team looks for Sasquatch instead of spooks. There are interviews, data crunching, mysterious footprints and a group hunting in the woods … but no actual bigfoot.

    The press tour reporters have spent nearly two weeks in a hotel interviewing actors and executives promoting TV shows. So when Animal Planet rolls out this panel the critics are, understandably, thinking: Show us bigfoot or GTFO.

    A critic points out: If these guys actually find bigfoot, such huge news is not going to really stay quiet until a regular episode of Finding Bigfoot airs. One asks: Has Animal Planet run out of real animals to do shows about? Yet another wonders: First Animal Planet airs a mermaids special, now this — isn’t Animal Planet damaging its brand with this stuff?

    Animal Planet’s president, Marjorie Kaplan, is good humored about the situation. “Animal Planet has many shows about animals that may be more familiar to you,” she says. “Finding Bigfoot is an exploration of the secret corners of the planet … There are places on this planet that we know about and places we don’t …  New species are being found all the time.”

    She also points out the network’s Mermaids: The Body Found special* got “extraordinarily” high ratings.
    The Finding Bigfoot team, however, is far less amused by the critics’ skepticism. Seems there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence pointing to the existence of bigfoot and this crew are true believers. (There is more than one bigfoot, they say, and they mostly come out at night … mostly…)

    “I’ve had one 15 feet away growling at me,” declares bigfoot researcher Matt Moneymaker. “So that’s why I think it’s [unfortunate] when people say they’re not real. They exist … I don’t think people realize how many witnesses there are out there … For those who don’t think these things exist, [famed primatologist] Jane Goodall thinks they exist** — and she may know a little more about it than you do.”

    “You can’t equate bigfoot with mermaids,” bristles bigfoot researcher James “Bobo” Fay. “You’re ignorant of the subject matter.”

    So is there solid real evidence of bigfoot?

    Absolutely, they say. There’s all kinds of evidence! Except, you know, an actual or former bigfoot.

    “There’s every kind of evidence that they exist,” Moneymaker says. “Except bones. Except a carcass.”

    * Mermaid body not actually found

    ** True

    Thursday, August 2, 2012

    Animal Planet: "Finding Bigfoot" Season Three will be BIGGER!

    (left to right: Cliff Barackman, Renae Holland, James "Bobo" Fay, Matt Moneymaker)
    (Beverly Hills, Ca.) This November, FINDING BIGFOOT, one of Animal Planet’s top-performing series ever, delivering more than 1.3M P2+ viewers in its second season, returns with 11 all-new episodes and two specials that take the team of investigators farther across the globe and further into sasquatch history than they’ve ever travelled.  For the first time, the intrepid cast of investigators -- Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) president Matt Moneymaker, researchers James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman, and skeptical scientist Ranae Holland – will expand their search in North America and beyond to investigate the sasquatch phenomenon known as “yowies” in Australia and the “orang-pendek” of Indonesia.  Also for the first time, Animal Planet will produce two “aftershow” specials, where the cast will answer burning questions from fans, dive deeper into the evidence and theories, and give behind-the-scene stories and insight.

    Legends of bigfoot-type primates persist in cultures all over the globe.  So the bigfoot team will attempt to capture proof of these elusive Australian and Indonesian creatures by immersing itself in local yowie and orang-pendek culture and lore and using that information in the investigations. With the knowledge of the locals and its own experiences researching sasquatches, the team is hot on the trail to locate these distant cousins of the North American bigfoot in the remote terrain and jungles of these far-off lands.

    Sasquatch sightings have been reported in every state of the union except Hawaii.  So this season, the team continues to leave no stone unturned and no piece of credible evidence unexplored as it travels to new locations to investigate compelling new finds in multiple states:  Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington.

    In addition to their global jaunts, the team members participate in two all-new aftershow specials.  Moderated by Animal Planet executive producer Keith Hoffman, the specials bring the team together in an informal setting to discuss the investigations in greater detail and provide insights and tips not shared in the show.  Who doesn’t want to know how the team films at night without scaring away potential bigfoots or what the cast thinks will happen when bigfoot is found?

    With no filters and unparalleled access to the cast, fans of the show and bigfoot enthusiasts everywhere will have unprecedented insight into their investigations that have become a part of the pop cultural zeitgeist.

    FINDING BIGFOOT is produced for Animal Planet by Ping Pong Productions. Keith Hoffman is the executive producer for Animal Planet. Brad Kuhlman and Casey Brumels are the executive producers and Chad Hammel is the co-executive producer for Ping Pong Productions.

    About Animal Planet
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