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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Extinct Podcast 024 with Guy Edwards

Two reasons why we shouldn't bother debating if Bigfoot is more human than ape
Your's truly, Guy Edwards, was fortunate enough to be invited to the 24th episode of the Extinct Podcast. Among the group were Ro Sahebi, Michael Merchant, Shawn Evidence and Damian Bravo almost made it. I opened up with the above visual, because I was concerned the ape vs human debate was more of a distraction than a healthy conversation with a conclusion.

When you get bigfooters talking about other bigfooters in private, you often hear the qualifier (or disqualifier) , "he's in the dumb ape camp" or the opposing, "he thinks Bigfoot are almost human." 

In our opinion the reason that people pick sides is a basic misunderstanding how smart apes are. You can go to our previous post, "hard-wired traits in all primates," to see just how intelligent primates are. They are quite capable of sophistacated communication, counting, self-awareness and empathy. 

The other is the misunderstanding is how closely related apes and humans are. Many articles have made it clear. So if we agree 1) Humans are Apes and 2) Apes are not dumb. We can stop talking past each other and disqualify the rest of each other's research.

I was able to talk about a few other things at 24th episode of the Extinct Podcast embedded below or click to watch it on the website

Saturday, April 21, 2012

#1 in iTunes! Extinct? Podcast by

Congrats to for their #1 ranking
on iTunes category New and Noteworthy 
Congratulations to Ro Sahebi for putting together a terrific podcast! He and the rest of the Team Tazer Bigfoot crew (Damian Bravo, Michael Merchant, and Sean Evidence) have done a spectacular job every Saturday 6pm PST/9pm EST.

In order to show our Support we decided to help you catch up on past episodes on a single page.

Episode 01

Episode 02

Episode 04

Episode 05

Episode 6 airs tonight at 6pm PST Check it out at

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Frozen Bigfoot Hoaxer to be Interviewed on "Extinct?" Podcast

What a way to celebrate April Fools Day, then to interview the biggest hoaxer of the millenia. True we are only 12 years into this millenia, but so far Rick Dyer wins.

Rick Dyer with Tom Biscardi during a 2008 Press conference.

You may Remember rick Dyer from the 2008 Frozen bigfoot hoax that was all the craze. You can go back in time and follow our complete coverage, including CNN video at our Georgia Gorilla link.

Today our friends at The Bigfoot Report, the folks responsible for the EXTINCT? series, are interviewing him live at Tune in at 2:00pm PST/2:00 EST! Michael Merchant (a/k/a SnowWalker Prime) has already expressed his excitement on his YouTube Channel.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Bigfoot Report's Extinct? Podcast: Episode 2

The five guys of Episode 2 of Extinct?'s Podcast
In case you missed the live show last night, below is the embedded episode of Episode 2 of the Extinct? podcast. This is a very promising podcast with an interesting cast of character. Kudos to Ro Sahebi of The Bigfoot Report for putting this show together

You can also catch it at It's available now on  Blip :

and on iTunes:

In the episode I reference a few things. Here are the links below. 

Please support and check out the sites of all involved.
Ro Sahebi The Bigfoot Report

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

EXTINCT? Episode 2: Orang-Pendek vs. the Hobbit

Still frame from Extinct? Episode 2 - Indonesia
"...eyewitnesses have again described the Orang-Pendak as being completely covered in hair, with extensive musculature developments. Homo Floresiensis in comparison, is much weaker." -- Adam Davies

Those guys at have done it again. As you recall we announced the first episode of "Extinct?" back in late Feb, they have produced another video with the same charm and clear narrative as the first. (See New Independent Yeti Documentary Shows Promise )

Read an excerpt from the Video below:

EXTINCT? - Episode 2 - INDONESIA - The Search For Little Foot (2012)
Special thanks to Adam Davies
Written, directed, narrated by Ro Sahebi
In the jungles of Indonesia, discoveries are being made. Could this be the missing link we've been looking for? Homo Floresiensis and Orang-Pendek are all the rage in primatology and anthropology. We get a little help in the episode from the Orang-Pendek goto guy, Adam Davies (MonsterQuest, Is it Real?). 
The Bigfoot Report

Monday, February 27, 2012

New Independent Yeti Documentary Shows Promise

"We are presenting a case for discovery of a new species. This show is an attempt to make a fair-weathered skeptic listen, not believe." -- EXTINCT? Writer/Director Ro Sahebi

We are huge fans of independent media. With the digital age, many individuals are creating blogs, zines and documentaries. We have showcased earlier documentries

Below is a clip from a well-organized, thoughtful and sometimes humorous documentary written, directed, narrated by Ro Sahebi of A brief description on the YouTube Channel:

Case study for the existence of Gigantopithecus in Asia. A look at the facts, fossils and examples of lazarous taxon and how it applies to the Abominable Snowman. Stay tuned for details about future episodes about BIgfoot, Orang Pendek as well as Extinct - The Movie.
We were able to ask writer/director Ro Sahebi a little more about the objective of EXTINCT?
With EXTINCT? we’re not telling the viewer anything is real, we are not trying to chase down anything with a camcorder either. We are presenting a case for discovery of a new species. This show is an attempt to make a fair-weathered skeptic listen, not believe. 
In addition, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. At we already know that spreading awareness is an uphill battle. And for the record, WE BELIEVE. But people outside of the community still see us as well… crazy. So many show enforce this, and fighting it seems to make it worse. Our view, be lighthearted and have an open mind.

We look forward to see what the future holds for Extinct? - The Movie

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