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Sunday, July 8, 2012


Justin Smeja claims to have shot Bigfoot
Fans, you will remember Ro Sahebi from his initial Extinct? documentaries. We covered his first two documentaries on the Yeti and the Orang-Pendek vs. the Hobbit. The Extinct? brand has expanded into also providing a weekly podcast that stars a group of Bigfooters that jokingly calls themselves Team Tazer Bigfoot. (Click the following link to watch the first five Extinct Podcasts).

All the members of Team Tazer in alphabetical order are Damian Bravo, Shawn Evidence, Michael Merchant, and Ro Sahebi, who is the host of the show.

Ro Sahebi and the rest of Team Tazer has something new to look forward to. It is an interview with the man who claims to of shot Bigfoot. If Ro's previous documentaries are any indication, this should be an engaging piece.

Uploaded to The Bigfoot Report YouTube Channel is a teaser for a new documentary about a very controversial Bigfooter. Justin Smeja. Not only is it frowned upon to actually shoot a Bigfoot, some in the community say Smeja's story does not add up. Watch the teaser video below and then read another interview of Smeja recalling the day he shot Bigfoot.

It is amazing that Smeja admits to pulling the trigger even after his partner warns that it may be a guy in a suit.

Below is a excerpt from a Jeffery Pritchett's Interview with Justin Smeja. Jeffery Pritchett, is a radio show host for The Church Of Mabus at Click the following link to read our entire coverage of Justin Smeja.

What exactly happened and where did this happen regarding the actual shooting of two bigfoot creatures?
Justin Smeja: Wow. Well thats kind of a loaded question. In October of 2010 I was bear hunting near Gold Lake CA. Me and my buddy drove into a clearing shielded by trees, so it was much like a blind corner for any game that would be feeding in the meadow, and we saw a strange looking creature. I shot it and 2 others juveniles came out of the thicket. They all ran off and we went after them on foot and eventually I shot another one. We hid the small one and i couldn't find the other. We left immediately after. We felt like we just wanted to wake up.

Did you feel threatened by them at any time and is it true you shot them in the back?

Justin Smeja: NO I did NOT shoot any animal in the back. Quite honestly I dont think it matters if I was poaching (I wasn't) or if I shot them in the face, the back, the neck or the ass. The story may seem interesting to some, most others read or listen with the soul intention of hopefully tearing it apart and somehow finding a hole in the story. I pierced both lungs on the adult, the young one I shot square on. It's hard to put my emotions into a paragraph unless you have been there. We felt all kinds of things. At times threatened yes. (un-warranted in all honesty)

3. Also what made you decide to carve a piece of flesh aka steak off of them instead of bringing the carcasses back?

Justin Smeja: I dont know where in the &^%$ stuff like this comes from. I mean I have been asked this several times I don't have a computer so I dont spend time online correcting what whoever is saying about me. I'm 100 percent convinced bigfooters read about half of everything and jump to their own conclusions and start injecting their opinion. If this was bigfootevidence by this point in, these people would already be commenting.

I did NOT carve any piece of meat or any part off of any animal ever. After we left we did not return for several weeks. Hard to say why it left me with a weird fear feeling almost like ptsd. Mean while I was so sure it was just like any other animal and would be there when we went back to get it, at least some hair and skull I figured. Some people had said to me ''well after several weeks scavengers would have ate every last bit of meat.'' Thats simply not true anyone who has said anything like that hasnt killed enough animals or any to make that statement. Go shoot a cow a deer or elk and leave it lay. Come back in a few weeks. There will be a &**& load of hair hide depending on elevation and time of year fat and yes even a bit of meat on the bones ect. Me and my buddy returned several weeks later with a blood hound, we were greeted by a few feet of snow that came in shortly after the shooting. All we could find was a small scrap of hide. We sent some to Dr. Melba Ketchum.

How does Melba Ketchum fit in? Does she actually have the aka flesh evidence and when does she plan to release the DNA results?

Justin Smeja: She was working with the Olympic project long before I came along. Theres an on going DNA study that I contributed one of the larger samples to, but I really have no inside information on when and where it will be released, I havent even a guess. Your guess is as good as mine. I have talked to her one time for 10 minutes on the phone back in January nothing before or sense [sic]. I have much more flesh from the shooting and its going to be sent around to labs all over the US and outside. They can do whatever they do with it.

You do realize alot of people are outraged by this story and theres a huge no kill pro kill debate in the bigfoot community and many people are upset about this. How does that make you feel?

Justin Smeja: I was put in a situation where I reacted in a moments notice and made really poor decisions. I wish I could take it back. I'm not a pro kill guy at heart. At the time I didnt know any of this was real. It was just a monster to me. Had I had previous knowledge of the creature I would of reacted different.

Monday, February 27, 2012

New Independent Yeti Documentary Shows Promise

"We are presenting a case for discovery of a new species. This show is an attempt to make a fair-weathered skeptic listen, not believe." -- EXTINCT? Writer/Director Ro Sahebi

We are huge fans of independent media. With the digital age, many individuals are creating blogs, zines and documentaries. We have showcased earlier documentries

Below is a clip from a well-organized, thoughtful and sometimes humorous documentary written, directed, narrated by Ro Sahebi of A brief description on the YouTube Channel:

Case study for the existence of Gigantopithecus in Asia. A look at the facts, fossils and examples of lazarous taxon and how it applies to the Abominable Snowman. Stay tuned for details about future episodes about BIgfoot, Orang Pendek as well as Extinct - The Movie.
We were able to ask writer/director Ro Sahebi a little more about the objective of EXTINCT?
With EXTINCT? we’re not telling the viewer anything is real, we are not trying to chase down anything with a camcorder either. We are presenting a case for discovery of a new species. This show is an attempt to make a fair-weathered skeptic listen, not believe. 
In addition, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. At we already know that spreading awareness is an uphill battle. And for the record, WE BELIEVE. But people outside of the community still see us as well… crazy. So many show enforce this, and fighting it seems to make it worse. Our view, be lighthearted and have an open mind.

We look forward to see what the future holds for Extinct? - The Movie

Monday, August 9, 2010

Everyone has a Bigfoot. What’s your Bigfoot?

"A story of enduring friendship and epic dreams"
-Chicago Tribune

"A truly heart-warming slice of Americana like no other"
-Ain't It Cool News

"Subtle, human, and touching - not at all typical."
-Austin Chronicle

"Masterful for the dignity it infuses into the duo's lives"

Back in February 2008 we wrote a post about this little known Bigfoot Documentary that was more about Bigfooters than it was about Bigfoot. As you can see from the image and quotes above it has garnered critical acclaim and international attention.

This documentary has just launched a brand new promotional website.

The site and the movie is really about the pursuit. Its the pursuit we all share.

In it's first post the site begins with a plea to all Bigfooters:
"Everyone has a Bigfoot. What’s your Bigfoot?...In many ways, making a film about Bigfoot researchers is very similar to Bigfoot researchers trying to prove that Bigfoot exists. I believe we all have some kind of passion or dream, and it’s crucially important that we devote time to pursuing it. We will of course encounter obstacles, challenges, and hurdles. Sometimes those passions or dreams are ones the world might be used to, and other times they may be something more nontraditional, more outside of the norm. Regardless though, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do us all a favor and pursue them. --Jay Delaney "

Check out the official Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie website, because they provide a whole host of ways to watch the movie including Netflix on-demand.

Our Original 2008 Post
Official Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie website
Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie IMDB Page
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