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Sunday, August 1, 2010

God Created Bigfoot

God created Bigfoot. Whether your a creationist or a proponent of the evolutionary process you may agree with this statement. To be clear, we support evolution, but that has not stopped us from learning about Bigfoot from creationist. We have written about Bigfoot creationist before at Big-Tent Politics of Bigfoot

As you may well know, we are an inclusive bunch. We are adamant in believing the pool of bigfoot theories should be as diverse as possible--at least until we find her. One of our goals is to foster and elevate as many different ideas and theories as possible. Call us Pollyanna, we believe everybody in the community is mature enough to share ideas that are, on the surface, contradictory.

This brings us to the website aptly named

I had a chance to interview the owner of the website, Scott Walker of Ohio, his story speaks not only to Bigfoot from a creationist Christian point-of-view, but also speaks to over policing at Bigfoot Forums can exclude fellow Bigfooters.

BLC: Hi Scott, we find it fascinating you are using Bigfoot to spread an evangelical message, on the surface we felt it was a bait-and-switch, but upon further reading we realized this was a real Bigfooter. Where does your interest in Bigfoot come from?

SCOTT: I have been interested in BF (Bigfoot) investigating for the past 8 years. I had what I believe was an encounter with "something" in the woods that scared me to death. I never saw anything but I could tell that something was wrong and I was in danger. I later found out that a sheriff deputy had an encounter with a BF in the exact same area just a few months prior to my event.

BLC: We had assumed (incorrectly) that all Bigfooters are evolutionist. Its a perspective that is rarely heard in the community. Is this why you created your website?

SCOTT: My website was created to offer Christian believers a place to find information about how God's creation does indeed include the elusive Bigfoot creature. BF has nothing to do with evolution; however, you will find on many BF forums the idea that this is somehow the evolved man missing link. I wanted to try to connect with other Christians and form a Bible believing Bigfoot research group.

BLC:What are the plans for the future of the website?

SCOTT: Maybe some day I will have an actual visual encounter with a BF. At this point I have to be honest and say that I have nothing to show for the years of research I have invested. The best I have done is witnessed very strange screams in the forest. Screams that do not make any sense at all except for the possibility it was a BF.

BLC:Thank you for you time Scott, please keep us posted on any new efforts, although we differ, we feel it is important all voices are heard in the community and a good theory towards discovery can come from anywhere.

SCOTT:Thank you for your interest and if you have any further questions just let me know.

Lovely Linda at Bigfoot Ballyhoo
Sirius Knot at

Our post on Bigfoot politics of ideas

Friday, November 27, 2009

Big-Tent Politics of Bigfoot

If you have followed us within the last few years, you would know when it comes to bigfooting, we are an inclusive bunch. Oh sure, we think the best modern tools are field research, anthropology and primatology, but we also have a philosophy that a good theory can come from anywhere.

In the past, we have shared the Mormon Bigfoot/Cain theory, and the Lloyd Pye Bigfoot/alien theory, theres also the Bigfoot/Inter-dimensional-traveler theory, and Bigfoot/ghost-spirit theory.

These multiple theories say a lot about the theorist behind them, today we want to share two theories from one guy, who happens to be a Creationist. He goes by the moniker Sirius Knott and he has a blog titled the most fascinating part of his theory, to us anyway, is his premise. He begins his argument for Bigfoot by denouncing one of the oldest Bigfoot theories; the theory that Bigfoot IS the missing link. I suppose from a creationist standpoint you could guess why.

In his own words he gives us his own theories:

We could go further down the list of proposed ape-men candidates, but in the end we still find that apes are apes. Men are men. If Bigfoot is ever found, it will be one or the other. Christian author, Frank Peretti has suggested such a solution in his fiction work, Monster, which I highly reccomend.

But to clarify, if Bigfoot is ever found, it will certainly be found to be one of the following two possibilities:

1. A species of relict or unknown primate. Gigantopithecus has been suggested by some cryptozoologists, though the fragmentary nature of these fossils [essentially jawbones and teeth] makes this purest speculation. Nevertheless, some large species of unidentified relict ape or orangutan remains a viable possibility. The cryptid ape option Frank Peretti explored in Monster. [Gripping. Read it if you get the chance.] Incidentally, Bigfoot [technically being indigenous only to North America, though the term is often used generically to include Yeti, Yowie and other primate cryptids] is sometimes refered to as a Nape ["North American Ape"]].

2. They could be degenerated wild men, but fully human. Neandertal comes to mind. Neandertal is usually pictured as a knuckle-dragging missing link, but as mentioned already even evolutionary scientists have recanted this and now admit that Neandertal stood upright and was a man and no ape or missing link. In fact, Neandertal was every bit as smart as we are, if their skull size is any indication.

You can read what Sirius has to say about Bigfoot and many other subjects here.

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