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Friday, April 27, 2012

Bigfoot Print Inspired Farmer Turns to Craigslist to Hunt for Sasquatch

Roland Withers's Photo of Possible Bigfoot Print
The Buzzfeed has written an article that has already been reprinted across the internet at and  International Business Times. Don't you wish he had put a quarter or a dollar bill next to the foot so we had some sense of scale? Read the short viral article below and the original Craigslist ad. 
Roland Withers was out trout fishing when he saw several oversized humanoid footprints in the mud. Since it had only just rained a few hours before, he knew the print was recent. Too large to be human, but a footfall pattern suggesting upright bipedal walking meant one thing:
Bigfoot was near.
Mr. Withers, a 28 year old part-time farmer, is now looking to gather a group of Bigfoot hunters along with night vision goggles and motion activated cameras to go on an expedition to capture Bigfoot on film.
I spoke with Roland, and so far three people have replied to his ad ready to join in the hunt. He's heard rumors over the years of Bigfoot sightings in his area of northern Vermont.
He doesn't plan on bringing a gun for safety, which I strongly urged him to. "We don't want to hurt him." If Bigfoot gets agressive, Roland says, "It would be cool to get beat up by Bigfoot.
Best of luck, Roland.
Roland Withers's Craigslist ad looking for strangers to help him find Bigfoot

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