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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ohio's Sasquatch Triangle, Tim Stover, and the Failure of Local TV News to get it right

Tim Stover Jr and the map of the Bigfoot Triangle
In central Ohio there is the Sasquatch Triangle. This triangle, including sections of Tuscarawas, Guernsey, Muskingum and Coshocton counties, is home to the most frequent Bigfoot sightings in the state. They also have a more specific name for their Bigfoot called the Ohio Grassman.

Recently WKYC, an NBC-affiliated television station located in Cleveland, Ohio did a terrible job promoting next episode of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot by calling the show Bigfoot Hunters.
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You can read their blurb below, view a few videos with Tim Stiver Jr., and a interactive map of the Bigfoot Triangle  in Ohio.
Bigfoot spotted in Portage County?
Written and fact-checked poorly by Carl Bachtel
RAVENNA --  A local "Bigfoot" researcher says he's seen one in Ohio.
Twenty years ago, deer hunter Tim Stover Jr. saw something in the woods that changed his life. 
"This thing was white, gray, silver-colored and hairy looking. It was a bipedal subject staring right at me," he recounts. He believes it was Bigfoot.
Since then, Stover spends his free time in the woods searching for evidence of the hairy beast. He says he has found footprints in Northeast Ohio at West Branch State Park, located in Portage County.  
Stover says he and his son, plus a few like-minded friends, hike the woods near the state park's campground. During camping season, they even do seminars on Bigfoot and lead night hikes for Bigfoot researchers of all ages. The walks get people outside and generate real interesting stories around the campfire.
Tim's story will be featured on the Animal Planet show "Bigfoot Hunters" [Fail!] this Sunday night.


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