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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paranormal Adventurers Debut Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching

Earlier this year, back in august we brought to your attention Who Forted's documentary Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching. Since then we have been able to view a screening copy.

The story revolves around the central unique character Tim Holmes. Who is quite eccentric, even by bigfooting standards. He is quite comfortable with ballistics and encourages anybody who goes bigfooting with him to be well armed as well.

Also among the professional bigfooters is Becky. She is a no-nonsense field researcher with some loose affiliations with Tom Biscardi. The camera does not hide how Tim feels about her.

Our favorite part of the documentary is the reaction of the Who Forted? team, previously known as Ghost Hunters. The whole adventure starts off after they have some paranormal scary experience and run. They realize they have done this many times before and decide Bigfooting may be different.

If you want to know how to feel or when things are not as they should be watch Nick's face. We didn't know that the expression of "shock" came in so many flavors.

If Nick is how you should feel, then Milton is what your thinking. We wish there was more of Milton, his dry wit and calm delivery adds some stability to the whole outrageousness. He proves humor does not just come from crazy, it also comes from being smart watching crazy.

We have watched the documentary and found it to an amusing observation of a group of people who just happen to be looking for bigfoot. And would recommend it for anyone looking for entertainment.

Who Forted? Just sent us a press release and you can read it in full below.



Seasoned paranormal adventurers to debut independent documentary film about New York Sasquatch hunters to sold out crowd in Bigfoot's back yard.

WAVERLY, NEW YORK: THE BIGFOOT HUNTER:STILL SEARCHING, the first feature length film from WF? online magazine, the legend chasing curators of all things weird, returns home to Waverly for a very special world premiere screening filled with legendary monsters, local curiosities, and lots of fun surprises. Not only does the documentary feature the exploits of the Elmira Bigfoot Watch, but marks the second big screen outing of infamous paranormal provacateurs Ghost Hunters, Incorporated.

Shot in and around Elmira, New York in the summer of 2006, THE BIGFOOT HUNTER: STILL SEARCHING follows the members of GHI as they meet Tim Holmes, the eccentric leader of the Elmira Bigfoot Watch, an internationally recognized monster hunting organization. When Tim invites the gang to tag along on a weekend expedition in the hills of the Southern Tier, the group discovers, much to their surprise, that the legend of Sasquatch is alive and well in their own backyard.

The film's creation was a happy accident with an interesting outcome according to director Greg Newkirk (of GHI Presents: The Graveyard Shift). "We took videocameras with us everywhere as kids, so when we found out that there were a couple people chasing down a legendary monster right next door, we just so happened to capture the whole experience on tape," Newkirk said. "Tim Holmes ended up being one of the most interesting people I've ever met, and as we trekked further into the woods with him it became clear that he honestly believes in what he's doing whole heartedly, and furthermore, that there might be good reason for us to believe in it as well. We didn't set out to make a documentary, it just ended up being the natural outcome of our weekend with the Elmira Bigfoot Watch. It was too bizarre, too funny, and too interesting not to share with the world."

It was important for producer Jason Gowin (of A&E's Extreme Paranormal) to stress that this film was as independent as a documentary can get. "Our documentary is an impressive film that was made with a lot of unimpressive equipment," he explains. "We were able to create something out of next to nothing, and when people hear what our budget was they're shocked. I love that reaction because it really goes to show what can be achieved when you just plain love what you're doing. When people see the film, it's really going to drive that point home in more ways than one."

It would appear that fans of the unexplained love what they're doing too. Within two days of it's online annoucement on the Facebook social network, the premiere screening of THE BIGFOOT HUNTER: STILL SEARCHING sold out, prompting the Waverly Opera House to open up a second evening of festivities loaded with never-before-seen clips from the group's previous adventures, door prizes, and even a special question and answer session with the film's star. "The response has been amazing," said Newkirk. "We've pulled out all the stops for this one, and I can say with a good amount of certainty that the paranormal community has never seen anything like this before. It's the funniest film you'll ever see about Bigfoot hunters, but it's also got a lot of heart. We've made sure that this is going to be an event that celebrates strangeness in a way that people haven't seen for a very long time."

THE BIGFOOT HUNTER: STILL SEARCHING screens Friday and Saturday, the 21st and 22nd of October, at 7:30 PM at the Waverly Opera House in Waverly, NY.

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