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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I just got the coolest gift. It is Sasquatch folder made by the Corolina Pad company. They have a bunch of products made from recycled materials under the brand Sasquatch Leave Nothing But Tracks.
In fact they have an entire website called to promote these eco-friendly products. Its a beuifully designed site and deserves attention. In Their own words...

Leave Nothing But Tracks
Sasquatch lives deep in the forest, far from where most humans dare to go. He lives off the land, and except for a footprint now and then, leaves little trace of his existence.

Sasquatch lives a green life, using only what he needs. Carolina Pad is trying to follow in Sasquatch's footsteps. We know that forests are one of our greatest treasures.

What Makes Sasquatch Products Eco-friendly?
Sasquatch™ Brand products use less virgin wood products. They are made of mostly recycled paper. This means fewer trees are cut down and less water and fossil fuels are used during processing. This helps reduce air and water pollution and helps protect wildlife from harmful chemicals and habitat changes.

It seems to reinforce this trend we have seen lately in the world of Bigfoot, Bigfoot as a mascot for environmentalism.

Thank you for the gift Julie!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bigfoot's walking cousins

Just some videos showing how primates walk upright. All major apes do, a;lthough not are aas well engineered as the Orangutan. It is interesting to see the gait of these and finally I have a clip of the patterson film.






Full Disclosure: I want to believe in Bigfoot. After reviewing several videos fo this post I noticed one thing that is different about the patterson film. The primate in the Patterson film does not swing from side to side as much as the other primates.

I do not make any conclusions or hypothesis beyond this, but thought you may want to discuss why this is the case. Any opinions?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Better and Better

Well Lunch Clubbers, what can we say. We've got the cool blog banner. We got the cool handshake, and the best blog orbiting the sun. Endorsements from Loren Coleman (Sorry for name-dropping Loren) How can it be any better?! How about a new URL? Yeah! Starting tomorrow you will be able to find us at Until then expect a few hiccups as we make this crucial transition.

Why the change? Expand the full post to find out.

Well all the great Bigfoot organizations have only four letters in their name; BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) to name one.

The second reason has to do with the removal of "researcher's" from our name. Although we believe research is essential in any Bigfoot endeavor, we wanted to make sure the name of our blog and URL reflected a more casual vibe.

Besides, with eleven less letters in our name that's 4015 less times your keyboard gets tapped (over the course of a year). So when you think to yourself Jeez we've had this keyboard forever thank us!

We appreciate all your support as we continue to provide you with the freshest Bigfoot news anywhere on the web.

Guy Edwards
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