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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Melissa Hovey Releases Detailed Bigfoot Picture

Possible Sasquatch Picture Taken from a Game Cam (click to enlarge)
"This witness asked for my help in seeking protection for what he/she claimed was a Bigfoot that had been coming onto his/her property." --Melissa Hovey

On the Search for Bigfoot blog. Melissa Hovey has released the above picture of a Sasquatch. She has taken thorough measures to preserve the use of the photo. Out of respect for her and the American Bigfoot Society we have re-posted their requested use of the photo below.
In early 2008 I was contacted via email by a person claiming to have photographed a Bigfoot. The photo is posted above.
The American Bigfoot Society holds the copyright for this image for any and all purposes. As stated in the last article, if and when the true owner of this photo steps up, we will turn the copyright over to them, and they can cover this.
Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is strictly prohibited.
This image and its use on the various websites, discussion forums blogs and any other form of social media, for purposes of discussion/evaluation/research by the general public, Bigfoot Researchers and/or the media, BE ON NOTICE: the copyright MUST be maintained and placed on any images taken from this photo for any purpose and/or distributed or displayed in any manner.
This will be strictly enforced. Any questions about the use of this image should be emailed to the American Bigfoot Society at:
All website, forum, blog or any other form of social media owners, Bigfoot Researchers/enthusiasts/media and the general public, PLEASE be mindful, of potential hoaxers by maintaining the copyright on the image above. The use of this photo for hoaxing is our primary concern.
The ABS is not releasing this photo to help any potential hoaxer.

We recommend reading the rest of the story at the Search for Bigfoot Blog as well as read Melissa Hovey 's  letter to the witness.
Please read our terms of use policy.