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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yeti Research Station Opens in Portland, OR

OK, we know Yeti's are located in east Asia, high in the Himalayas, so why are they opening a research station in Portland Oregon? Apparently to facilitate creative expression and identity by providing individual access to the resources and tools for the creation of independently published media and art.

Yes, this is an endeavor by The Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC). The IPRC is one of the only nonprofit self-publishing centers of its kind anywhere in the world. We offer access to workspace and tools to aid in the production and distribution of zines, comics, hand-bound books and artwork. This includes computer workstations for writing, scanning, graphic design & desktop publishing, and high-speed internet access for research and networking purposes; two copiers, five table-top letterpresses, three Gocco printers, a YuDu screenprinter, and various other tools for creating, binding, and assembling publications. We also have two art galleries and one of the nation’s largest circulating zine libraries.

Workspace and equipment is available to any member of the public at either an hourly ($5/hour) or yearly rate (begins at $45-100/year, sliding scale).

They have brought in a team of creative experts—including artists Scrappers, Lori D, Nicole Georges and many others—to help transform the computer lab into a Yeti Research Station.

BLC is all about supporting local friends, especially one who support Bigfoot, even if its a Bigfoot varient. We salute you, IPRC, if you readers are in the Portland area this Thursday go check out the new Yeti Research Station at 917 SW Oak Street #218 Portland, Oregon 97205

The IPRC's open hours are:
Mon 12noon to 10pm
Tue/Wed/Thu 4pm to 10pm
Fri/Sat 12noon to 6pm
Sun 12noon to 5pm (youth only), 5pm to 8pm

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