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Monday, November 16, 2009

South African Sasquatch

*** UPDATE ***
There has been a correction made to this post. Originally we had spelled Waterbobbejaan with a single "a". Thank you to Brian for the correction. He also alerts us to the book written by Ben Venter titles Waterbobbejann.

We celebrate two things in this post.
1. Our AKA Bigfoot World Map has been up for only six months and we have broken the 1000+ hits mark.
2. We have added our 46th pin to the AKA Bigfoot World Map, the Waterbobbejaan AKA the African Bigfoot.

I guarantee you this was not an easy find. Most sightings and myths of giant undiscovered primates are outside the continent of Africa. This is an irony, that has not escaped us here at Bigfoot Lunch Club. Did this mean there are no stories or even tribal myths in Africa? The short answer is no; enter the Waterbobbejaan.

The name Waterbobbejaan literally means "water baboon," and it has been described as everything from pygmy sized to seven feet tall. Its fur is sometimes red, sometimes as black as scorched earth. There are numerous eyewitness sightings of the beast from the deep woods to the rural outskirts of African cities.

Unlike it's herbivorous American cousin, the "Waterbobbejaan," as it's come to be know in South Africa has been accused of terrorizing people (even killing a few), as well as all kinds of livestock terror -- Ripping cattle, goats, chicken, and anything else it could catch.

Native South African Roland Jaffe, 35, is the primary researcher for the Waterbobbejaan. He is quoted in an interview:

This creature is all over the country in some form. The best known ones are reported in Guinea, Sierra Leone, the Ivory Coast, and the Congo Basin. I've heard stories in Namibia, Kenya, and as far north as Egypt.

We at Bigfoot Lunch Club are only slightly concerned Mr.Jaffe refers to Africa as a country, especially since he is a native. You can read the rest of his interview here.

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