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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Watch Tom Biscardi Discover a Bigfoot Lair on a Choctaw Reservation

Tom Biscardi  in Neshoba County on Saturday April 7, 2012
for a special mission on the Choctaw Reservation

A report filed at Alabama's announces Tom Biscardi's investigation of a possible Sasquatch on the Choctaw Reservation. You can read our complete coverage Tom Biscardi by clicking on his name. 

The WTOK report is below followed by the video.
A self-described Bigfoot hunter was in Neshoba County on Saturday for a special mission.
Tom Biscardi was in Choctaw with his crew at the Choctaw reservation, investigating reports of a creature being spotted there. He told us his team baited some traps and found a lair of some type. Biscardi says he has contacted authorities.
"As a matter of fact we have," according to Biscardi. "There are two officers that don't want to give their names that have actually seen the creatures themselves. One was camping, no more than two weeks ago."
Hear more from Biscardi Sunday night at 10:00 on Newscenter 11. SRC:
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