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Monday, August 27, 2012

National Geographic: The Truth Behind Bigfoot

Anotomy comparison of knee bends illustrating the difficulty
of reproducing  the Sasquatch in the Patterson/Gimlin film

The full episode of National Geographic's Truth Behind episode about Bigfoot is available in full. this is actually our favorite TV Documentary on the subject. After seeing so many you start to think they are all the same. maybe becuase we like computer graphics and 3d images this one sticks out for us. It has all the hallmarks of a TV Bigfoot documentary. Patterson Gimlin footage? Check. Bob Hieronimus? Check. Jeff Meldrum? Check. Hair evidence. Check. Cast Evidence? Check. And so on and so on.

And yet this one is unique. They take 3D digital photos of the sight, it would be interesting if the data is congruent with the recent work done by Robert Leiterman, Steven Streufert, Rowdy Kelly did at the Bluff Creek Sight. Also included is Bill Munns expert analysis of the Patterson Gimlin film itself. Munns has done exhaustive research into every frame of the Patterson Gimlin Film

Size of Patti based on the 3D imaging of Bluff Creek

The video is a must see if you haven't seen the episode. It is not just one of our favorites, it is our absolute favorite. Everything is condensed into 45 minutes and I you can see for yourself in the video below why this is our favorite Bigfoot TV Documentary.

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