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Monday, December 24, 2012

Tim Fasano Gets Local Press on His Bigfoot Search

Florida cabbie, Tim Fasano, on the fourth year of Bigfoot search
“With all the oceans explored, now the great explorers must look inward to find mythical beasts.” -- Tim Fasano

The last time (over a year and a half ago) we did a post about Tim Fasano, it was titled, "Tim Fasano, the "Fifth Beatle" of Finding Bigfoot." In the post we reported Mr. Fasano's claim of turning down an opportunity to be the fifth member of Finding Bigfoot--at least for one episode.

Below is an excerpt from that post.
Tim Fasano, A Tampa Bay taxi driver, claims he was approached by Animal Planet last November and decided he had too much integrity. He begins by claiming after several emails and phone calls, "It became obvious to me that were looking for sensationalism. And that they wanted someone to almost phony it up."

He [Fasano] continues with what broke deal for him, "They wanted me to guarantee they were going to find evidence if they came here. The truth of the matter is, unless I was a hoaxer, as many of you think I am, I can't guarantee you'll find anything" 
Although Mr. Fasano wouldn't give Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot an opportunity to showcase his field research, he did let a local paper interview him. Yesterday (12/23/12) The Palm Beach Post did a story mentioning Mr. Fasano's You Tube success:
His YouTube channel, “FasanoTampa,” has hundreds of videos posted, and they've already gotten more than 1 million views. The videos typically feature the camouflage-wearing Fasano wandering Florida’s swamps in search of clues with his camera. Some of his videos are shot at night, when creature sounds are heard and Fasano narrates to a black screen with a voice dripping with drama.
The article continues to describe what drives Mr. Fasano:
Fasano is used to the skeptics. But he’s too enamored with the quest, which probably has something to do with his philosophy degree.

“I was very interested in exploring the universe and finding out why we are here,” he said. “With all the oceans explored, now the great explorers must look inward to find mythical beasts.”

Fasano and a small band of enthusiasts have created something they call the Florida Bigfoot Organization.

“I’ve been doing it four years now,” he said. “I never thought I would be doing it this long. Every time I think I’m going to quit, I find something.”
The article ends with Tim Fasano predicting the fate of bigfooting, "I don’t know if there is an endpoint, unless you find a dead body. Until a dead body comes along, it will never be classified as an animal.”

SRC: The Palm Beach Post article, "Tampa cabbie’s hunt for Bigfoot in Florida swamps, forests yields more exercise than sightings."

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