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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time Magazine Takes on Bigfoot--Kind of.

Techland is a technology site in partnership with CNN, which is owned by Time/Warner, formerly AOL Time Warner, and formerly two separate corporations until Warner Communications, Inc. and Time Inc., (along with the assets of a third company, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.) formed the current Time Warner.

All this corporate back-story is important, otherwise they wouldn't have turned a regular logo (as seen above) into a black book branded with every media corporation it slept with.

What about Bigfoot? Okay let's get to it. Doug Aamoth is Techland's gadget reviewer, and blogs about gadgets. Today he picked Bigfoot. Ah ah ah, we know Bigfoot is not a gadget, but that does not stop Doug from reviewing him.

The story is nothing new; it has a link to BFRO.Net, ponders the paranormal aspects of bigfoot by quoting Dolores Cannon's book, The Convoluted Universe, Volume 1.

“Any mountainous area where there are snow-capped ranges has this creature. And this creature is extremely shy and afraid of men. It's psychic in the way that it can sense other creatures from a great distance. Usually they hide whenever they sense other creatures. These are related to man in a way. They're kind of like man's little brothers. They are developing intelligence and this planet is capable of supporting more than one intelligent species, if the currently dominant intelligent species will allow it…

…When this species reaches its full potential, it will be equally intelligent as man, but in different ways. And both species will have to do a great deal of adjustment to deal with each other. Because this species is lacking the violent streak that is in man, they are extremely sensitive and shy…

…But they do a good job of hiding. They live all over the planet. They are in the very high remote mountains, as well as the deep rain forests of the tropical areas of the planet. They have adapted to differing climates and altitudes, but they prefer the isolated areas.”

He quotes Dolores Cannon a second time and concludes Bigfoot's elusiveness may be due to ESP. you can read all this good stuff at the links provided below.

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