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Friday, April 20, 2012

Kentucky Bigfoot Goes International -- Again

Charlie Raymond, international Bigfoot ambassador from
Kentucky Bigfoot visit his group at

Forget Finding Bigfoot, It seems Charlie Raymond and his band of merry Bigfooters at Kentucky Bigfoot are our American Bigfoot representatives to our cousins across the pond. You may remember them escorting BBC news earlier this year, it seems the Irish want in on the action. More specifically, Seán Moncrieff, an an Irish broadcaster, journalist and writer. Moncrieff currently presents the weekday afternoon radio show Moncrieff on Newstalk. Tuesdauy's episode. 

Part of the show was slightly misrepresented at You can read the recap below and listen to the interview yourself further down. In our opinion, and we are completely biased, Charlie did an excellent job fielding the predictable questions we have all encountered. You may want to fast forward to the 23:12 mark to get to Charlies Interview. Once again, we salute Kentucky Bigfooters, we are your biggest fans. Great job Charlie.

Seán Moncrieff continued his speciality of drawing interesting information from the most ridiculous of sources.
Tuesday’s unsuspecting subject on Moncrieff (Newstalk, weekdays) was Charlie Raymond of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organisation. The communication methods of Bigfoot (Bigfeet?), we were informed, involve “tree knocking”. One Bigfoot will knock on a tree – an extremely loud noise, apparently – and another in a different part of the woods will respond. Raymond and his fellow researchers emulate this by bashing trees with baseball bats.
“I’ve got immediately a reply back,” Raymond said.
“And you’re sure it’s not an echo?” Moncrieff asked, playing it serious, before asking: “What do you suspect Bigfoot is hitting the tree with? I presume he doesn’t have a baseball bat. Is he bashing his head off it?”
That’s a good question, said Raymond. “We assume they have a large stick, but some other scientists think they might use handclaps.”
Moncrieff drew him out, asking how he knew it wasn’t another researcher hitting a tree – and “Bigfoot could be up some other place, clapping his hands”.
No one can choreograph farce like Moncrieff zipping along with a series of Sunset Beach-esque cliffhangers before the ads kick in. “Up next, robot cats!” he declared gleefully as one’s about-to-switch-over hand dropped in defeat. Robot cats. Well, you’d have to give that a listen.

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