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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Toby Cancels 2012 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

Today we received a letter in our in-box. Regretfully it announced the cancellation of Toby's 3rd annual Sasquatch Symposium. We were looking forward to the event, we were especially looking forward to Bill Munns 3D digital presentation of his Patterson/Gimlin. The following is the full email explaining the details from Toby Johnson.

This is a very difficult letter forme to write you all, but It needs to be written, but the OSS 2012 has been called off.

The cancellation is due to lack of interest in ticket sales for pre-registration.. In other words the numbers do not add up at all for me to continue forward. We have over 400members on the OSS website, and only about 4%  those members have showninterest in attending. Just to give an example, the 2010 OSS had over 140 preregistered tickets that we’re requested by now. The OSS 2011 conference at CWBhad very powerful pre reg. numbers as well, even with its smaller more intimatesize.For some reason, this conference just has not caught on.

Refunds for Pre Registered OSS tickets will be made in full to those who bought them online and who paid inperson. I will send an email to each one of you personally by the 15thof August  and if for some reason you donot get that email, please email me with your receipt for ticket entry and agood address I can send you a refund. Refunds in total will be mailed out bythe 13th of October.

If you have a hotel reservation, Isuggest you cancel the reservation now.
Any further questions you have onthe who, how and why of it all, can be emailed.

Thank You for your understanding
See you in the trees
Toby A. Johnson

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BlogTalkRadio Interview with Toby Johnson Tonight

Toby Johnson, Oregon Sasquatch Symposium organizer and "Friend of the Feet"
"...the annual OSS partly served as Sasquatch support group, albeit one where the therapeutic model is reversed." -- Toby Johnson

March 14th, a month after the discovery of the 122 possible Sasquatch prints, known as the London Tracks, found south of Eugene, Ore, Toby Johnson is interviewed by Alex Midnighht Walker on his BlogtalkRadio channel

At 6:00pm you can tune in to this link and listen to Toby talk a little about this year's Oregon Sasquatch Symposium and Featuring Bob Gimlin and Bill Munns (buy your tickets here). Toby will also discuss the 122 tracks found south of Eugene, Ore., in Cottage Grove. You can read our initial report on the London Tracks, our follow up video-interview with Toby, and Toby's video, "The first 48 hours

The description of tonight's BlogTalkRadio hosted by Alex Midnight Walker is below.

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium organizer Toby Johnson hasn’t seen a Sasquatch first hand, but he is a "Friend of the Feet" none the less! This wasn’t always so. The curiosity of a genuine wooded mystery peaked when he and his son walked upon a 5 toed human looking track back in 2005. Since that day to his surprise, Johnson discovered that the Willamette Valley area is teeming with Sasquatch witnesses that are silent in "mixed" company.

Because of this, the annual OSS partly served as Sasquatch support group, albeit one where the therapeutic model is reversed — instead of opening up and sharing your problems, you’re simply sharing what is actual and factual in a uncommon world view.

Recently on Feb 15th of 2012, Toby Johnson was the first to document and cast the historical London Trackway. The 122 Sasquatch prints from Lane County Oregon is as of today one of the most documented suspected Bigfoot tracks to be investigated. With over 10 Sasquatch researchers on scene, 2+ hours of video, witness testimony, ample sharing of data and a 5 day follow-up into the mountains, The London Prints could serve the whole Sasquatch community as a unmatched resource for years to come.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Co-Host Cliff Barackman to Speak in Portland

(click to see larger version)

Friendly reminder for all you local Portland, Oregon folks. Toby Johnson of the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium fame, and Bigfoot Lunch Club (we did the flyer and the logo) will host Cliff Barackman at the Sasquatch Brewery, a family-safe venue, on Tuesday the 21st. The address for the Sasquatch Brewing Company is 6440 SW Capitoal Hwy. Portland, Oregon.

Cliff has a great presentation on the research he did on a game cam photo. This photo has only been viewed by the public once before at Ray Crowes gathering at Patti's Home Plate Cafe.

Cliff will have excellent copies of famous casts to give away if you can answer Bigfoot trivia questions correctly.

At the following link, you can see Cliff Barackman's announcement. Also, according to Toby's Johnson,  there may be a tease of some recent news of an interesting track find south of Eugene.

Also this will be a great opportunity to buy your tickets to the 3rd Annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium. Tickets will be $25 only $20 bucks!

Remember this year Bob Gimlin and Bill Munns will be doing a joint presentation about Bluff Creek and the patterson film. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 Dates Set for Sasquatch and Suds Meetings in Portland, Oregon

Official poster for the first 3 Sasquatch and Suds events (click to see larger poster)
New details regarding the monthly Sasquatch and Suds events at the Sasquatch Brewery. Save the dates: FEB 21st, Cliff Barackman; MAR 20th, Thom Powell; APR 17th, Beth Heikkenin. These dates have been confirmed by Toby Johnson of the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium. Below you can read a brief Bio of the scheduled speakers .

Cliff's interest in physical evidence led him to take a keen interest in footprint casts. Over the years, what started out as the gathering of a few Bigfoot souvenirs has eventually led him to holding one of the largest cast collections in the country.
A former member of the BFRO, Cliff's expert opinion, level-headed approach and analytical mind are essential. When numbers need to be extracted for the sake of data analysis, or when a footprint needs to be permanently recorded, he is there to offer his unique skills.
Visit the official website and read his blog 
Thom authored a book about Sasquatch research entitled "The Locals" which was described by reviewer Lisa Kearns as, "a brilliant combination of science and storytelling". His was the first book to suggest many fairly radical ideas that have since been endorsed by many contemporary researchers, such as habituation, infrasound, paranormal elements, human levels of intelligence in the Sasquatch, awareness of cameras, and much more.
Thom's newest book "Shady Neighbors" continues his unique ability to craft great narration, while revealing Bigfoot truths. 
Check out the official Shady Neighbors website and read Thom's Blog.
Beth Heikkinen is an independent researcher living in the Pacific NW. Beth's first daytime sighting happened 50 miles from her home. Since that time, and with the help of wonderful people, her background now includes tacking, backpacking and hiking.
Of course we will be there as well, keep up-to-date with the upcoming 2012 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium and OSS sponsored events at the facebook page

Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium Tickets are Available for Purchase

Bob Gimlin with Bill Munns will be speaking together about new digital renderings that Bill will show as an exclusive to the 2012OSS. The two of them will go over the PG film step by step with new evidence to verify what many have already suspected.

We will also be inviting Julie Scott from Washington state. She is the author of "Visits from the Forest People". This eyewitness report details her families encounter at home with a group of Sasquatch in the state of Washington. BUY JULIE'S BOOK

Thom Powell will also be on hand. If you have never heard Thom give a Sasquatch lecture, man oh man...don't miss out this year. Author of "The Locals" and "Shady Neighbors", Thom is known as one the premier researchers into the Sasquatch phenomena. BUY THOM'S BOOKS

Also, photos are on hand of the venue we will be meeting in. Take a look and imagine yourself sitting amongst friends, old and new, at the 2012 OSS. Tickets are now on sale. BUY YOUR TICKET NOW!

$25.oo a ticket....all day fun and invite to the kick off party the night before!!! BUY YOUR TICKET HERE

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium is a Go! Speakers include Bob Gimlin and Bill Munns!

The 2012 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium will be in Portland, Oregon.

Toby Johnson, the big kahuna at OSS, has announced two big names that will be presenting at this years OSS. Click this link to read about the previous Oregon Sasquatch Symposiums.

Bob Gimlin and Bill Munns will actually present in tandem, the topic, believe it or not will be Bluff Creek. This will be the first time both have collaborated together to prepare a presentation. Bill Munns plans on presenting some compelling research he has done with 3d graphics, including details such as exact camera angles.

Bob Gimlin of the Patterson/Gimlin fame.

Bob Gimlin was with Roger Patterson when Patterson filmed the well known Patterson/Gimlin footage in Bluff Creek CA, in 1967. The film shows a large, hairy, female primate walking upright on two feet, and is unquestionably the best known footage of a Sasquatch ever obtained. It's interesting to note that although many dispute the film's authenticity, it has never been proven to be a fake in the years since it was filmed. 

Bill Munns with his recreation of Gigantopithecus 

Bill Munns was first connected to the Bigfoot discussion by virtue of his well publicized full scale reconstructed figure of Gigantopithecus (with him standing beside it), originally published in the book "Other Origins", and subsequently digitized and freely copied into Bigfoot websites and Forums whenever the discussion turned to Gigantopithecus and its potential relationship to the Sasquatch. Bill has worked as a special effects/prosthetics makeup artist since 1969, starting at Universal Studios, under Mike Westmore. During his career, he has made numerous full body suits, fur costumes, masks, and animatronics for various movies, TV shows, and commercials. Based on that experience, in 2008, he began a series of postings online re: "Creature Suit Analysis", with both general information about making creature type suits or costumes for films, and specific references to the ongoing controversy of the Patterson-Gimlin Film, and the debate as to whether what is seen in the film is a real creature or a hoaxed event with a person in a fur suit.

The date is not set in stone, but it is slated for mid to late October. Stay tuned at for future details.

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