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Sunday, August 28, 2011

2nd Season of Finding Bigfoot Shoots in Northern Minnesota

The pictures below are from a previous post of an alleged Bigfoot. It was taken taken at 7:20 pm, on October 24, 2009, on a rainy night, by a game trail camera in woods north of Remer, Minnesota. This photo was paired with the news article that follows. The enhanced outline version is ours.

This is the original, enlarged at a higher density, but otherwise untouched.
(Click picture to enlarge)

The red outlines indicate the artificial folds the "stovepiping" of the the hind pant leg.
(Click picture to enlarge)

Filming of the second season of Finding Bigfoot is underway. According to an article of Minnesota's local news station WDAZ channel 8, the show’s cast and crew traveled to Carlton County to conduct a town hall style meeting. As you may remember this is the formula of the show. The crew has a local town hall, they pick the best stories and then investigate them.

Here is the article in full.

Northern MN 'Bigfoot' Sighting Draws TV Show
By: Jana Peterson

CARLTON COUNTY, MN - Add Bigfoot to the list of possible wild animals to call northern Minnesota home. In recent years, there have been multiple claimed sightings of a tall, hairy, long-limbed creature in Carlton County.

In recent years, there have been multiple claimed sightings of a tall, hairy, long-limbed creature in Carlton County. That news piqued the interest of the cable television show “Finding Bigfoot.” The show’s cast and crew traveled to Carlton County this past week to attempt — once again — to prove the creature’s existence.

Scores of local residents crowded a town hall-style meeting Monday at the Lakeview Community Center southwest of Wright, Minn., to give their accounts, or hear about them.

It was standing-room-only inside the old white wooden building. All 100 seats were full within minutes, with more people standing and sitting along the walls and floors and in the hallway outside the big meeting room. Ages ranged from younger than 5 to older than 80. While not everyone in the room was a Bigfoot believer, most were at least Bigfoot enthusiasts, and/or fans of the “Finding Bigfoot” show.

When the program’s host, Cliff Barackman, asked people to raise their hands if they’d actually seen Sasquatch — another name for Bigfoot — about eight hands went up. When he asked if anyone had heard the creature, the number of hands in the air doubled. Then, when Barackman asked if people had heard stories of sightings and other Bigfoot evidence, nearly every person in the room raised a hand.

It was, the cast and crew agreed, the largest crowd they’ve seen yet for the program’s signature meeting, held simply so the cast and crew can hear as many stories as people want to tell before they head out into the fields and forests to try to track down the elusive creature.

“You have ‘Squatchy’ terrain here,” said Matt Moneymaker, founder and president of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization. “You have a lot of excellent Bigfoot hiding places here — green belts that connect farmlands where the deer like to graze — and we know Sasquatch like deer.”

Audience members didn’t need much prodding to start telling their stories.

‘The ground shook’

Kristy Aho told how she and her children were sitting on the family’s four-wheeler three years ago in September, waiting for her husband, when they heard a loud crash and then something running so hard they felt the ground shake.

“I saw it run by about 15 or 20 feet away,” she said. “I saw its profile; it was running through thick alder brush — brush we couldn’t even walk through — swinging its arms. It had dark hair, kind of longer, shaggy-looking hair but not real thick. You could kind of see through to the skin.”

Her husband, Dale Aho, got a different view of the creature, Kristy said, estimating its height at 8 or 9 feet.

“He had gone into the woods and was circling back toward us when he saw it crouched down,” she related. “It jumped up and started running when it saw him — that was the crash we heard. He saw the whole back of it.”

The next time the Aho family had a run-in with Bigfoot was the next July. They were driving past a trail in their pickup truck at dusk when they spotted two big red eyes reflecting the glow of the truck’s running lights. They backed up and looked, and saw a large hairy creature standing maybe 200 feet away.

“This one actually seemed even bigger,” she said. “It stood there for a while, and we just sat there in the truck, watching. Then it started walking toward us, sort of swaying in a threatening manner it seemed, swinging its arms. It walked about halfway and we got out of there. The kids were crying in the back of the truck. It was scary.”

Ranae Holland was the first of the “Finding Bigfoot” cast to question Kristy Aho; she asked if there are also black bears in the area.

“I’ve seen bear, and there’s no way what I saw was a bear,” Aho said. “It had a kind of hood-shaped head and it was human shaped, but way too big to be human.”

Watching on road

Jenna Wilenius said she was on the return leg of a four-mile run on County Road 30 about 4 p.m. June 12, 2010, when her dog suddenly began acting strangely. Rather than roaming far and wide as it usually did, the dog started running right at her side, and looking backward in a fearful manner.

“To be honest, I didn’t want to look back,” Wilenius told the crowd. “When I finally did look back, it was like a tenth of mile away, standing in the natural position, just looking at me. It wasn’t a bear. It had very long arms and legs and black hair. I think it was 10 or 11 feet tall.”

“I’m thinking that’s the fastest mile you ever ran,” Holland said to Wilenius with a smile.

Wilenius’ neighbor, John Gran, stood up and told how he was driving past the Wilenius home the next day when he saw something standing between the garage and the pine trees.

“It was about the same height as the garage eave,” he said, noting later that he saw a light-colored face and black body with long legs. “I should have stopped, but I was in a hurry to go and mow. It kept bothering me, though, so the next day I stopped at the end of their drive at the same time of day. There was nothing there. No shadows. Nothing that I could have mistaken.”

Forgot camera

Bud Olson has a nice 35 mm camera with a zoom lens, but it wasn’t in his truck the morning he took the newspaper over to his neighbor’s house. Just the day before, he and his son-in-law had heard a weird noise — something they couldn’t identify — when they were gathering sap.

“When I came back across the railroad tracks, there’s this big black thing sitting on the bank, right along the railroad,” Olson told the crowd. “I stopped my [Ford] Ranger and just sat and watched, maybe eight minutes. I could see I made it nervous. The hair on its head grew way down its back; it was black as this shirt. It got up and walked on two back feet. It was no bear.”

When Olson went back later to look for footprints, he didn’t find any on the gravel by the tracks or the grassy embankment. Next time, he said, he hopes to have the camera with him.

Moneymaker marveled at the fact that so many claimed to have seen Bigfoot in broad daylight, including Lorraine Tomczak of Automba Township, who said she saw a Bigfoot-like creature peering in the window of an abandoned trailer, then watched it leave and cross the two-lane road with only a few strides.

After two boys told how they had seen Bigfoot watching them from outside their home, Moneymaker reassured them and others at the meeting that the creatures have never harmed anyone.

“They know humans mean trouble, but they’re also kind of curious,” he said. “If you get to see one, you’re very lucky. And if you ever have the opportunity to film or photograph one, do it. ... And send it to us.”

While no one at Monday’s meeting provided any solid evidence that Sasquatch does, indeed, live in Minnesota or anywhere else, more than a dozen people stayed after the meeting to give the “Finding Bigfoot” crew details of where they had seen or heard the creature.

Others stood around outside, swapping stories or posing for photographs with cast members. Enthusiasts noted that some of the sightings had occurred within a couple miles of the community center where the meeting was held.

Margaret Olson Webster figures she lost several pails of sap courtesy of the creature.

“I was out collecting maple syrup, and I brought a load into camp when I heard this strange noise,” the lifetime Cromwell resident said. “I’ve heard a lot of animals — this was not an animal. I’ve heard a lot of people do lots with their voices; this was not a person. I just froze. I stood awhile, then I heard the sound again, like something was trying to scare me away. I decided I was going to go collect another load of sap. When I came back, there were six pails of sap dumped on the ground.

“I looked for tracks. I went to make sure nothing had come through the property where there is a house. I couldn’t find anything. I think I can safely say it wasn’t human and it wasn’t an animal either.”

After hearing the stories and calling a halt to the meeting — which was being filmed by crew members — as the evening light faded, Moneymaker sounded hopeful.

“Maybe this will be the place we’ll actually get some footage,” he said. SRC:

You can read our previous coverage of Finding Bigfoot

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stillwater Minnesota Bigfoot Video

The above picture is from a frame of a new video that has been making some ripples on the internet. The white outline is ours to demonstrate a few things. One, this is probably the best frame from the video and without the context of the rest of the action, it would have been hard to distinguish the actual Sasquatch. Two, this is the best frame of the video and it gets us no closer to confirming it is a real Sasquatch.

All this is true, but we are firm believers that it is not just the destination it is the journey. Half the fun is getting there. And if we had a third aphorism that made us feel better for not discovering bigfoot yet, we would include it here also.

So let's enjoy the journey, long-time fans know we don't post on every you-tube video that pops up. If you want video analysis, no one does it better that FBFB (Facebook Find Bigfoot) No one does it better. No one.

It comes as no surprise that when a local weekly paper in Minnesota, City Pages does a report on a the Stiollwater bigfoot the video analysys they us is FBFB's.

Below is the article along with the embedded FBFB analysis

Bigfoot sighting in Minnesota woods [VIDEO]
By Mike Mullen Fri., Aug. 12 2011 at 9:47 AM

​Now that the Department of Natural Resources claims to have solved Minnesota's chupacabra mystery, they're going to have to tell us what the hell this thing is.

A Minnesota farmer and his wife were walking in the woods north of Stillwater one July night, when they saw a strange animal, according to a new YouTube video. The couple thought they'd come upon a deer, but heard a "low odd sounding grunt," and decided to get closer and see what it was.

"Doesn't look like a deer to me," the farmer explains in the set-up to the video.

In the video clip the man captured that night -- now the subject of a thorough investigation by a Youtube curator called "SasquatchWatcher" -- a large, red-haired figure is seen passing through the woods for a single fleeting moment.

The tape, as discovered by Karl Bremer at Ripple in Stillwater, is described as taken "near the St. Croix river." Great. Maybe this Bigfoot can be used to fish out some of those flying Asian carp.

According to SasquatchWatcher's expert analysis, the object seen strolling through the woods is, of course, an Auburn Sasquatch. In the video, he analyzes the footage and compares it to other existing footage of Bigfoot (Bigfeet?).

The movement, the coloring, the size, the musculature... there can only be one answer: Bigfoot, the auburn Sasquatch.

"The filmer," the video explains, "answered a few questions, realized this was serious, and wisely chose not to pursue it."

SRC: City Pages
A Ripple in Stillwater

Monday, April 18, 2011

Retired Air Force Sgt Remembers Minnesota Iceman

Wikipedia describes the Minnesota Ice man as:
The Minnesota Iceman is a purported man-like creature frozen in a block of ice and displayed at state fairs or carnivals in and around Rollingstone, Minnesota, and Milwaukee on and around December 17, 1968 as a "missing link". It has been described as male, human-like, 6 ft tall, hairy, with large hands and feet, very dark brown hair about 3 - 4 inches long, and a flattened nose. One of its arms appeared to be broken and one of its eyes appeared to have been knocked out of its socket, allegedly by a bullet that was supposed to have entered the animal's head from behind. If a genuine animal, the specimen would be a significant zoological discovery, as some have suggested the creature was a neanderthal, Bigfoot or Yeti, while others contend that it was a hoax.

The Salisbury Post writes about a retired Air Force Sgt. Thomas Finley and his encounter with the original Minnesota Iceman in 1968 (in 1969 another "version" of the iceman toured the Illinois State Fair; considered a fake with great investigative work by Loren Coleman -- read Rejecting The Minnesota Iceman)

Ever since Finley laid eyes on the Iceman it has inspired his art. As the article continues, it ends with a request from the sergeant to contact him so he can more accurately produce Bigfoot with his paint and canvass.

SALISBURY POST Monday, April 18, 2011 12:00 AM

When writing the stories about Michael Greene’s Bigfoot hunt in conjunction with Animal Planet, I had no idea where they would be read. Retired Air Force Sgt. Thomas Finley, now at home in Essex, England, wrote me for more information. He also sent along two of his own paintings of Bigfoot. Finley is also a Bigfoot hunter. He has been interested in Bigfoot since a visit to the Olmstead County Fair while a youngster in Minnesota. There was a creature frozen in a block of ice called the Minnesota Iceman, and it was purported to be a Bigfoot.

“As a child of eight, I was afraid that the ice would melt and the creature would get me when I was sleeping,” said Finley.

His interest continued through high school, and he once wrote to the FBI about the “Iceman” case. An FBI agent called the house and asked why he needed the information. Finley’s mom told the agent that her son was just 15 years old and was writing a paper for school.

Later, when Finley was interviewing Cuthbert Otten, a mechanic for the famed Flying Tigers of World War ll China, and became even more intrigued. Otten told him of an encounter with a large hairy, man-like creature near the edge of an airfield.

“It was big, and looked like the gorillas that you see in the picture books.”

The Chinese forces on the base called the creature a “Forest Demon,” and said it was bad luck to see one. The next day, Otten rode off into the brush with his friends looking for the creature with Thomas machine guns. They didn’t find him.

Finley is a disabled veteran who formerly worked a sensitive job for the military. He now lives in Essex, England, with his wife Nicola and they have two grown sons. Finley works for an international charitable organization. He has been an artist his whole life and loves to paint Sasquatch, or Bigfoot. Finley has not seen one up close, but is looking for someone who has so that he can do a better portrait of one. One of his hobbies is collecting personal accounts from people all over the world who have had experiences with the paranormal, Bigfoot and other mysterious animals and UFOs.

Finley makes an offer to our readers. He would love to hear from any readers who have stories on any of the above subjects. He prefers older or previously untold accounts, possibly those that would go unrecorded. All who write will be sent a packet of material and a signed print of Bigfoot or UFO artwork that he has personally done. Contact Tom Finley at

Currently Finley’s favorite quote comes from an Osage elder who was asked about his tribal belief in Bigfoot.

“Just because you cannot see him in the forest doesn’t mean he is not there,” said the elder and Finley believes these are good words to live by on the subject.

He also had a few unusual words seldom heard from a Bigfoot enthusiast. “Personally I hope that Bigfoot is never found as it would mean an end to a great mystery,” and then continued “When painting Bigfoot it should be noted; a Bigfoot a day keeps the doctor away.” Finley says “I am not an expert, but I am interested in the accounts people have of these beings. It sounds like fun to me, and I’m sure it will be for Mr. Finley also. I hope gets some good information.

SRC: Salisbury Post Article
Wikipedia: Minnesota Iceman
Loren Coleman's Post: Rejecting The Minnesota Iceman

Arriving late to the Minnesota Bigfoot Party
Bigfoot Communicating by Stick-art in Minnesota?
Utne Reader: The Meaning of the Yeti and Sasquatch

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bigfoot Communicating by Stick-art in Minnesota?

Minnesota ABC Affiliate KSAX-TV files this report of a Minnesota Bigfoot.

It has some of the same things we have come to expect from a news article about Bigfoot. It starts from the perspective of a "skeptic", the "no bear skeleton ever found" defense, and a couple of "true believer" anecdotes.

Sorry to sound so unenthusiastic, but these articles are getting formulaic.

There was a single diamond in the rough:
Other signs Bigfoot exists include branches plucked straight out of trees, strange looking shelters, and stick men to warn other Bigfoot of humans in the area.

We have not heard of the bigfoot using stick-men to warn other Bigfoot about the presence of humans. We looked in our library and found bigfoot described as a stickman by Native Americans and we have even heard of odd stick formations, but nothing as specific as this news article.

Feel free to enlighten us, fans, we would love to hear more about any other stick-man stories.

KSAX-TV Article
Last Time we heard from Minnesota

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Arriving late to the Minnesota Bigfoot Party

"You spent two weeks on a the 911 call from San Antonio and not even a mention of the Minnesota Bigfoot trailcam photo?" This is the response we have been getting last week and until today we have not responded. Let me explain--no not enough time, let me sum up.

First we apologize, after all it is news. Second we assumed the photo spoke for itself. It appears this story has legs and fans want us to do an analysis treatment like we did for the Georgian Hoax and The Dauphin County Photo. Without further ado, here is our analysis of the Minnesota Bigfoot trailcam photo.

For those who don't know. The photos below of an alleged Bigfoot was taken taken at 7:20 pm, on October 24, 2009, on a rainy night, by a game trail camera in woods north of Remer, Minnesota, according to the self-proclaimed, skeptical hunters who set up the camera.

you can click on any picture and it will open an enlarged version of the photo with greater detail.

This is the original, enlarged at a higher density, but otherwise untouched.

First we tried to inverse colors, as opposed to inverse contrast. Inverse contrast can sometimes reveal anomalies, but in a case like this, in which the blobsquatch is almost uniform in shade, we can get better results inversing color. The first thing we noticed was the green hand/glove. Anything in the pic that is green, was either orange before the color inversion or reflecting the orange ambient color created by the flash. Since the hand wasn't orange in the original, we can assume it was reflecting the ambient light, unseen to the naked eye. Skin, even if its black absorbs light, here, almost no light penetrates the hand/glove. The surface of the hand/glove would have to be extremely smooth to produce this effect.

More revealing to us though is how the "skin" seems to hang, wrinkle and sag. Unlike the Bigfoot in the Patterson/Gimlin, this one seems to need a tailor. If you are wearing pants and look at back of your leg while bending your knee, you'll notice a eye/almond shape produced by the fabric bunching up above and below the back of your knee. This occurs in when you bend at your elbow too. These very specific "eye" shapes can be seen in the photo above. The left leg tapers to evenly, like a pair of slacks without any revealing musculature. Finally their is an undeniable baggy sagging and in the butt region.

Hopefully it puts this one to rest.

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