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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Michigan Weekly Offers Bigfooting Advice

MetroTimes suggests looking for tree structures 

"Far and away, Oscoda County has the most bigfoot sightings on record in Michigan." --Alysa Offman, MetroTimes

Metro Times is a weekly alternative news source for the Detroit Area. On June 17th 2014, contributing author, Alysa Offman, offers some great advice for the aspiring bigfooter. To some sage bigfoot field researchers, there may be a few essentials missing, but overall it is a great introduction to getting your feet wet. read an excerpt below followed by a link to the original article.
With dense forested areas, swamps, vast farmlands, and access to plenty of fresh water, Michigan seems an ideal and idyllic setting for a bigfoot. He and his ilk have been seen as far north as the Upper Peninsula and as far south as Monroe County, with new occurrences happening regularly.

Far and away, Oscoda County has the most bigfoot sightings on record in Michigan. Starting in 1976 when a child saw a “6 to 7 foot bigfoot near the Mio Dam” while walking home from school, the bigfoot sightings have since increased, with most occurring near Mio. Jackson County comes in at a close second, with incidents occurring in a concentrated block from 2000 to 2005. Washtenaw County isn’t far behind Jackson’s count; sightings have been happening regularly since 1957.

There’s some debate as to whether or not bigfoot are dangerous. While some researchers paint the creature as a bloodthirsty being that seeks the flesh of women and children; others have reported that sasquatch are generally kind creatures who’ve shown as much curiosity toward humans as we have toward them. 
At one point Alyssa offers a list of what to pack for a bigfoot hunt expedition:
• Flashlight
• Camera
• Binoculars
• Walking stick (generally helps for poking structures or specimens that you may not want to handle directly)
• Plastic bags (if you wish to collect specimens)
• Long sleeves and pants
• Hiking boots
We would like to see some plaster added to the list. If you have anything to add please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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