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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bigfoot Novelist, Kirk Sigurdson, to be Interviewed by Coast-to-Coast Guest Host Dave Shrader

Kultus is one of the Best Reviewed Bigfoot Novels on Amazon
"I will be speaking about my experiences with the supernatural, which also include a plethora of sasquatch encounters over the course of a lifetime" --Kirk Sigurdson

Tonight on Darkeness Radio, Coast-to-Coast guest host Dave Shrader will interview Bigfoot novelist Kirk Sigurdson. Dave Shrader is also the Executive Producer of Darkness on the Edge of Town, a Paranormal Radio show that has been broadcasting since 2006.

Tonight Kirk promises to take us down the rabbit hole into a world that is probably more real than the one we perceive. On his website he writes, "I will be speaking about my experiences with the supernatural, which also include a plethora of sasquatch encounters over the course of a lifetime, particularly my most dramatic sighting that occurred at Spirit Mountain, Oregon, in 2009."

Kirk Sigurdson also notes some interesting hotspots for paranormal and Bigfoot activity:
It's interesting to note that Spirit Mountain is known for all sorts of intra-dimensional phenomenon, including UFO's, orbs (especially mini orbs that seem to function as monitoring probes of sorts), and intra-dimensional portals.

The area actually has a great deal in common with the Skookum Meadow area in Southwestern Washington. Thirteen years ago, I began squatching in earnest between Lone Butte and Squaw Butte (on each side of Skookum Meadow). This was the time that I was conducting a great deal of research for my novel, Kultus.
Check out Kirk tonight 7pm-9pm PST. At 7pm PST you can listen live here.
Click the following link to go to the official Darkness Radio Website.
And of Course you can buy copies of Kirk Sigurdson's Kultus at Amazon

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Unscientific Anthropology and Special Needs Bigfoot

Did Anthropology get giganto wrong and why do some bigfoots get seen?
"Giganto fossils become huge orangs in anthropological fantasies these days" --Kirk Sigurdson on Anthropologist being unscientific

"Although [comparing a sasquatch face to downs-syndrome] makes some people's "politically incorrect" radar go off, it's worth considering from a purely scientific standpoint." --Kirk Sigurdson being scientific

In back-to-back posts Kirk Sigurdson continues his no-apology critical approach to--well, everything. In a new post out today he pushes back against the scientific establishment and challenges what he believes are assumptions. Read an excerpt below:

Giganto fossils become huge orangs in anthropological fantasies these days, which are not very scientific, IMO. Why? They leap to conclusions as fast as their 19th Century brethren attributed human faces to apes in their illustrations and "scholarly" musings.

Unscientific wish-fulfillment [pictured left]: there just isn't enough data to support the conclusion that a giganto looked like this. It's as rash as supposing that gigantos still exist today in the form of bigfoots.

Personally, I am intrigued by the latter hypothesis, but I realize that there simply isn't enough cold hard data to effectively support such a conclusion with any degree of scientific certainty. I find it hypocritical that anthropologists can be so thorough in some ways, and so flippant in others.

Oh well, nobody's perfect, but when the whole field of anthropology gets behind such a preposterous conclusion (that Gigantos are basically overgrown orangs) then I have to reserve a certain amount of suspicion for those at the top that are responsible for pushing such a notion so hard and so deep into the minds of the general public, as well as allegedly "well-educated" Ph.D's.
Click to following link to read the rest Kirk's Gigantopithicus post.

I think, to be fair, anthropologist have made no conclusions. The jury is still out. Anthropologist admit that they are even uncertain about the locomotion. Without a pelvic or leg fossils, it is very possible that giganto is strictly a quadraped walking around on all fours. A bipedal giant orang giganto is a minority view.

In Kirk's other post he takes note that the description of Sasquatch faces have been compared to the same features as down-syndrome.
I've heard the comparison between bigfoot faces and human "Down syndrome-like" faces in connection with some very impressive encounters where the witness was really able to observe the bigfoot's facial structure.

Although this comparison makes some people's "politically incorrect" radar go off, it's worth considering from a purely scientific standpoint.

Down syndrome (DS) people do have different chromosome patterns than standard homo sapien sapiens. Perhaps it is closer to the standard sasquatch chromosome orientation? One thing is certain: Downs cases look alike, and the more acute the incidence of this disorder, the more exaggerated facial features become.
You can read Kirk's post regarding this topic here.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kultus Week, Day 5: Bigfoot and Trolls

A different rendering of the Kultus Bigfoot
Earlier this month novelist Kirk Sigurdson released his much-anticipated novel about Bigfoot. Like any great novel, it's themes transcend what the book is "about". There is no doubt if you are fascinated by Bigfoot and want to read something by somebody who knows a thing or two about the Sasquatch phenomenon, Kultus will be a book you will recommend to a friend.

I feel like a lot of Bigfoot fiction (movies too) fall short because they are usually ONLY about Bigfoot. Too many nods to established Bigfoot canon; Bluff Creek, Ape Canyon, P/G Film. I understand there should be some homage to these pillars of bigfootery, but what about something that stretches us a little?

 This brings us to Kultus. And the Bigfoot troll.

Head detail of Kultus Bigfoot Troll

In the Bigfoot community we have the fortune of Native American oral traditions, these have shaped our curiosity and even our research. What if there is an additional way to describe Bigfoot, based on other traditions? How far have we dug? Are there European or Arabic Bigfoot legends we have ignored?

While the Bigfoot in Kultus is traditional, in the sense that it does not conflict with most behaviors we have heard and read about, it is an inspiration to broaden our understanding of the Sasquatch phenomena. 

At, the companion blog to the Kutus novel, you can read a two-part series on Trolls and Bigfoot. We have a small blurb for part one and part two below. 

The Troll Mythos, Part I

Was Beowulf essentially a tale of the first "bigfooter?" Perhaps. Most literary critics, college professors, and armchair anthropologists today have no idea that readers of Beowulf (or listeners to the oral tradition) were terrified of real life bog beasts, just as Native Americans were terrified of Bigfoot.  And there is a very good reason for this parallel. Read more of Troll Mythos, Part I

The Troll Mythos, Part II

To ancient Europeans, these creatures were known as "trolls."  As centuries passed, the legends became myths and these myths then devolved into silly caricatures of themselves. This tendency actually parallels modern science's reluctance to analyze a species of relict hominid that has been around far longer than the discipline of science, and perhaps even homo homo sapiens. The irony of such a parallel is not lost on me. If the proof is in the pudding, then the troll is in the machine, so to speak. Read more of Troll Mythos Part II

You can buy the novel Kultus from Amazon at the link below or buy signed copies from Kirk Sigurdson himself at

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Today in Bigfoot History | Dec 12, 2012 | Bigfoot Spotted near Cultus (Kultus?) Lake

This little feller look like Chaka from The Land of the Lost series
My name is Sanel Hodzic and today December 12, 2012 at approximately 3 pm I was hiking with my dog up Teapot Hill Hiking Trail near Cultus Lake Provincial Park in the Fraser Valley nearest would be toward Chilliwack., British Columbia, Canada. 

On my way down the trail I was changing my music on my iPhone not really paying attention to my surroundings when I noticed that my dog, Lila was barking like crazy. She was about 5 feet ahead of me and staring off into the distance. So I stopped and looked ahead when I noticed something in the bushes about 50 feet ahead of me. I was so scared that I froze and just kept staring at it. After about a 10 second stare down I switched my camera on and quickly took a picture. Meanwhile my dog is still barking like crazy. I then picked up a rock and threw it in the direction of the thing and then I quickly turned around and ran back up the hill. I waited about until I saw someone else coming down the hill and followed him closely behind all the down. I do believe I saw the Sasquatch/Bigfoot that day. 

If I could describe it I would say he was about 8-9 feet tall, very hairy and big. His skin colour was brownish. His face was something like a monkey/ape. I took with a full zoom with my iPhone 4. He was about 50 yards away from me. He’s in the middle right-ish of the picture. Only thing I noticed really was how he was standing, looking at me. It had a long face, but bigger forehead with long hair starting from about the top of its head.

Sanel Hodzic, Chilliwack, BC 

Where the sighting took place
Interesting that this sighting took place near Cultus lake while we are celebrating Kultus week. This of course is a homophone; a word that sounds the same but is spelled differently.

While we are at it you should check out the first three chapters of the novel Kultus at

And if you want to read the current best Bigfoot novel,  you can buy it from using the link below.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kultus Book Week Day 3: Sasquatch and Us Interview with Kirk Sigurdson.

Screen shot from Christopher Munch's documentary Sasquatch and Us
"Chris Munch's film, Letters from the Big Man, is today the most philosophical story ever to grace the silver screen involving a sasquatch."

Kirk Sigurdson's novel, Kultus is now available on This entire week we have been celebrating the launch of his book, here at the website and also on the Bigfoot Lunch Club Facebook Page.

While a few of you are just now becoming familiar with Kirk Sigurdson, many of you know he has been a major influence in the community for almost over a decade. In fact one of his greatest contributions hass been as a consultant to Christopher Munch's well-reviewed movie Letters from The Big Man

In his blog post, "Bonus Feature Interview in Letters From The Big Man" Kirk describes the opportunity:

Thom [Powell] and I helped to steer Chris towards a deep and meaningful direction. In his usual way, Thom was the enabler. He encouraged Chris to "go there." And since I had just returned from "there," I was more than happy to share my insights.

"There," in the context of our discussion, involved sasquatch as not merely a relict species of hominid, but also as a deeply complex being that quite possibly pushes the boundaries of that magical place between known and unknown technologies. Yes, that's right, we made it abundantly clear to Chris that the rumors about sasquatch and intra-dimensional goings-on were more than merely the wishful thinking of New Age tree-huggers and faerie dust.

As you may know, the rest is history: Chris Munch's film, Letters from the Big Man, is today the most philosophical story ever to grace the silver screen involving a sasquatch. I feel privileged to have been included in the "brain storming" stages of the project, prior to when Chris began conjuring his imaginary world into which his story line figured prominently.
After the film was completed, Christopher Munch wanted to add a bonus feature for the DVD release. The feature would include many of the people Christopher had come in contact with. Watch  a few excerpts featuring Kirk Sigurdson below.

Read a preview chapter 1 of Kultus
Buy Kirk's Book at
Check out the DVD

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kultus a Bigfoot Book Written by Accomplished Novelist Kirk Sigurdson

Kultus: Kirk Sigurdson's 5th Novel 
You can buy Kultus at or get signed copies of Kultus at

As editor of, I have read about every Bigfoot book out there (fiction and non-fiction). Except for Shady Neighbors and Eve, many times the fiction novels can fall a little short. This book is another exception and definitely sets the bar for Bigfoot literature.

Kirk Sigurdson is a professional novelist and it shows with every line, page, and chapter. The overall story arc is riveting, relying on many Sasquatch scenarios familiar to the Bigfoot community. The strength of this novel is it will appeal to anybody who loves a mystery and is willing to meet interesting characters. This novel stands on its own as great fiction, it just happens to have a Bigfoot--and this Bigfoot is like no other.

Read a synopsis about the book below:
Kultus is the fifth novel written by Kirk. It touches upon the universal nature of love, sentience, and the sustainability of resources in a world burdened with an ever-growing human population. A surprising amount of research from the fields of anthropology and cryptozoology helps to enrich the story with realistic details. Like Upton Sinclair's, The Jungle, Kultus has the power to transform society for the better. Its social commentary about non-human intelligence is at once captivating, and also chilling.
The Author, Kirk Sigurdson is currently a Professor of Writing and English literature at Portland Community his research for the novel included venturing dozens and dozens of times into Sasquatch "hot spots" for overnighters, often with friends who shared some very unique experiences. If you were fortunate enough to get the Letters from the Big Man DVD, it included a bonus documentary which featured Kirk. Kirk has also been a guest writer here at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

You can buy Kultus at or get signed copies of Kultus at is also home to Kirk Sigurdson's new blog where he will share his unique perspective on Bigfoot and the world at large. 

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