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Monday, June 18, 2012

Kick Ass Oregon History Presents: Bigfoots in Oregon

Imagine you meet a girl who tells you she spent the previous afternoon drinking in a bar with the state of Oregon. During this wet afternoon Oregon spilled it's historical guts. This is the premise of the home of kick ass Oregon history.

This is a brilliant website finely crafted by Doug Kenck-Crispin, a graduate student at Portland State University in the Public History Program, and Andy Lindberg, an actor, designer, musician.

June is Bigfoot month at a/k/a Kick Ass Oregon History. In order to celebrate they have already had two podcasts, Bigfoots in Oregon Part 1 and Bigfoots in Oregon Part 2 (embedded at the bottom of the page) and will be speaking this Tuesday (6/19/2012) in Portland, Oregon at Jack London bar (basement of the Rialto, SW 4th and Alder). Free to get in, but must be 21 or over – there’s a full bar!

This will be the history of Bigfoot in Oregon from a bona fide historian! Who also happens to be engaging and entertaining. We can't wait and if you can't make it to the event we will do our best to share it with you after we attend.

Below is an excerpt from the announcement on the Dave Knows Best site.

Stumptown Stories: Bigfoots in Oregon (19-June-2012)
Posted on 17 June 2012
The Stumptown Stories: Free Tuesday Lecture Series, geared to anyone who is curious about the world and community in which we live and loves to learn new things, takes place most Tuesdays at Jack London bar (basement of the Rialto, SW 4th and Alder). Free to get in, but must be 21 or over – there’s a full bar!
This Tuesday, June 19, 2012 join Kick Ass Oregon History‘s resident historian Doug Kenck-Crispin as he presents Bigfoots in Oregon.

You see, June is BigFoot month at

“So Sasquatch?” you rightfully ask, respectfully skeptical Ass Kicker. “Do we even know if Bigfoot is real, for realz?” And that is a great question to ask. In fact, we THANK YOU for asking such a question. And the answer to that question is, to quote Brandt, “well Dude, we just don’t know…”

If we dig deeper behind the methodology of the question, we might wonder that if something is not real, let’s say a One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater, then can it really be called “History?” And I, the Resident Historian of this learned site, counter with a resounding… “Maybe…”

We don’t know if there are Bigfoots. We do know that Native Americans in the area have disparate oral traditions of things that might be considered Bigfoot-esque. We also know there have been some crazy big prints found, some difficult to identify scat and hair, and almost innumerable sightings reported. But we don’t have a (thank God) Sasquatch in a cage, a body in the woods, or even a portion of the aforementioned to really examine and prove existence definitively. So in a sense, I feel it is a fair statement to proclaim that we don’t have a real history of this beast to present.

But there is NO disputing that there is a phenomenon that is called “Bigfoot.” Thousands of sightings have taken place of this gentle giant of the woods, and he (or the lactating “shes”) have left their imprint on the legacy of Oregon’s History.

The presentation begins at 7:30 p.m. Always free. Always fascinating.
And don’t miss the Bigfoots of Oregon Kick Ass Oregon History podcasts – part 1 and part two (embedded below) are live!

Kick Ass Oregon History: Bigfoots in Oregon | PART ONE

Kick Ass Oregon History: Bigfoots in Oregon | PART TWO

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