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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sasquatch Science Peer Review Worth Paying Attention To

Is the Bigfoot Community, Charlie Brown and Melba, Lucy?
Scientific peer review on Sasquacth? We are not talking about Melba Ketchum. We have gone on record as not being too excited about Melba Ketchum and her potential research. We definitely have not covered it as mush as the other Bigfoot sites. For us, there have been too many red flags. The in-fighting, the fractioning of the original group, the moving of the goal posts of release date, the challenge of a peer group being able to duplicate the source DNA themselves. To us, there are many factors that contribute to our lack of confidence in the research.

We would be happy to be wrong. We would also welcome any contrary opinions. 

Logo for The Journal of Cryptozoology

That being said, we are excited about a new journal promising peer review research in the field of Cryptozoology. It is simply titled, Journal of Cryptozoology. Loren Coleman has announced it at Cryptomundo. Go check it out to get the details. Below is an excerpt describing the journal itself.

Dr Karl P.N. Shuker [of Shuker Nature] , the Editor, of the new Journal of Cryptozoology has announced this fresh peer-reviewed publication. Since the journal is planned to be a scientific one devoted to a specific subdiscipline of zoology, i.e. cryptozoology, it must adhere to the same structure and procedures that scientific journals devoted to mainstream subdisciplines of zoology adhere to, which involves submitted papers being assessed by academically-qualified zoologists with specialized knowledge in that particular subdiscipline.
Those involved in the Journal of Cryptozoology have established scientific credentials. You can read more details from Loren Coleman at his post titled, "Journal of Cryptozoology". We are very excited about this new peer reviewed journal.

Please send us your thoughts about Melba Ketchum, tell us why we are wrong, or why you feel the same way.
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