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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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Monday, November 9, 2009

Dauphin County Bigfoot Photos Enhanced

Don't be too excited about the video below. The newsclip does not reveal more than the still frame below. At the end of the clip the news people said they had moving video of the blobsquatch but the camera was moving too fast to make anything of it, so they only provided the still frame below.

It doesn't take much to reveal the blurry blob is really hanging moss from the branch in the foreground. By filtering the colors and highlights of the photo much is revealed.

This is the original photo

This is the photo with just the contrast adjusted, you can already see, what looked like highlights were really just the background foliage showing through, and you can even see how the moss is "tied" around the branch.

Finally this is extremely enhanced to show the outline of the moss itself.

I would love to see a new photo of Bigfoot, but this aint one.

Another Biscardi Backed Bigfoot

The photo above looks like a piece of moss to me. Despite my opinion WHTM-TV News deemed it necessary to give Tom Biscardi a mention on their web page:
Dauphin County, Pa. - A Dauphin County man, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he may have caught images of Bigfoot with his flip-cam.

He says he was hiking the Appalachian Trail with his wife back in October when he came across what looked like a fort. He started filming, and says that's when he started hearing strange noises.

"I panicked. There's something up in these woods."

When he got home, he saw a strange image on the video. "My wife said, 'What is that?' The video has captured the attention of Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi. Tom is the CEO and Founder of the company "Hunting For Bigfoot."

Tom says he's passionate about Bigfoot, because he has had sightings himself. Tom and his crew searched the area where the video was shot Sunday afternoon. Tom says he plans on proving Bigfoot exists by capturing one.

It never bodes well when Tom Biscardi backs a Bigfoot sighting. How this guy still manages to get in the news is amazing to us Bigfooters. The above picture is from the press conference of the Georgian Gorilla Hoax of August 2008. He also is responsible for a hoax in 2005. A quick Wikipedia lookup will expose Biscardi for who he is:

2005 hoax

On July 14, 2005, Biscardi appeared on the radio program Coast to Coast AM and claimed he was "98% sure" his group would be able to capture a Bigfoot near Happy Camp, California. On August 19, he returned to say he knew of the location of a captured Bigfoot specimen, and that he would air footage of the creature through a $14 web-cam service. However, on the day the footage was to be distributed, Biscardi claimed he was "hoodwinked" by a woman in Stagecoach, Nevada, and that the specimen did not exist. Coast to Coast AM host George Noory demanded that Biscardi refund the money to people who had paid for the web-cam subscription. Biscardi then offered a refund on his website to those who had subscribed for the service after August 19.

2008 hoax

In summer 2008, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer of Georgia announced that they had discovered the carcass of a 7-foot-7-inch, 500-pound Bigfoot-like creature while hiking through the northern mountains of their state. They said they had placed the body in a freezer in an undisclosed location. They also claimed to have seen three similar creatures when they found the body.Tom Biscardi teamed up with Whitton and Dyer to promote the claim that they had a Bigfoot corpse, and promised the media DNA evidence. The three held a press conference in California, where they showed photographs of the alleged creature. Whitton boasted, “Everyone who has talked down to us is going to eat their words." Biscardi also tried to reassure the media of the corpse's authenticity, saying, "Last weekend, I touched it, I measured its feet, I felt its intestines."

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer have since admitted that it was a rubber costume.

Matthew Whitton, a police officer in Clayton County, Georgia, put his career into jeopardy after participating in the hoax. Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner said, "Once he perpetrated a fraud, that goes into his credibility and integrity. He has violated the duty of a police officer." Biscardi claimed that he was deceived, and that he was seeking justice.

Source: Tom Biscardi. (2009, November 1). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 12:03, November 9, 2009, from

You can read the full WHTM-TV article yourself here.

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