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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman on Fox & Friends

Steve Doocy Interviewing Cliff Barackman on Fox &Friends
Is Bigfoot Out There? This is the title that is paired with the Fox and Friends interview Cliff Barackman. As usual Cliff keeps a cool head and does a great job representing those of us who believe in Bigfoot.

Is Bigfoot Out There?
Jan 5, 2012- 3:28 -
Search continues on second season of Animal Planet's hit show


Oh you may want to see previous coverage of Bigfoot by Fox and Friends.

After The Show Show: Bigfoot Debunked
Mar 26, 2011- 4:26 -
The gang debates new a Bigfoot video


They are of couse refering to the Thomas Byers video of "Bigfoot" along Golden Valley Church Road in Rutherford County back in March 22, 2011.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Co-Host Cliff Barackman Releases NY Baby Bigfoot Field Notes

Cliff Barackman monkeying around in NY
"At one point while Bobo and I were puzzling over how to proceed through the thicket of brambles, we heard two clear knocks coming from the woods. I would guess they came from about 75 or 100 yards away, but this is uncertain. (The sounds in the show are in fact the real knocks, by the way.) They were very loud and crisp, and in my opinion were obviously made by a bigfoot." -- Cliff Barackman
Just like in Season One of Finding Bigfoot, Cliff Barackman continues to publish his field notes after the airing of each new episode. These commentaries offer greater detail and information that can never be encapsulated within a one-hour TV show.

Read the commentary for last night's NY Baby Bigfoot Episode.

You can catch future commentaries by visiting the Finding Bigfoot: Season Two page of

You might want to subscribe Cliff's Official Blog: North American Bigfoot and even become a fan of his Official North American Bigfoot Facebook Page.

Friday, December 30, 2011

New York Times Reviews Finding Bigfoot Season 2

Left to Right: Cliff Barackman, James "Bobo" Fay, Ranae Holland, Matt Moneymaker 
"[Dutchess County Residents] are exactly the kind of people who might be encountering sasquatches every once in a while on their own property." -- Cliff Barackman 
Be Wary of Bobo, Sasquatch 
Published: December 30, 2011
It was bad enough to see them terrorizing Florida, Oregon, Washington State, Alaska and the other places visited in Season 1 by the sasquatch hunters of “Finding Bigfoot,” a documentary series on Animal Planet. But the opening episode of Season 2 on Sunday night finds the investigators just a few hairy strides from New York City. How would you like to be jostling for a seat on the subway with a cranky, possibly fictitious 10-foot biped who hasn’t had his morning coffee yet?
The show follows Matt Moneymaker, president of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, and three sidekicks — Cliff Barackman, Ranae Holland and James Fay — as they investigate Bigfoot sightings with fancy-looking audio equipment and those cameras that record grainy, ghostly images in the dark. In Sunday’s episode they travel to the Catskills to try to show that footage of something climbing in a tree, captured accidentally 15 years ago, is proof of a Bigfoot infestation in the area.
The film, made during a music festival and generally known as the New York Baby Footage, comes from a man named Douglas Pridgen, who was shooting home movies with friends around a campfire. He tells the “Finding Bigfoot” crew that he did not notice the beast lurking in a tree in the background until a few years later, when he was transferring the footage to another format.
The film has been on the Internet for years and has drawn its share of skeptics. Some think the animal is just someone’s pet monkey. That the film was shot during a music festival has also been occasion for comment.
“Hippies are responsible for a lot of big foot sightings because of their hair and scent,” someone has posted under one YouTube version of the footage.
Mr. Moneymaker and his team go to the spot where the film was made, in Ulster County, and, by having Mr. Barackman clamber up a tree, prove conclusively that the thing in the footage looks nothing like a tree-climbing male adult human. At least one team member, though, had already made his mind up. “We’re clearly looking at a baby sasquatch in this footage,” Mr. Fay announced earlier in the show, his credibility only slightly diminished by the fact that his nickname is Bobo.
The crew also convenes a town meeting across the Hudson in Pawling, N.Y., in Dutchess County, where residents, Mr. Barackman explains, “are exactly the kind of people who might be encountering sasquatches every once in a while on their own property.”
The investigators invite those who attend to relate their sightings of Bigfoot or Bigfoot tracks, and quite a few do. By plotting the locations of these sightings, the investigators determine that the beasts seem to hang out in the vicinity of the Appalachian Trail.
“We think the Bigfoots use that as their highway,” Mr. Moneymaker says.
The team sets up nighttime surveillance in the woods in hopes of meeting some Bigfoots, bellowing an occasional sasquatch call — a cross between a police siren and an ill baby — through the hills to try to get the creatures interested in a rendezvous. As is usual for this absurd but delightfully addictive show, Mr. Moneymaker’s crew does not capture a Bigfoot, either on film or in the flesh. But the investigators nonetheless amass almost irrefutable evidence that the Catskills and Dutchess County are crawling with the critters: ¶When Mr. Pridgen appears on camera, the identifying label under his name says, “New York Bigfoot Witness.” Same thing for a couple of Pawling residents who describe sightings. Would Animal Planet, which has brought us rigorously scientific shows like “Hillbilly Handfishin’ ” and “Rat Busters NYC,” allow someone to be called a “Bigfoot Witness” on TV if he had not witnessed a Bigfoot? Seems unlikely.
Though the team does not find any Bigfoots, it does find a deer, and deer, as someone points out, are prime sasquatch food.
When the crew goes into the woods at night, it records assorted noises. And what possible explanation could there be for noises in a nighttime forest other than Bigfoots?
It seems clear, then, that these things are massing for an invasion of New York City. We need to act now, and decisively.
As with a military campaign, we need to sever their communication and supply route, i.e., the Appalachian Trail. Put up one of those police sawhorse barricades, or perhaps a sternly worded sign: “Absolutely no Bigfoots allowed.”
Clear cutting the Catskills would also seem advisable. At least then we’d be able to see the danged things. Any battlefield strategist knows that the key to dealing with invisible enemies is to flush them into the open.

Make sure you catch Finding Bigfoot Sunday night Jan 1st!
And catch after the show videos at

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Host, Cliff Barackman, Details His Bluff Creek Solo Adventure

Cliff Barackman looking for signs of Bigfoot

"From the southwest came a large boom, wood on wood, echoing from the valley below. It was distant, but unmistakeable: a huge response to my knock. They were there." -- Cliff Barackman

Fans, it is no secret that we think Cliff Barackman is doing the best field research out there. Some of his best research and findings don't make it to the show Finding Bigfoot, this is completely understandable, after all there are 3 other hosts and only an hour-long show.

Fortunately there is a place where you can get Finding Bigfoot video debriefs and well-written posts by Cliff himself on his blog North American Bigfoot. Below is a short excerpt from his latest post dated (SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2011):

After our first night investigation, Bobo, Ranae, and Matt went back to Willow Creek, leaving me out in the wilds. With me was Craig Flipy, who would be filming my “solo” adventure. I was thankful to have Craig there because he and I work together on a very regular basis. We film our after-episode video debriefs, and have made a number of short webisodes about our forays into the wild. I was also given four nights in the woods to make some good bigfoot TV, as opposed to the three nights originally proposed. A new feature for season two of Finding Bigfoot is that one of us spends some time with only a bigfooty cameraman to try to get a close approach by a bigfoot. The fact that I was given an extra night was good news, as was the fact that I got to do it in Bluff Creek, an area I'm intimately familiar with.

The first night was spent on the old Bluff Creek Road that parallels the creek right above Louse Camp. There have been two sightings on that short section of road over the last three years. Bedding down in the middle of the path seemed like a good way to have a bigfoot stumble over you, so I went for it. I only got quail on my game camera that night. It was still nice to sleep out under the stars.

During my solo investigation, there are lots of scenes of me walking through beautiful meadows. These are located at Laird Meadow, half way up the slope from Louse Camp to Onion Mountain. Laird Meadow is actually a broken chain of meadows that extend on both sides of the road for nearly a mile. Separating these meadow oases are woods, with dense, shrubby undergrowth. Laird Meadow is the site of some interesting footprints found back in October 20 of 1963. A Forest Service timber cruiser named Pat Graves ran across Roger Patterson on October 21, 1963 and told him about some nearby prints that he saw the day before on a logging landing (Roger wrote in his book that the prints were found in 1964, but the original casts had the date etched into their backsides, and clearly stated 1963). I go to Laird whenever I can. There are some excellent meadows for tracking, and there is certainly a ton of food and animals in the area to make it worthy of a look when I'm in the neighborhood.

Read the rest including the paragraph with the wood-knocking quote above at

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cliff Barackman found at Sasquatch Brewery

Looks like season 2 of Finding Bigfoot is a wrap and Cliff Barackman is enjoying the local fare back home in Portland, Oregon.

Where was Cliff found? According to a great local Portland Blog,, he was at the Sasquatch Brewery. You can read all the details at the

Don't forget to check out Cliff and the gang on the new season of Animal Planet. Read the The official announcement of Finding Bigfoot season 2.

Looks like Animal Planet is replaying Season one with pop-up commentaries here's a few screen shots below.

Cliff Barackman's Official Website
Cliff Barackman's Blog
Cliff Barackman's Facebook Page
Cliff Barackman's Prints/Cast Database

Check out our previous coverage of Cliff Barackman

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Andy Finkle Baldfoot T-Shirts Selling Fast

This unique Andy Finkle Baldfoot t-shirt design could be yours! Only four left! Two mediums, one large and one x-large.

You may be familiar with Andy Finkle's unique style he has done portraits of Loren Coleman, Cliff Barackman and Mike Rugg.

The best part is this shirt glows in the dark!

So what are you waiting for? Go to this page and buy the last four available shirts left! Be the envy of your bigfoot friends and help one of cryptozoology's favorite artist! Check out more details at this link!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

2nd Season of Finding Bigfoot Shoots in Northern Minnesota

The pictures below are from a previous post of an alleged Bigfoot. It was taken taken at 7:20 pm, on October 24, 2009, on a rainy night, by a game trail camera in woods north of Remer, Minnesota. This photo was paired with the news article that follows. The enhanced outline version is ours.

This is the original, enlarged at a higher density, but otherwise untouched.
(Click picture to enlarge)

The red outlines indicate the artificial folds the "stovepiping" of the the hind pant leg.
(Click picture to enlarge)

Filming of the second season of Finding Bigfoot is underway. According to an article of Minnesota's local news station WDAZ channel 8, the show’s cast and crew traveled to Carlton County to conduct a town hall style meeting. As you may remember this is the formula of the show. The crew has a local town hall, they pick the best stories and then investigate them.

Here is the article in full.

Northern MN 'Bigfoot' Sighting Draws TV Show
By: Jana Peterson

CARLTON COUNTY, MN - Add Bigfoot to the list of possible wild animals to call northern Minnesota home. In recent years, there have been multiple claimed sightings of a tall, hairy, long-limbed creature in Carlton County.

In recent years, there have been multiple claimed sightings of a tall, hairy, long-limbed creature in Carlton County. That news piqued the interest of the cable television show “Finding Bigfoot.” The show’s cast and crew traveled to Carlton County this past week to attempt — once again — to prove the creature’s existence.

Scores of local residents crowded a town hall-style meeting Monday at the Lakeview Community Center southwest of Wright, Minn., to give their accounts, or hear about them.

It was standing-room-only inside the old white wooden building. All 100 seats were full within minutes, with more people standing and sitting along the walls and floors and in the hallway outside the big meeting room. Ages ranged from younger than 5 to older than 80. While not everyone in the room was a Bigfoot believer, most were at least Bigfoot enthusiasts, and/or fans of the “Finding Bigfoot” show.

When the program’s host, Cliff Barackman, asked people to raise their hands if they’d actually seen Sasquatch — another name for Bigfoot — about eight hands went up. When he asked if anyone had heard the creature, the number of hands in the air doubled. Then, when Barackman asked if people had heard stories of sightings and other Bigfoot evidence, nearly every person in the room raised a hand.

It was, the cast and crew agreed, the largest crowd they’ve seen yet for the program’s signature meeting, held simply so the cast and crew can hear as many stories as people want to tell before they head out into the fields and forests to try to track down the elusive creature.

“You have ‘Squatchy’ terrain here,” said Matt Moneymaker, founder and president of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization. “You have a lot of excellent Bigfoot hiding places here — green belts that connect farmlands where the deer like to graze — and we know Sasquatch like deer.”

Audience members didn’t need much prodding to start telling their stories.

‘The ground shook’

Kristy Aho told how she and her children were sitting on the family’s four-wheeler three years ago in September, waiting for her husband, when they heard a loud crash and then something running so hard they felt the ground shake.

“I saw it run by about 15 or 20 feet away,” she said. “I saw its profile; it was running through thick alder brush — brush we couldn’t even walk through — swinging its arms. It had dark hair, kind of longer, shaggy-looking hair but not real thick. You could kind of see through to the skin.”

Her husband, Dale Aho, got a different view of the creature, Kristy said, estimating its height at 8 or 9 feet.

“He had gone into the woods and was circling back toward us when he saw it crouched down,” she related. “It jumped up and started running when it saw him — that was the crash we heard. He saw the whole back of it.”

The next time the Aho family had a run-in with Bigfoot was the next July. They were driving past a trail in their pickup truck at dusk when they spotted two big red eyes reflecting the glow of the truck’s running lights. They backed up and looked, and saw a large hairy creature standing maybe 200 feet away.

“This one actually seemed even bigger,” she said. “It stood there for a while, and we just sat there in the truck, watching. Then it started walking toward us, sort of swaying in a threatening manner it seemed, swinging its arms. It walked about halfway and we got out of there. The kids were crying in the back of the truck. It was scary.”

Ranae Holland was the first of the “Finding Bigfoot” cast to question Kristy Aho; she asked if there are also black bears in the area.

“I’ve seen bear, and there’s no way what I saw was a bear,” Aho said. “It had a kind of hood-shaped head and it was human shaped, but way too big to be human.”

Watching on road

Jenna Wilenius said she was on the return leg of a four-mile run on County Road 30 about 4 p.m. June 12, 2010, when her dog suddenly began acting strangely. Rather than roaming far and wide as it usually did, the dog started running right at her side, and looking backward in a fearful manner.

“To be honest, I didn’t want to look back,” Wilenius told the crowd. “When I finally did look back, it was like a tenth of mile away, standing in the natural position, just looking at me. It wasn’t a bear. It had very long arms and legs and black hair. I think it was 10 or 11 feet tall.”

“I’m thinking that’s the fastest mile you ever ran,” Holland said to Wilenius with a smile.

Wilenius’ neighbor, John Gran, stood up and told how he was driving past the Wilenius home the next day when he saw something standing between the garage and the pine trees.

“It was about the same height as the garage eave,” he said, noting later that he saw a light-colored face and black body with long legs. “I should have stopped, but I was in a hurry to go and mow. It kept bothering me, though, so the next day I stopped at the end of their drive at the same time of day. There was nothing there. No shadows. Nothing that I could have mistaken.”

Forgot camera

Bud Olson has a nice 35 mm camera with a zoom lens, but it wasn’t in his truck the morning he took the newspaper over to his neighbor’s house. Just the day before, he and his son-in-law had heard a weird noise — something they couldn’t identify — when they were gathering sap.

“When I came back across the railroad tracks, there’s this big black thing sitting on the bank, right along the railroad,” Olson told the crowd. “I stopped my [Ford] Ranger and just sat and watched, maybe eight minutes. I could see I made it nervous. The hair on its head grew way down its back; it was black as this shirt. It got up and walked on two back feet. It was no bear.”

When Olson went back later to look for footprints, he didn’t find any on the gravel by the tracks or the grassy embankment. Next time, he said, he hopes to have the camera with him.

Moneymaker marveled at the fact that so many claimed to have seen Bigfoot in broad daylight, including Lorraine Tomczak of Automba Township, who said she saw a Bigfoot-like creature peering in the window of an abandoned trailer, then watched it leave and cross the two-lane road with only a few strides.

After two boys told how they had seen Bigfoot watching them from outside their home, Moneymaker reassured them and others at the meeting that the creatures have never harmed anyone.

“They know humans mean trouble, but they’re also kind of curious,” he said. “If you get to see one, you’re very lucky. And if you ever have the opportunity to film or photograph one, do it. ... And send it to us.”

While no one at Monday’s meeting provided any solid evidence that Sasquatch does, indeed, live in Minnesota or anywhere else, more than a dozen people stayed after the meeting to give the “Finding Bigfoot” crew details of where they had seen or heard the creature.

Others stood around outside, swapping stories or posing for photographs with cast members. Enthusiasts noted that some of the sightings had occurred within a couple miles of the community center where the meeting was held.

Margaret Olson Webster figures she lost several pails of sap courtesy of the creature.

“I was out collecting maple syrup, and I brought a load into camp when I heard this strange noise,” the lifetime Cromwell resident said. “I’ve heard a lot of animals — this was not an animal. I’ve heard a lot of people do lots with their voices; this was not a person. I just froze. I stood awhile, then I heard the sound again, like something was trying to scare me away. I decided I was going to go collect another load of sap. When I came back, there were six pails of sap dumped on the ground.

“I looked for tracks. I went to make sure nothing had come through the property where there is a house. I couldn’t find anything. I think I can safely say it wasn’t human and it wasn’t an animal either.”

After hearing the stories and calling a halt to the meeting — which was being filmed by crew members — as the evening light faded, Moneymaker sounded hopeful.

“Maybe this will be the place we’ll actually get some footage,” he said. SRC:

You can read our previous coverage of Finding Bigfoot

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Washington Commentary and Video Debrief

These are supplementary gems to the Animal Planet Episodes of Finding Bigfoot

In the Washington Commentary and debrief video, you can expect more info regarding the Silver Star photograph and even some interesting comments on the connection of Bigfoot and Graveyards.

Read the Cliffs Finding Bigfoot Washington Commentary
Watch Clif's Finding Bigfoot Washington Video Debrief

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Cast Members Answering Questions

Left to right (Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, Ranae Holland, and James "Bobo" Fay)

The cast of Finding bigfoot comment on Florida Episode. All agree that the handprint inside the glass door of the bridges home was beyond any doubt, a genuine handprint.

Mrs. Bridges was a professional investigator who has worked with dogs (ruling out a misidentified canine smudge).

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bonus Q&A Episode of Finding Bigfoot to be Filmed

On Sunday June 26th, the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium will help host a bonus Q&A episode of Finding Bigfoot at Ike's Pizza. This was the same location of the "town hall" get-together for the Fishing for Bigfoot Oregon Episode.

Expect to see the production company of Finding Bigfoot, Ping Pong Productions, as well as the cast of Finding Bigfoot:

Matt Moneymaker

Cliff Barackman

James "Bobo" Fay

Ranae Holland

View Larger Map

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finding Bigfoot NC After the Show Debrief

Well fans, we promised you live-blogging from the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium (OSS) and we failed. OSS 2011 was in such a remote location we did not have internet signal. Many multiple apologies.

We will make it up to you in two ways. Yes, two ways, because we don't skimp when we want your forgiveness.

1. We will warm up our time machine, and post the events through out the week. Starting with each of the guest speakers presentations.

2. We have the link to Cliff's interview debrief from last week's North Carolina episode of Finding Bigfoot

Enjoy and stay tuned this week for highlights from the OSS 2011.

To all those out there that I was able see at this years symposium, thank you for the encouraging words and overall warmth and friendship.

Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium Kicks Off!

Just like last year's Oregon Sasquatch Symposium, we will be live-blogging the event.

This will be another great year. Located at Camp White Branch from June 17-19.

View Larger Map

Guest Speakers include:

Cliff Barackman co-host of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot
Thom Powell Author of The Locals and Shady Neighbors


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cliff's Video Debrief after Each Episode of Finding Bigfoot

There is a place where you can find out was was left out of each episode of Finding Bigfoot. It's Cliff Barackman's official website.

After each episode of Finding Bigfoot Cliff Barackman does an excellent job with a commentary report and last week he provided a video interview debrief for the Florida Swamp Ape Episode.

The best place to navigate through each episode's commentary is Cliff's Finding Bigfoot Episode Guide

You can catch up and jump directly to the commentaries at the links below.
Georgia Episode (aired 5/30)
Episode Commentary/ Field Notes

Florida Episode (aired 6/5)
Episode Commentary/ Field Notes
Episode Debrief/ Interview

Friday, June 10, 2011

Experts Say Thermal Image Video Likely Shows a Bigfoot

This Sunday, Animal Planet will reveal a thermal image video from North Carolina that experts are saying likely shows a Bigfoot. Cliff Barackman, Bigfoot Field Researcher on Animal Planet's hit new show, Finding Bigfoot, will provide commentary on this episode after its showing.

We of course referring to Mike Greene's Thermal Video

Cliff has a great Mike Green post at his North American Bigfoot Blog

This episode will get worldwide attention, if you want to get details regarding the video contact Cliff Barackman on his media contact page.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cliff Barackman Finding Bigfoot: Florida Skunk Ape Episode

Cliff has a really in-depth article on his measurements of the skunk-ape handprint.

As well as his field notes he took the day of the shoot. Its an amazing amount of detail. Check out his Finding Bigfoot Commentary

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tim Fasano, the "Fifth Beatle" of Finding Bigfoot.

Shortly after The Beatles sensational rise to global fame in 1963–1964 as the most famous quartet in pop culture, many individuals claimed they were almost members of the Beatles. The claims were so abundant that the press coined the term "Fifth Beatle".

As you know, currently the Fab Four of Bigfooting in pop culture are pictured above (left to right: Ranae Holland, James "Bobo" Fay, Matt Moneymaker, and Cliff Barackman.)

With the Animal Planet's 1.3 million viewership success of Finding Bigfoot there were bound to be Fifth Beatles claiming to be overlooked during the process of creating the show. This brings us to Tim Fasano.

Tim Fasano, A Tampa Bay taxi driver, claims he was approached by Animal Planet last November and decided he had too much integrity. He begins by claiming after several emails and phone calls, "It became obvious to me that were looking for sensationalism. And that they wanted someone to almost phony it up."

He continues with what broke deal for him, "They wanted me to guarantee they were going to find evidence if they came here. The truth of the matter is, unless I was a hoaxer, as many of you think I am, I can't guarantee you'll find anything"

As you will notice in his video he did not have enough integrity to stay far away from Tom Biscardi. Biscardi is either a serial hoaxer or a guy who has had the misfortune of being hoaxed several times.

We will let you decide for yourself if Tim Fasano truly had the right stuff to educate and entertain the masses. Would 1.3 million viewers tune it to see Tim?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Two New Cliff Barackman Finding Bigfoot Videos

Cliff Barackman has a video preview on his new site,

Looks like there is a new Finding Bigfoot Episode Guide Where you will be able to see new teaser videos and read Cliff's comments on each show.

Also It looks like Finding Bigfoot has finally hit pop culture. Tv Show, The Soup, a series on the cable channel E, that playfully collects and pokes fun at talk shows and reality series has added Finding Bigfoot to list of targets.

Bigfoot Lunch Club Hugged By Hug-a-Blogger

Fans you know we crush easily, give us a smart level headed guy like Cliff Barackman, an out-of-the-box iconoclastic like Thom Powell or a beautiful Ghost Hunting Theorist like Sharon Day and we fall head over heels. (read our previous post about Ghost Hunting Theories)

Sharon Day has multiple blogs and how she is capable of being so prolific is beyond us (we can only hope she has been cloned). We first met her on her Ghost Hunting Theories Blog and it was love at first site.

Today she gave us a hug at her hug-a-blogger blog. She said several nice things about us as you can read below.

Bigfoot Lunch Club is a great blog run by a salt-of-the-earth BF enthusiast...

...The host is wonderfully charming and the site is organized and engaging. Bless his heart, he's onto something. That's probably why I never miss a post.

She also has a great post at Ghost Hunting Theories about the new Cliff Barackman site and his Finding Bigfoot adventures.

Bigfoot Lunch Club Review on Hug-a-Blogger
Sharon's flirty Post About Cliff Barackman

Monday, May 30, 2011

Cliff Barackman Finding Bigfoot: Georgia Episode

As you know tonight at 11:00pm e/p will be the sneak preview of Animal Planets Finding Bigfoot

This is a friendly reminder that after the show you can tune it to see what Cliff Barackman has to say about each Finding Bigfoot episode on his site

The animal Planet Episode Guide describes tonight's episode as:
Famed Bigfoot investigator Matt Moneymaker and his team of Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) experts travel to the forests of northern Georgia to examine footage of what could be a Bigfoot running across the road.

Below are three video clips from the the Finding Bigfoot Georgia Episode that can also be found on the Cliff Barackman website.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Episode Guide on Cliff Barackman's New Site

You can check in on preview videos and Cliff's commentary for every episode of Finding Bigfoot Season one at Cliff Barackman's Finding Bigfoot Episode Guide

The first Cliff Barackman Commentary regarding the Georgia Episode is already up.
Please read our terms of use policy.