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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today in Bigfoot History | May 14th 1976 | Six Chinese Officials Surround a Yeren

Concept art for Yeren, a movie by Wiseacre Films 
There are basically two similar accounts for the story. We have pieced them together to create a continuous narrative. After the story check out some awesome concept art from the new Yeren Movie filmed last year in China.

On the evening of May 14th in 1976 six local Chinese government bureaucrats drove down a rural highway in the Hubei province. As they passed Chunshuy, a village between Fangxian county and Shennongjia, they came across a creature illuminated by the car headlights. The creature was described as being tailless with red fur and recognized immediately as the Chines Wildman a/k/a Yeren.

The Yeren made an attempt to flee, climbing a nearby embankment and escaping into the darkness. The climb was unsuccessful and the creature fell back into the glare of the headlights, crouching on all fours. 

Startled, a passenger threw a rock at the creature from behind and the creature ran off, this time successfully escaping from sight.

This initiated a great degree of public interest, people writing in to report other sightings and groups of scientists and the army mounting expeditions into the forest. A massive expedition by the Chinese Academy of Sciences included a team of over a hundred members of scientists, photographers and soldiers. The team was equipped with rifles, tranquilizer dart guns, tape recorders and hunting dogs, worked in the area during 1976 and 1977, interviewing hundreds of people. Together with army scouts and commune members, the team organized several large searches, but (as is usual with such expeditions) they found nothing definite. At one point the expedition search party moved near to one of the creatures; unfortunately 'before the beast could be captured an anxious soldier accidentally shot himself in the leg. The shot brought expedition members scurrying in from all directions and presumably frightened the creature away.

The above story is a compilation from Bigfoot Encounters and

Check out the following fantastic concept art for the movie, "China Bigfoot: Legend of the Yeren"

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