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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Childress Book Launch in Nepali: Yetis Sasquatch & Hairy Giants

David Hatcher Childress has a new book titled Yetis Sasquatch & Hairy Giants We did a little research on the guy and back in 2006 Loren Coleman was slightly critical of him for repackaging Sanderson's comments without contacting the Sanderson estate (which would have been a courtesy).

"Publisher/writer/repackager David Hatcher Childress, as some reviewers have found, likes to take out-of-print books, and frequently adds an introduction by himself. He puts on a new cover on the old text to sell these reprints, and he’s done several via AUP. It’s all part of his form of American ingenuity and capitalism at work, and that’s fine. But with a little more care in editing and writing, his reprints could be much better." --Loren Coleman

There is an update at the end of Coleman's post stating Childress had contacted him and "he would write Sabina Sanderson, to work out giving her royalties." We dont know if Childress followed through. Coleman also states he is grateful that many next-generation cryptozoologist are able to have access Sandersons words, thanks to Childress.

Most recently, David Hatcher Childress launched (re-launched?) his newest book in in Katmandu Yesterday Saturday, Oct. 23rd. At Amazon the book is described as:

Author and adventurer David Hatcher Childress takes the reader on a fantastic journey across the Himalayas to Europe and North America in his quest for Yeti, Sasquatch and Hairy Giants. Childress begins with his own decades-long quest for the Yeti in Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and other areas of the Himalayas, and then proceeds to his research into Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Skunk Apes in North America. He includes recent discoveries in the field of Yeti and Bigfoot research, as well important case histories. Tons of illustrations and a color photo section bring the astonishing subject to life!

Below is the the article written in the Nepali Paper The Republica:

Book on Yeti launched

(REPUBLICA)-- KATHMANDU, Oct 24: ‘Yetis Sasquatch & Hairy Giants’, a book authored by David Hatcher Childress, was launched here in Pilgrims Book House, Thamel on Saturday.
Amidst a large enthusiastic crowd, the author showcased a slideshow and briefed about the book, which revolves around the history and myth of the legend known as Yeti.

“Bigfoot, Sasquatch, skunk apes or Yetis have been very famous in the past through myths and their activities in the wild, and I have compiled this book from my research, not only in Nepal but the whole world,” he expressed.

The book, according to the author, is an investigation spanning over 20 years.

“There have been many instances of people coming in contact with Yetis in the Himalayan area of Nepal, Pakistan, India and Bhutan in Asia; also in the US and Poland, thus there is substantial proof that they exist,” he added.

Childress, who has published more than 25 books on various subjects, finds the topic of the Yeti very alluring.

“I firmly believe that the Yeti is real, and I hope to find more evidence to support my thesis,” he added.

Published on 2010-10-24 10:44:21

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